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a new dress found its way to my wardrobe!

yay – the sun is out we already passed the month of January so what I am trying to say is we are almost done with winter. or at least thats what I extremly wish for. at the H&M Clarashopping I have found this lovely striped dress for 29.90 CHF and as I was returning several bags of old clothes I got a 5 CHF discount voucher that I have used for the dress – so even a bigger bargain!

the color green mixed with blue and white is a cry for summer – not kidding this reminds me so much of the clear water of the ocean. currently I have seen many cool things in the color blue and green. last week at the Estée Lauder press event I was given a fantastic blue eyeliner pencil in the color COBALT BLUE and it is a dream – in fact I am wearing it today on my upper lash line. another color that drew my attention is the KURE BAZAAR nailpolish in KALE – a wonderful dark subtle green! unfortunately the new green is not on the chart yet. more about these nailpolishes soon on the blog.

dress H&M
leggings FALKE
boots ESPRIT
leatherjacket FIZZEN
bag C&A
sunglases VINTAGE
earrings CLAIRES



something new will be out soon by Estée Lauder – a new version of the fantastic ENVY lipstick and it is called ENVY SHINE! so let me tell you that I already like the ENVY lipsticks due to the texture, the pigmentation and the staying power – these buggers last almost a whole day! I found some interesting facts about the ENVY and ENVY SHINE lipsticks:

ENVY (available in 31 colors (26 regular colors))
satin finish
medium to full coverage
6 hours staying power
creamy and smooth
scent: red currant, tangerine, orange, apple blossom

true vision TM technology
moisturizing complex
luxurious package with the CLICK!

ENVY SHINE (availabe in 10 colors)
high gloss finish
subtle to medium coverage
4 hours staying power
smooth and soft
scent: chamomile, peppermint

I am sure I will use the ENVY SHINE a lot in spring summer when I can also wear my lovely silk dresses and feel free again 🙂 until then I am more than happy with the ENVY lipstick and will try to update my collection with some new colors. there are 31 different colors available at MANOR Basel – yes, we counted it 🙂 and I am sure I will find something nice.

my two favorite ENVY lipsticks are ECCENTRIC and RED EGO
and I was super lucky to already have two ENVY SHINE lipsticks
BLOSSOM BRIGHT a lovely coral pink and INNOCENT a subtle rosy beige

swatches of the lipsticks

that was it, I dont have more to say – try it yourself or read more
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