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parenti’s cashmere

the spring/summer collection by Parenti’s is out and there are lots of nice cashmere, silk and cashmere/cotton mix pieces with a super awesome lookbook. above you can see some lovely photos of the models wearing an elegant and comfy mix of the collection.

my favorite piece is this one:

parentis cashmere

aaww – I can totally see myself wearing this maxi dress on a windy summer evening together with my favorite sandals and a washed out jeans jacket! aaah I can not wait for the warm days to arrive! in the photo the model is also wearing the pants but for me that would be a bit too much cashmere for summer!

there is a showroom at St.Alban-Vorstadt 68 A
where you can have a look at the collection and order your desired color and size. you might wonder how this work? so let me explain you the business model: Sabine Parenti launches a collection twice a year: spring/summer and fall/winter. for every collection she chooses about ten different colors and all the pieces are more or less available in these colors. so for example the ribbed cashmere dress that you see in beige above can be ordered in a bright orange a dull green or many other colors.

a super basic but maybe just for swiss spring and summer is the college V neck sweater that you can see here in off-white – but I would totally wear this all year around.

parentis cashmere

so I hope I was showing you something nice and have a look at the collection here: http://www.parentis-cashmere.com there are lots of other nice pieces and different colors!



that’s essential to my winter wardrobe! I live in freezing Switzerland and I can really wear my cashmere cardigans, coats and sweaters!

I think we should all have one or two cashmere basics like a nice navy v-neck sweater or a beige roundneck cardigan. I get my basics from either C&A – yes you read this correctly 🙂 I got 2 super awesome roundneck cardigans – a navy one and a beige one – or I get them from the PARENTIS showroom in Basel (seasonal sale 2x a year – s/s and a/w)

so certain days when it is raining cats and dogs or just a foggy day I like to endulge myself in my cosy soft cashmere sweaters, coats, scarves and cardigans – they make me feel as if I had not left my bed 🙂



here you can see some ideas of how I wear my Cashmere Basics – either very casual or a bit more edgy elegant. thats the best thing about fashion – there are so many options and so many different ways to wear the same thing! I love to play with different materials, colors and patterns and often I love to stay in the same colors and wear different shades of the same color.