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yay – I can finally show you yesterdays result of the photo shooting. I love the shirt and I was told that it is very comfortable to wear. so for the people who have not read my previous post – read more here >> http://www.isawsomethingnice.ch/saleduck-x-asos << I ordered this grey flannel shirt and a pair of blue cropped pants at the ASOS onlineshop and got a discount using a SALEDUCK.ch code. this is a very simple everyday look and the shirt is perfect for this inbetween season weather. in case you re hot just roll up the sleeves, but for sure you will not use a jacket during the days.. at least not here in basel at the moment. I am sure that this was a great choice as it can be worn with almost every color. the flannel gives the grey a very nice mixed structure so that it can even be worn with different shades of grey. I could also see this shirt in a more elegant way with black pants and leather shoes. lets see if C wants to take more photos for the blog and if so I will of course share them with you. but for sure you will get to see the outfit with the blue cropped pants.

shoes TOMS
sunglasses A SHOP IN VENICE



something nice and new!

L’OCCITANE has launched a new collection AMANDE velvet and it smells like heaven or at least thats what I think heaven could smell like if such thing exists. so when I have received those two lovely products I didnt know with which one to start and I decided to try them both and when I was reading more about it that actually made sense as there is a balm and a serum.

AMANDE velvet balm 200ml
AMANDE velvet serum 100ml 

the velvet balm is a nice cream with almond tree native cells that help to intensely nourish the skin. it also makes the skin look refined, firmer and smoother. the velvet serum should be applied before the velvet balm and it makes the skin feel plumped, look more even and smooth. it also helps to reduce the appearance of sun-induced dark spots.

I was already a huge fan of the AMANDE milk – read more here << and the new AMANDE velvet balm is very similar but less rich and creamy. the AMANDE velvet balm has a floral and powdery scent of blooming almond trees! mmhhmm – so nice!



something new! yay – thank you so so much for sending this lovely business card case my way. I absolutely love it and can use it very very well. so therefore I wanna share with you this awesome swiss online boutique. click here and enjoy shopping.



my new bowl

I have already showed you my new bowl by mebel in previous posts but today I really wanna mention it here on my blog and show you where to purchase it. I found it via isda.ch a swiss onlineshop with many cool things for in and around the house. I got this bowl, the whisky lover set and the lomo camera and I love it all. I gotta say that the whisky glasses and the bowl were used the most so far.




I got these two funny looking things the other day and it took a moment until I realized what they are for. so lets get started: the blue piece is by FOREO and it is called ISSA the revolutionary toothbrush to care for your smile. the ISSA is available at GLOBUS. the red cupcake is a vibrator by SHIRI ZINN, that of course also cares about your smile and pleasure. ha, do you see what I see. so funny that the toothbrush looks more phallic than the actual vibrator in cupcake disguise. these are my two new electronical gadgets and you can read more about them here:

FOREO – ISSA toothbrush
SHIRI ZINN cupcake vibrator



I am really trying to stick to summer but hey I live in switzerland and fall has already hit us! anyway I have found a nice way to keep summer in my life by using these awesome producst for my hair! not only the products scream summer but also the scents. all of these products have to be applied to wet hair and make big, full, wavy, voluminous hair.

I have already showed you the TOTALLY BAKED product a couple weeks ago – for the folks who have not read this yet can read it here » it has such a lovely sweet lemon tarte scent – mmhhmm! another favorite of mine is the L’Oreal Professionnel DUAL STYLERS by tecni.ART BOUNCY & TENDER – a cream and gel duo for defined and soft curls. such a funny tube as it has two tubes in one. the outer one holds the gel and the inner one holds the cream. I am in love with the scent – I really wanna rub this thing all over my body 🙂 because of its good scent. last but not least my newest product is the ROLLAND OWAY FLUX POTION – soft-hold sculpting fluid with biodynamic marrubium, organic black quinoa, aamla and ethically-produced marula. it is fragrance free and paraben free but still it has a very fresh lemony scent. it gives my hair a nice grip and I feel it is a lot easier to blowdry with a round bristle brush.

next to my products you can see a tiny bit of my beautyiful bowl by mebel – you can use it for fruits, vegies, salad or I dunno what else 🙂 at the very moment I use it for fruits. in case you wanna have a closer look at it check here »


are you a WHISKY LOVER?

yes or no? well, to all the people who know me for them it is clear that I am not a WHISKY LOVER but I have many friends that are indeed and thats why I wanna show you this amazing set that I found at isda.ch onlineshop!

for 98 CHF you get two handmade glasses in different shapes and six of the ice stones by Terforma – wow, the glasses are soo nice and look stunning on our bar!

this is THE perfect present for your dad, brother, friend, motherinlaw, sister or cousin – whoever likes WHISKY can be treated with this lovely Set!

shop online here:



thank you Jessy for being my model for this blogpost – you did an amazing job! I got the CLINIQUE all about shadow quad at the bloggers event a couple weeks a go and I was eager to try it out. I got number 09 in the shade smoke and mirrors. four beautiful colors – a light silver – a light grey – a sparkling black with silver particles and a black. I used all of the four colors on Jessys eyes.

