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by isawsomethingnice.ch

silver pointed croco fakeleather 25 CHF
via my ETSY shop



by Paco Rabanne – 80ml Eau de Toilette Natural Spray

mmhhmm! I like it! thanks for sending me this new fragrance by Paco Rabanne with the beautiful cocktail glasses – it makes me feel like a princess! I feel it is very hard to describe a scent but anyway I will give it a try. It has a fresh almost fruity touch but not too much and has a beautiful floral scent. Its a fragrance for the moments in which you need an egoboost! put on your favorite outfit and wear the LADY MILLION EAU MY GOLD and feel like a diamond!

there is a special LADY MILLION cocktail that I ofcourse had to try, not for me but for friends. let me share the recipe with you:

Half a passion fruit
4 drops of Spanish Bitters
4 drops of orange blossom extract
2 cl squeezed lemon
1.5 cl agave syrup
1 teaspoon of home-made barley water
4  cl cognac
Champagne top-­up
Orange zest

CHEERS ladies and gentlemen! xx




I had the amazing chance to get a FOUTA towel in my favorite color and I have used it for so many different things already. when it arrived first I wore it as a poncho, then I used it as a light blanket to watch a movie and this weekend I was reading a book on my towel next to the rhein. ONE towel MANY ways to use it! so let me tell you a little bit about FOUTA – I found a alot on their website and will copy paste the about us for you here –>

“fouta brings together simple design, multi-functional products and a passion for intercultural alliances. With roots in both Tunisia and Switzerland, the label’s founder was inspired to create cotton towels incorporating both the charm and the individuality of traditional Tunisian artisanal production. fouta’s cotton towels pass through diverse hands on their way to us but each towel is a delight to behold and has a multitude of uses: the finely-woven cotton towels brighten everyday life in Tunisia and keep local handicraft traditions alive. fouta is organised on a cooperative basis where handicraft and creativity are complemented by the mutual respect of all parties involved – much as the threads at the end of each towel are skilfully knotted together by the weavers’ hands. The ideas behind fouta also meet with the approval of our customers who are already helping to encourage small local businesses and social institutions in Tunisia and Switzerland. At the same time they are supporting our standards for transparency and the growing durability of all traces that we leave behind us. Furthermore they are accompanying us in our long-term ambition of keeping alive the centuries-old Tunisian textile handicraft with respect and care” read more here

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«GRIS Alliance des Créateurs»
Europaallee 33
8000 Zürich