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I went shopping at LUSH and here is what I came home with! I am a HUGE lush fan and always end up buying too many nice things! the solid shampoos are such an amazing product and perfect for travelling. another huge favorite of mine are rose scented products like the awesome limited edition shower gel (I really hope they will continue this line!) and the body conditioner – together they are a dream team and a wise person once said: “NEVER CHANGE A WINNING TEAM.”

#1 ROSE JAM shower gel
#2 RO’S ARGAN body conditioner
#3 SUGAR SCRUB body scrub
#4 SQUEAKY GREEN shampoo
#5 GODIVA shampoo
#6 SEANIK shampoo



SONIC my friend

SONIC foaming facial soap
by clinique

yay, something new! the sonic brush is not so new, but the new cleansing foam is. I got both to try out and I absolutely love it. As I am also using the MIA2 I can really compare the two and I gotta admit that I prefer the clinique sonic brush. this post is only to show you whats new. I will get back to you with a more detailed post about the product. have a wonderful day. xx



I love love love the new ARLESIENNE L’OCCITANE collection – it smells absolutely delicious! available online and in all the shops! I think this would be the perfect X MAS present for people that love floral scents as it is made out of three flowers: ROSE – SWEET VIOLET – SAFFRON.

thank you very much for sending these lovely two products as soon as I have finished all my other showergels I will for sure use this one – so long!