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NAVYBOOT Originals

my impressions from the event in Basel at the SBB train station. I was not lucky at all but it was fun to watch other people win! you had one try to grab a bronze ball = free shoes or black ball = 30 CHF or 50 CHF voucher in 15 seconds or like I did to grab nothing but air.

I can highly recommend to check the ORIGINALS collection as the shoes look really solid and are made out of solid leather but they weigh almost nothing. that was my biggest surprise when I held one of the Chelsea boots and I couldnt believe that they were so light. that was also the time when I got the brown and not the bronze Chelsea boots for myself. I can not wait to show you my boots and the way I wear them with jeans and dresses! stay tuned for more!

here are some ideas on how to wear the brown chelsea boots




find the NAVYBOOT Original Cheslea Boot here <<