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Hugo Boss Event Basel

thank you very much for inviting me to the BAUHAUS-INSPIRED DESIGN event at the HUGO BOSS store in Basel. It was super nice to meet the Hugo Boss Team and I got to see lots and lots of nice pieces from the fall/winter collection and also some really nice pieces from the BOSS WOMEN capsule collection.

Hugo Boss Event Basel

the food and beverages were very nicely served and tasted delicious. the water was served in those fancy vintage water dispensers, I have no clue what the correct term for that is. in case you know please leave a comment below. I heard that they were especially rented from a collector just for that very event. I had a very tasty refreshing home made lemonade, a seasonal mushroom soup and delicious chocolate, that I never thought I would like as it was made with olive oil. I was really happy that I was brave enough to try it – I think I had at least three or four pieces. it was delicous, big UP for the catering from ZH!

Hugo Boss Event Basel Hugo Boss Event BaselHugo Boss Event BaselHugo Boss Event Basel Hugo Boss Event Basel

so a couple of weeks ago I was invited to see the mechanical ballet and the new BAUHAUS exhibition at the VITRA design museum. in case you wanna know more about it click here >>

today I had a look at the catalogue of the exhibition and I saw lots of nice things. the book is also great to present heels, check out those gorgeous blue heels – they are to die for!

Hugo Boss Event Basel

now these are some of the pieces that I like from the current fall/winter collection. I totally like the powdery wool winter coat, the red dress from the window and my biggest favorite: the blue heels.

Hugo Boss Event BaselHugo Boss Event Basel
Hugo Boss Event Basel Hugo Boss Event Basel

and now lets talk about the gorgeous fall/winter capsule collection by JASON WU for BOSS WOMEN. there were some of the pieces in the shop to have a look at, unfortunately this collection will not be sold in Basel. but I m sure that the ladies who wanna buy something from this collection, they will find a way to get it in a shop that sells it : ) more about the shops and where to find the collection on the HUGO BOSS website.

Hugo Boss Event Basel Hugo Boss Event Basel

these two pieces are inspired by ANNI ALBERS the famous german/american textile artist and printmaker. the skirt and the coat are very much related to a carpet that ANNI once designed. JASON WU designed the BOSS WOMEN capsule collection and they found an italian family business that made the tweed for them. another stunning piece are the black, grey, orange boots EMERALD BOOTIE F with a very special detail on the heel that I unfortunately forgot to capture but you can see them here >> I was only able to find the black and white ones but you can really see the nice detail on the heel.

Hugo Boss Event Basel

thank you for the give away – I love it and I just made some space on my coffee table. it is indeed the perfect coffee table book. that was it from the event in Basel. X

Hugo Boss Event Basel



ROST & GOLD (zurich, switzerland)

this was the place where I immediately felt like home – such a cosy place with lots and lots of very nice things to see. I only captured a few things with my camera – there is way more to see. so for the people who will travel to zurich I think this place is a MUST!


Rost & Gold is owned and run by 2 lovely men called Werner and Roland. I met them that very night in person and had some good laughs and talks. thank you Dushka for introducing us. xx



wow, so I have checked my wardorbe and I found out that the last two months I was shopping a lot at ESPRIT. As I previously mentioned, the store in Basel is one of the most beautiful shops because of its amazing stairs coming down in the center of the store. I will try to take some photos when I m there next so you can see what I mean.

so what I wanna share among you is that ESPRIT has great SALE prizes and that it sometimes is worth to gamble and wait with purchasing and only buy it when its on SALE – of course you risk that your size or color might be gone. I was always very lucky with this system, especially at ESPRIT store Basel. As you can see I found many black and white skirts, black boots and fauxlether shorts a fancy two color dress and a white top. All these things can be combined together – thats key to me!

some of the pieces are not only wearable in summer but also for fall and spring! and I dunno about you but among my friends ESPRIT had some sort of a “Grandma-Shop” touch and by showing you my shopping haul I think its very clear that this aint the case!

http://www.espritshop.ch  enjoy shopping! xx



I am very proud to tell you that my collarnecklace collection is available at the WE S TE N shop in the heart of St. Johann Basel. (Mülhauserstrasse 55)

What is WE S TE N ?
It’s a Conecpt Store that sells local Design combined with Secondhand.
You can find clothes, jewelry, accessories like shoes, scarves and bags and of course you can find my collarnecklaces.

Have a look and find something for yourself or find the best present for your friend and family at WE S TE N !



a sweet throw-back from Herzog & de Meuron’s christmas event in Basel, Switzerland.

a special edition christmas cookie showing the PRADA AOYAMA store.
mmmhhhmm.. too bad it’s already gone!

I am a huge PRADA fan and I can not wait to visit JAPAN and the AOYMA shop.



LADY LU at WESTEN store Basel, Switzerland

aww.. the time is right for these amazing wool pullovers. they have the right size and length to be either worn with skinny jeans or leggings and will look great with a leatherjacket or a simple coat.

WESTEN is soon open again in 2014




at WE S TEN store (4056 Basel)

my collarnecklaces are available there aswell – so this might be the best present for your dearest man or women! check it out!

its open for you MONDAY & TUESDAY – see you there!! xx




awww – these socks from “poem by rabbit” are sooo nice –
I just couldn’t resist buying them!!


jeans YES OR NO
sweater ZARA
shoes OIXO
coat ZARA
clutch H&M
earrings & necklace VINTAGE



Bric’s and Campari collaboration

Bric’s and Campari collaborate to launch luxury luggage range

Campari is launching a limited edition range of luggage and accessories, inspired by the Campari Calendar 2013, Kiss Superstition Goodbye, in partnership with luxury luggage designer BRIC’S.

Following the success of the Limited Edition range launched to celebrate Campari’s 150th Birthday, the two Italian companies have collaborated once again to create a premium range which reflects the superstitious theme of the 2013 Calendar.

The perfect Christmas gift for any style-conscious man or woman, the BRIC’S range comprises a handbag, travel bag, cosmetics bag, purse, and other small items. The range has been produced in Italyand all items are made from the finest materials, embossed with saffiano grain and supple leather trims.

From December 10th the range will be on sale at BRIC’S stores including, but not limited to, Milan Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan Malpensa Airport, Florence and Como. Starting from 2013, the luggage range will also be available internationally at other Bric’s Stores including Paris, New York and Duesseldorf. The collection will also be on sale at Galleria Campari, a permanent exhibit showcasing the art, design and inspiration of Campari over the past 150 years at Campari’s Headquarters in Sesto San Giovanni. Additionally, starting from December 1st the collection can be purchased through the designer’s website: www.brics.it”

photos taken by Eli Metni


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tally kisses

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