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last week I went to the STÜCKI shopping center in basel and it is one of these places where I go with my mom, we always have a nice parkingspot right in front of the entrance and we can talk about private stuff, grab a delicious juice and walk around. there is hardly anybody in the shopping center, ever since it has opened so many shops have closed and half of the second floor is closed.. so it is quiet a drag to see that but really cool to go shopping as you have all the space for yourself and there will be always a free changing room : ) so when I was there last week I saw the big SALE sign at the WE shop and below there was this cool rosa dress for 15 CHF – what a pink bomb bargain! this made me so happy that I had to dance a little bit for you!



dress WE
bag DKNY via zalando.ch
sunglasses MIUMIU via mrlens.ch
watch SWATCH
hair band from a friend
jewelry MANOR & PIECES

pink bomb

the dress i made out of polyester but it feels super soft and comfortable – it is one of these dresses that you put on and you are ready to go. BUT you of course you would have to like pink. for the people from BASEL in case you like the dress – go to the WE shop at STÜCKI they still had a bout 10 to 15 dresses there 🙂 I mean for 15 CHF thats an awesome price!

pink bomb

as you can see I have recovered from my bike accident and now I have to wait for the bruises to heal. excuse my knee and my elbow – I didnt feel like photoshopping it : ) I hope you all have a nice sunday and try to enjoy this long weekend to the max.in case you are bored then have a look at the different categories (fashion / design / beauty / lifestyle / events / art  / men / social media) and I am sure you will find some nice things there. enjoy! X



something new!

DAVIDOFF COOL WATER NIGHT DIVE is the newest fragrance and will be launched in September 2014. Awww, what a fresh scent. I love it and as I was born in the 80s and was a teenage in the mid 90s of course DAVIDOFF COOL WATER was among my parfum collection. therefore I am very happy to see a new fragrance and I really really like it – very fresh and very clear!



thank you NIVEA for sending me these 2 NEW products – MEGA STRONG STYLING SPRAY and STYLING MOUSSE MEGA STRONG! I wanted to show you some things that I have recently got and make me happy!

#nivea mega strong styling spray
#nivea styling mousse mega strong
#estee lauder double wear bb highlighter
#larapatriziavogt earrings
#swatch sweet me
#m.a.c alluring aquatic blush (sea me hear me)
#kiehls vetiver and black tea body lotion

aawww. I feel like I am in seventh heaven sitting on cloud number nine. something for my hair, something for my body, something for my face and accessories! I have only tried the new nivea products twice and I really like the mega strong styling spray. my new swatch watch and the wonderful earrings by lara patrizia vogt that I have already showed you are really precious pieces to me. the new bb highlighter by estee lauder is fantastic it makes my eye area glow and it goes perfectly with the estee lauder double wear foundation. the last couple of days I couldnt take my hands off the extra dimension blush from the limited alluring aquatic edition its just absolutely gorgeous. and last but not least my new body lotion by kiehls it is silicone free and smells like something super nice but really hard to describe – I love it!



awww. my new swatch watch is called sweet me – its part of the pastry chef collection. I saw this collection for the first time in London during the fashionweek and I was amazed by the sweet colors and details. Swatch says they were inspired by sweet macaroon when designing this watch – and I can really see this relation. vanilla and raspberry – mmhhm!

its the most comfortable watch I have ever worn.. super light and such a soft strap made out of silicone – the perfect watch for summer!

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which swatch watch is your favorite?


todays outfit

top H&M
denim H&M
sunglasses CHICOREE
sneakers NIKE FREE

photos taken by Demian B. 

some of you might not believe it but this is my old kid watch –
back in the 80’s – and I am so happy that I still have it and it still fits me 🙂

Did you have a flik flak too?


SWATCH at somersethouse

swatch Switzerland

aww.. sweet swatch watches and pastry.. mmhhmm!
the perfect combination for the current swatch collection with its pastel colors and pastry prints. have a look here:




check the full collection here >>


todays outfit

I am not feeling well today, I didnt go to work because my ears and head hurt like hell! these are the days where I check my wardrobe for super comfy clothes. I took some painkillers and will now watch a chickflick and hopefully I feel better soon. I hate to stay in and feel sick, well who does.. anyway, I wish you an amazing day – and if you need inspiration about what to wear check my outfit books 11 12 13 – enjoy! xx

leggings H&M
watch SWATCH
sneakers NIKE AIR MAX
parfume BULGARI mon jasmin noir l’eau exquise
earrings H&M