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last week I went to the STÜCKI shopping center in basel and it is one of these places where I go with my mom, we always have a nice parkingspot right in front of the entrance and we can talk about private stuff, grab a delicious juice and walk around. there is hardly anybody in the shopping center, ever since it has opened so many shops have closed and half of the second floor is closed.. so it is quiet a drag to see that but really cool to go shopping as you have all the space for yourself and there will be always a free changing room : ) so when I was there last week I saw the big SALE sign at the WE shop and below there was this cool rosa dress for 15 CHF – what a pink bomb bargain! this made me so happy that I had to dance a little bit for you!



dress WE
bag DKNY via zalando.ch
sunglasses MIUMIU via mrlens.ch
watch SWATCH
hair band from a friend
jewelry MANOR & PIECES

pink bomb

the dress i made out of polyester but it feels super soft and comfortable – it is one of these dresses that you put on and you are ready to go. BUT you of course you would have to like pink. for the people from BASEL in case you like the dress – go to the WE shop at STÜCKI they still had a bout 10 to 15 dresses there 🙂 I mean for 15 CHF thats an awesome price!

pink bomb

as you can see I have recovered from my bike accident and now I have to wait for the bruises to heal. excuse my knee and my elbow – I didnt feel like photoshopping it : ) I hope you all have a nice sunday and try to enjoy this long weekend to the max.in case you are bored then have a look at the different categories (fashion / design / beauty / lifestyle / events / art  / men / social media) and I am sure you will find some nice things there. enjoy! X



at stücki basel, switzerland at Douglas and L’Occitane

“my newest skin and body product”

I was at Douglas to buy new foundation. my M.A.C. mineralize foundation is empty and I wanted to try something new. It’s not that I don’t like the mineralize foundation – I might even repurchase it in addition to what I bought today at Douglas. Anyway – there is a very nice girl working at Douglas Stücki – she did such a great job finding the right foundation and shade for my skin. thanks again  <3 (I hope you read this) she did my makeup and used the LANCOME teint Miracle foundation – it has a soft finish and gives me enough coverage for my red skin parts on my cheeks. And also the smell of the product is very very nice. It has a very light scented note almost like a fresh parfume and has SPF 15.

That very day I got many compliments about my makeup so I left it on for the photoshoot in the afternoon >> photos will follow soon >> and there is a sneakpeek on my INSTAGRAM

I am a big fan of L’OCCITANE – their products have a fair trade background and they support amazing sustainable projects. I already introduced the soap for the womensday they had this february.
click here to see the post >>> L’OCCITANE International Womens Day

So I could not resist to buy the ULTRA RICH BODY SCRUB to exfoliate my skin. I wish I could show you the smell – its so goooood! I also needed a handcreme and was amazed by this very light gel-textured LAVENDE CREME MAINS. I am not a fan of greasy creamy handcremes for on the go.. for a treatment during the night I would of course recommend a richer creamier hand creme.

so that was my morning at Stücki Shopping Center Basel. I hope u enjoyed my little shopping haul. let me know what kind of foundation handcremes and body scrubs you are a fan of. hashtag #isawsomethingnice or leave me a comment below. xx


coat ZARA
dress J&F
glasses CHICOREE
earrings VINTAGE
necklace SWAROVSKI