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thats a provocative way to start a blogpost, especially when it is related to beauty : ) anyway I think it fits perfectly as I am talking about three products for the face by LUBEX anti-age.

I am using the night classic and day classic UV30 on a daily/nightly base and it feels awesome to have a complete LUBEX anti-age skin regimen. I first clean my face with the LUBEX anti-age milk and then use the LUBEX anti-age tonic. for the night I either apply the oil or the already mentioned NIGHT CLASSIC but before I do that I use the LUBEX anti-age SERUM.


LUBEX anti-age day classic UV30
classic texture SPF 30 UVA + UVB
with Niacinamide, Tripeptide, Ectoin + Microalga

LUBEX anti-age day UV10
classic texture SPF 10 UVA + UVB
100% mineral sun filter
with Tetra-penta, oligopeptides, Dipeptid complex, HAF + Hyaluronate

LUBEX anti-age night classic
classic texture
with Retinol + Q10, proVitamine C+E, Ceramide 1+3+6

lets get more information about some of the ingredients.

ectoine acts as a natural DNA and cell protective factor against UV-induced skin damage and it supports the immune system of the skin! furthermore it prepares the skin for an efficient response to stress. ectoine was identified as the one substance that protected the organisms in the desert from intense sunlight, high temperature and drought. it is used as an active ingredient in skin care and sun protection, it stabilizes the natural structure of biopolymers such as proteins, nucleic acids and biomembranes. ectoine has been shown to protect against skin damage caused by UVA and UVB radiation and the most special feature: ectoine does not act as UV filters, but rather as a preventative cell protection against sun allergies, UV-induced skin aging and light dermatoses. it prevents damage in the epidermis and in the deeper layers of the skin and protects the skin’s immune system!

act synergistically as a natural cell and DNA protection factors against UV – induced skin damage and tighten the skin quickly and sustainably.

are very important messengers to block the skin and they play a huge role in wound healing. even the normal daily skin regeneration process has to deal with small tissue damage that must be repaired and balanced. over time this ability declines more and more and the aging process of the skin begins. poly-, penta- and hexapeptides specifically activate biological restructuring processes in the skin and therefore age-related skin damage is being repaired – the skin becomes more resilient and toned. tripeptides significantly increase collagen synthesis and actively promote the matrix structure of the skin. it fills wrinkles from the inside!

intensively hydrates the epidermis and protects the skin from drying out. in addition, they act like retinol (vitamin A) and pepdtide: that means they improve the structure and density of the skin and make it more elastic.

niacinamide intensively activates the skin renewal, effectively reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.



todays outfit feat. new things

so I met my friend on saturday morning to take some photos for the blog and as soon as we where at the rhein it started to snow heavily 🙂 and ooh boy it also started to wind and I was freezing my ass off. but nevertheless I wanted to show you two new lovely things. first of all my super awesome mesh jersey shirt and my stylish navy wool hat. both are swiss brands – the shirt is swiss design by lola FRED and the hat is swiss made by RISA and heidi.com <3


shirt lola FRED
bag ÖGON
hat RISA
earrings GLOBUS

do you know the brand lola FRED? I already posted two outfits of me wearing the killer jumpsuit in navy and the super comfy yoga pants. in case you wanna find out more about them – click here >>



by isawsomethingnice.ch

silver pointed croco fakeleather 25 CHF
via my ETSY shop



brown angled fakeleather 25 CHF
via my ETSY shop



a watch brand from BASEL – isn’t that amazing?
I recently discovered these gorgeous watches when I was strolling thru Clarastrasse in Basel. Next to the Basilisk photography shop there is a shopwindow with some pieces of their collection. It was the first time I have heard of ADVOLAT and I really liked the fact that they are from Basel.

Let me tell you a bit more about ADVOLAT and their philosophy, thats what I found on their website:

“Switzerland is home to some of the best designers and makers of watches, Basel in Switzerland is home to the world’s biggest and most famous watch fair BaselWorld, from Basel comes ADVOLATOriginal, the latest Swiss brand of finest watchmaking:


ADVOLATOriginal watches are strictly limited to a maximum of either 888 or 88 watches for every model worldwide, depending on the reference number. Every watch is unique and carries its individual number engraved on the caseback. Some models are completely Swiss Made. All have been handcrafted to the highest Swiss quality standards. All have been tested twice before delivery.”

chronograph limited edition BAUHAUS DESIGN

I really like the BAUHAUS design CITY watch and the same watch can be worn differently – with a black watch strap or with a brown one. for CHF 49.00 you can purchase the brown leather watch strap and easily change it by yourself when ever you want. soon I will show you photos with the two different watch straps – a more elegant and a more casual version – stay tuned!

online shop


collarnecklaces by isawsomethingnice.ch

collarnecklaces by isawsomethingnice.ch

they come in 3 different shapes and in many different colors and material. ROUND – POINTED – ANGLED – black white silver grey blue red bordeaux orange pink.. – felt, leather, fake-leather..

this is a pointed silver fakeleather with embossment collarnecklaces – combine it with your favourite blouse or t-shirt – with black or white – a true accessories key piece!




so after a couple of very nice warm spring days in basel, we are back to november weather – again. brrr!!!

seriously. the only good thing about it is that I can show you these amazing hats by SILVANA OST. I totally forgot to upload these photos. my mom took the pictures with her iphone at the fair in basel and told me about this awesome fashion label. so here we go – more info – here –