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turn didgital photos into something haptic

turn digital photos into something haptic

Have you ever felt the need to turn your digital photos into something haptic?
Or are you about to host a party and are in need of some cool flyers? I recently was thinking about making a photo album with all my photos from the blog. In the past I made some books with my outfits of the year and that was a big success. There are so many online tools to create the album of your dreams.
turn digital photos into something haptic >>

turn didgital photos into something haptic

I got asked to check out color photo service by CEWE and had a look at it. Indeed it is a great way to make photo albums, postcards and special invitations. The tool is very simple. You download the software and choose the folder with the photos that you want to use. I made a simple test to create a postcard with my collar necklaces. As I have my own collar necklace collection I figured it would not hurt to make some cool postcards to feature them a bit more. It is so easy to turn something digital into something haptic.

turn didgital photos into something haptic

I know so many people that made photo albums and all of them are super happy with the result. As I have mentioned before I wanted to make a book about my blog. But making a book about all my blogposts would be quiet a challenge and would end up in a 1000 page album that nobody wants to see. So the key part of making an album is selecting the right photos. What should it be about. Should I only show my travel photos or do I want to focus on winter outfits from the last couple of years. Or should it be all about makeup trends and news? There are many ways.
turn digital photos into something haptic >>
turn didgital photos into something haptic
I figured I will start with postcards and take it from there. The software is set up very easy. On the left you have the folders with your photos and on the top you can choose the fonts and layout options. In the middle there is your preview. First you choose a layout. There are many templates to choose from but you can also create your own. I went for the second option and designed my own layout. Have a look, do you like what I made? I am super happy with the results and can not wait for my order to arrive.

my bombata OUTFIT

I have already introduced you to my new bag called BOMBATA – for the people who have not read this yet they can read it here >>

it is now the time to wear longsleeve dresses with bare legs. last sunday was such a beautiful day and I was chilling in the sun at the KABAR in basel. as you can see I stole Cristians watch 🙂 I think it looks awesome on me, I am really thinking about buying an Advolat watch for myself.


dress H&M
sneakers NIKE FREE
sunglasses MIU MIU



I was at the VOLTA 9 art fair and rented a camera for one hour at the OLYMPUS promo booth in front of the hall – what a cool marketing idea – you can rent a camera for one hour and keep the SD card with your photos – so cool!

As I walked thru the fair I spotted different shoes – flats, pumps, platforms, wedges, sneakers – in bright and shimmery colors –
which are your favourite?

Camera – Olympus OM-D



hats are not hats, we all know that. and a turban is more of a feminine fashion statement than a beanie. at least thats what I think 🙂 for the perfect “fashionista look” wear a fakefur jacket, black skirt, a rose sheer chiffon blouse with a embroidered collar and black wedges boots and complete this look with a turban hat. looks stunning!!

nathalies outfit
jacket LANVIN for H&M
top VINTAGE (from grandma)
skirt H&M
boots NEW LOOK

model nathalie b.
styling&photo isawsomethingnice.ch