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hollywood wavesby L’Oreal Professionnel Paris TecniART

#1 spiral queen / force 1 / nourishing mousse, contoured curls
#2 siren waves / force 1 / defining elasto-cream, revived waves
#3 waves fatales / force 3 / sculpting gel cream, 24hr defined waves

I got these nice buggers sent to my house and so far I have already tried the SIREN WAVES. a nice textured cream that held my waves throughout the day. I am looking forward to using the other two products. I am sure I will vlog about them via my YOUTUBE channel.




thank you very much for sending this lovely DREAM BAG. wow lots of nice things – vouchers – beauty products and samples 🙂 I already had some of the products but it is never bad to have a backup, right? and it also means I love the products!

for the ones among you that are not familiar with dream bag, you can read more here: https://dreambag.ch



in 3 simple steps!

what do you need for that? the L’Oreal Professionnel Wild Stylers techniART kit with the comb and the net and lots of bobby pins.

step one – wet your hair a tiny bit and separate different sections
spray the product on each section of the hair.
step two – roll the sections up to little rolls and pin them to your head.
step three – put on the net and blow dry your hair

you will have amazingly big beach wavy hair after these three simple steps. it took me about 20 minutes to do it and I am really happy with the result.