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Flyer Kunstraum Florenz Regionale Flyer Kunstraum Florenz Regionale

VERNISSAGE regionale 16
SATURDAY  November, 28  2015, 16 Uhr.

28. November 2015 – 9. Januar 2016
opening hours:         THU – SAT,  15-19 Uhr / SUN, 14-18 Uhr

more Infos: ateliers-florenz.ch/kunstraum


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getting ready for the weekend baby! yes, in fact I am but I also wanna share with you something new. one thing that has completely changed is my opinion about ironing. wow – ever since I had my hands on this new TEFAL steam ironing station I knew that ironing was not what I thought it was. I was using a very old JURA iron and it took forever to iron a shirt – therefore I hardly ever ironed – only when I really really had to.  BUT now I got this TEFAL steam iron that heats up in 2 minutes and I am super happy – thank you TEFAL for changing my life!! the station is super easy to use as it has 3 different options: jeans – normal – delicate. it has an auto clean iron and the anticalk function but the coolest thing is that it is an ECO model meaning that I use 25% less energy than before. more info about the station here.

can you guess what I will be wearing tonight? I found this lovely sexy black negligee by maddison at MANOR and it is the perfect thing to wear under a dress that has no space for a padded bra and it is amazingly comfortable to wear and everything stays put. actually it is a nightgown but I am known to use things a bit differently 🙂 I am going to wear it under the beautiful ACNE dress that I ironed in 3 minutes this morning. happy weekend! xx