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my phone historythese are my recently used phones, from left to right:
SAMSUNG galaxy alpha / SONY Z3 Xperia / WIKO Highway Pure 4G

what is important for me?
a phone with a long lasting battery is exactly what I need, as I use my phone for work the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed. not kidding : ) and then I also need a phone that takes awesome photos. these are the two most important things for me: camera and battery. lets see which phone made me the happiest.

my phone history

let me start with the phone that I have used first, the SAMSUNG galaxy alpha. what I love about this phone was my customized case by swiss fashion designer JULIAN ZIGERLI, you can see all the photos and blogposts here >> >> I got this phone at an event in september 2014 and have rarely used it until I have received the SONY Z3 Xperia phone in november. but when my SONY pone broke I went back and used this SAMSUNG phone, until I got the new WIKO phone. a bit complicated but I hope you were able to follow along.

+ lovely case by JULIAN ZIGERLI
+ very light phone 115 g
+ easy to use (Android)
+ 4K (3840 x 2160) video recording

– weak camera 12MP / 2.1 MP : (
– weak battery ~ 6 hours max 

so in November 2014 I have received the SONY Z3 Xperia phone in the lovely mint color that reminds me so much of Tiffany & Co. I have used this phone with pleasure from January until it broke : ( in May 2015. here you can see more >>  and  >> and  >>

+ lovely mint color
+ easy to use (Android)
+ awsome battery – ~ 24 hours +
+ best back camera ever 20.7 MP / ISO 12800
+ waterproof IP 65/68
+ so many photo options
– never had so much fun with my phone before.

– average front camera 2.2 MP
– it broke after 5 months : ( – now I am waiting for it to be repaired.

my phone history

my newest phone is by WIKO, a french phone and therefore my first european phone ever. I got the WIKO HIGHWAY PURE 4G in black with a black case. I have been using this phone for a bit more than 3 weeks now and besides the camera and battery issues it is a great phone, I can really feel that it is faster than any phone I have had before. : )

+ very very light 98 g
+ thinnest smartphone on the market 5.1 mm
+ easy to use (Android)
+ best front camera 5MP that I have ever used

– average back camera 8MP
– weak battery ~ 7 hours
– very little options for photos

so at the moment I am using the WIKO phone and will keep it as a back up as soon as my SONY phone is repaired.


my phone is the BEST – not kidding!

my phone is the BEST – not kidding 🙂
a couple of months ago I ditched my iphone and started using this awesome new SONY smartphone – more info about it here << and ever since I have started to use the new phone to capture event pictures I was able to leave my big heavy CANON EOS camera at home. this morning I was playing with the camera and took these lovely photos.

so let me quickly tell you the PRO’s of this new phone: 1. the battery lasts for almost 2 DAYS – thats a big or lets say HUGE bonus compared to my iphone. 2. waterproof – the case is waterproof and can be taken for a swim – before doing that read the instructions that come with the phone. 3. I can upload all my things to my phone _ I have almost toal freedom about my files and music – I can mirror my desktop computer on my phone and work from the go! 4. the brain of the phone is super quick and lets me work in a neat speed. 5. the camera – it has 20.7 MP camera and the option to record 4K movies – there is a time lapse option and many other fancy adjustments for the camera. 6. the color range of the phones – I am so happy with my TIFFANY & CO green phone!

my phone is the BEST - not kidding!

the only CON that I could name is that I had to redownload all the apps and some of them didnt have an android version so I had to search for a dupe. other than that I am very pleased with my new phone!

what phone are you using? do you like the iphone 6? let me know. X


something new!

and it is my new SONY phone aka camera. I have played with the camera for the last couple of days and I still can not decide whether I like this one or the SAMSUNG alpha better. I think it is very hard to tell the difference of the quality, it is just a different handling. the coolest thing about the camera is the timelapse, hahaha, I had so much fun testing this out, and of course I had to take a “baywatch”-like running slow motion video. 🙂 I love love love the color, it reminds me of TIFFANY & CO! for the ones among you that are interested in more info about the phone please read more here «