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at casa di Giulietta – Verona

the lovely perla moonlight colored alfa romeo giulietta was a pleasant ride for the trip to Verona, Vicenza and Venice. I felt like a princess!

GIULIETTA color moonlight perla

PS (hp) Number : 170
Displacement: 1956cm3
Weight: 1410 (includes one person 75kg)
Top speed: 220km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h ( s ) : 7.8s
CO2 emissions ( g / km ) : 116

the combination of 2.0 JTDM diesel 170PS is not available in the stick shifted /manual version. new , there is the 2.0 JTDM in the execution 175HP with TCT transmission (dual clutch transmission) or manual 2.0JTDM but with 150hp .

aww. I would absolutely do this again: driving to Verona, Vicenza and Venice with the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta – it was a blast! the great thing was that I went there with Cristian and as we were sharing the ride we always had to change the seat position and mirrors. but there are some tiny buttons on the left side of the drivers seat. there are 3 options for 3 different drivers. thats fantastic! Cristian is almost 2 meters tall and I am a lot shorter than that. 🙂 so we programmed our positions and every time we switched we chose our positions – that came in very very handy!

also the soundsystem by BOSE was awesome! the system allows to use USB sticks or SD cards and like this you can play all your music without bringing loads of CDS. the navigation system was also very helpful to find our way from Basel, Switzerland to Venice Italy and back.

dress EVER BEAUTY (present from aunt Michele)
necklace and earrings VINTAGE
bracelet ORSKA (present from Agata)

are you driving an alfa romeo giulietta?