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a new fragrance – PARADISO

thank you ROBERTO CAVALLI I finally found a fragrance of yours that I really like. I dont know if that is just me but all the CAVALLI fragrances before were too sweet and fruity for me. BUT this one has the right amount of freshness that I seek in a perfume. I am not really great with describing scents so I think the best thing to do is go to the next shop like MANOR or GLOBUS and check it out for yourself. I am now enjoying the beautiful sun and I am almost feeling like I am inside the PARADISO.



today’s outfit

wearing different patterns in black and white and this
inspired me to write something about these kind of looks. when we wear
to many patterns in different colors we often look like a circus clown.
that’s why I am only wearing black and white with different patterns.
mix and match is something I love to do <3 and I got quiet a
collection of things to match or mix. another thing that I am aware of
is to wear a simple hair style and a one colored clutch.another thing is that you can play with the lengths of your clothes and layer them nicely so one can see all the different patterns.


shirt LOGG men
blouse & jacket TALLY WEIJL
leggings & earrings H&M
clutch & sunglasses VINTAGE

now I will take lots of photos for the blog as I have many new nice things to show you. stay tuned. X


something NEW

Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau – limited edition

this could be a nice present for you or friends who love floral scents as the name implies its about cherries but not only – have a look at the different ingredients in the different notes of the fragrance.

top note
nuances of lemon tingle together with black currant and watermelon.
heart notes
easy and carefree, the cherry blossoms combined with the notes of violet and rose.
base notes
the fragrance has a subtle musk wood touch.

its available at all the L’OCCITANE shops in february so it will be perfect for the people that celebrate valentines day <3



today is christmas and I wanna show you my outfit for the day. I found 2 new things – the grey skirt at H&M and the lovely black down vest from C&A. the production of down feathers can be very cruel to the birds and therfore I had to ask C&A how they were dealing with animal cruelty. they gave me a handout that stated that the down feathers used were only from birds that have been already killed due to meat industry. I wanted to share this with you as I am sure this really matters to you aswell. so in that sense I wish you all a lovely christmas eve! xx


skirt H&M
cardigan H&M
jacket C&A
vest C&A
tights FALKE


something new

I am really looking forward to January 2015 as there will be new products by L’OCCITANE. I am super happy to be able to try these buggers now and I will let you know what I think about them as soon as I have used them. As I love cleansing oils I am looking very much forward to cleansing my face with the new Huile Demaquilante and pamper it afterwards with the lovely Crème Confort Légère.

Karité Huile Demaquilante 100ml
Crème Confort Légère 50ml

“when Olivier Baussan first learned of the unique properties of shea butter he found himself at an airport in Africa. very impressed by the history of this sacred tree whose nuts are harvested mostly by women, he gave up his first order for shea butter a few weeks later.

at that time – about thirty years ago -the shea butter was sold only in local markets . since then, it has changed the lives of women in Burkina Faso. the solidarity partnership began with ten to twenty women- today over 15,000 women work in that sector.

for L’Occitane Shea Butter has become a care component with cult status. it has paved the way to economic independence for the women of Burkina Faso. the international success is shared with the co-operatives in a sustainable and equitable partnership that makes the regional production of shea butter with the highest biological quality possible.

in 2013 L’ Occitane was the key player in the development of the market for fair trade shea butter with his record order of 660 tons of shea butter. the United Nations Development Programme (programme des nations unies pour le développement / UNDP ) awarded L’Occitane due to his involvement in Burkina Faso as an exemplary company.”