I started with the lightest color and I applied it allover the lid. then I applied the second color the light grey in the crease and smooshed it out towards the middle of the eye. then I went in with the sparkling black and colored the outer v the last step I did was I took the fourth color the black one and I used it as an eyeliner allaround the eye. thats it – four simple steps for a dramatic smokey eye look!




via parfumerie24.ch

as some of you may already know I am also blogging for parfumerie24.ch where I review a product every week. I am a huge fan of the TOTALLY BAKED hair styling mousse.

the german reading followers can find a lot of information about the product here >> http://blog.parfumerie24.ch/2014/09/11/i-am-totally-baked

I use this after I washed my hair and I apply it from the mid lengths to the ends and I seperate different pieces and try to form curls – then I either let them dry naturally or I blowdry my hair and wow! it gives me BIG hair and I dont have to wash my hair for at least three days! whenever I go somewhere where I can not wash my hair easily then I will make sure to use this product before my trip!


SOMETHING NICE has arrived yesterday!

can you see the beautiful MIU MIU box? well, guess what is inside? a wallet, sunglasses or a phonecase?


SOMETHING NICE by La Roche-Posay

TOLERIANE ULTRA – this is the most sensitive makeupremover that I have ever tried – wow – slightly impressed about this product! it is a gentle product for very sensitive skin and therefore each dose is filled in a little plastic drop/container – lots of trash but I would still repurchase it as it is just simply perfect for my couperose skin!

HYDRAPHASE INTENSE LEGERE – a very very light but still hydrating skincare for everyday – apply day and night and it is perfect for sensitive to normal skin. I have not used this product yet, so I can not tell you whether I liked it or not. I will try it in the next couple of weeks and will hopefully get back to you about it.



TIM LABENDA collaborates with zalando

at the #zalandosummerhouse Tim Labenda was presenting his collection and was reading a chapter of the never ending story by Michael Ende. this particular chapter inspired him to choose the colors of his winter collection. words like the nightforest, fantastica or the desert can really be seen in his materials and patterns – a very clear color palette! Tim Labenda likes to mix different materials – in his winter collection this is shown too, there he uses heavy and light fabrics, knit, neopren, leather and wool. my favorite piece of his collection is the blue knited turtleneck sweater – shop it here http://www.zalando.de/tim-labenda-for-zalando



TIBI dress outfit

dress TIBI via zalando.ch (sold out ):
shoes AP via manor basel
hair and makeup loreal paris de


again I will tell you a bit about the zalandosummerhouse. we arrived thursday night and were arriving with this old beautiful omnibus. the next day started with yoga in the garden. there were different workshops to attend like the mint&berry streetstyle workshop, the make your own flower bouquet and the make your own summerhat workshop. unfortunately that very day the weather was not as good as it was the day before but we made the best out of it. Michèle from fashionfraction Blog took some funny photos where I am running in the rain. they will be soon on the blog.

the castle herzfelde and its surrounding is such a beautiful place. endless lawns of green, greenhouses, fields, trees that were shaped in cubes. I was thinking a lot about Alice in Wonderland. the park around the castle had several places that reminded me of the story. here you can read more about my time at the #zalandosummerhouse – enjoy! xx




clinique switzerland has an ONLINESHOP! profit from this months free shipping. some products are only available online so its really worth to have a look!

the bloggers event at the CLINIQUE headquarter was really nice. mmmhhmm and the cupcakes by BAKE IT were looking very yummie!! thanks for having me.



my new favorite silk dress

SEE BY CHLOÉ made this gorgeous silk dress that matches perfectly with my bordeaux felt hat. I am ready for fall and therefore I am ready to wear hats – a MUST for me in fall! anyway, today it was a quiet nice day and I was pairing this gorgeous silk dress with a leatherjacket, felt hat, studded clutch and beige/golden shoes.


jacket C&A
hat H&M