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my everyday jewelry

thats what I currently wear everyday. absolutely in love with my huge golden watch. the Cartier like ring tells a beautiful family story. my parents had white gold wedding bands and divorced after about 20 years or so and kept the rings and are still in a good relationship so for my birthday present – becuase they knew that I love the CARTIER ring and that I always wanted to have one – they brought the wedding bands to CHRISTIN WEBER a goldsmith in Basel and she took a piece of each ring and made a new one out of the pieces. then she added a rose gold and a yellow gold ring and TATAAA! I had my very very personal family cartier ring 🙂 I wear this precious ring everyday since my 29th Birthday and that has been a while. the little tiny ring with the plate is another ring that I have been wearing for quiet a while too. I got it last January at GRIEDER in Basel. It says OUI (yes in french) on the plate – and no I am not married. 🙂 the newest ring is the funny looking one.

double ring H&M