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yes! the time has come – I am getting ready for spring and summer! and this year I have found some nice little helpers for my skin. in summer my skin is more exposed to sunlight and I am wearing nice short dresses and I wanna be sure to have a very nice, soft and even skin without any redness, stretchmarks or dents! so therefore I am drinking a lot of tea and water to get rid off any toxines and waste! that is step one and very crucial for a healthy diet and a fit body! I am a vegetarian since I was a baby and never liked meat so I already eat a lot of veggies. lately I have tried to eat a seasonal diet and I gotta tell you that is NOT easy for a person living in switzerland and craving AVOCADOS – ORANGES and LEMONS : ) so every now and then I had to make an exception and bought some delicious avocados, lemons and oranges. I try to mix vegetables, carbs and proteins. my favorite dish is rice with beans and different vegetables – I could eat that every day! a well-balanced diet is step two to a healthy body! mmhhmm. I think it is time to show you some of my lovely dishes that I am cooking all the time. stay tuned. now back to the healthy lifestyle. drinking enough and eating a well-balanced diet are key to a nice and fit body. the industry is showing us so many different things to stay in shape and one could spend hundreds of franks on different products. and thats why I wanna show you these 3 awesome products that I have found at MIGROS!

ZOÉ slim-it!
200ml/ 18.50 CHF
I AM shape my body
200ml / 10.60 CHF
ZOÉ push-up!

150ml/ 17.50 CHF

I started using them last week: the ZOÉ slim-it! for my tighs, belly and arms and the ZOÉ push-up! for my decollete. it takes at least four to six weeks to see any results. so I will keep on applying these lovely buggers and will get back to you with my results. have a lovely tuesday and I hope it was not too bad to get back to work – well at least the sun is out. : ) I have moved my computer so I can sit in the sun – have a look at my instagram photos here >>



launch party at @Kaufleuten ZH

Sandra Bauknecht and her team did an amazing job launching the Swiss Edition of the ‘ooh so famous L’OFFICIEL magazine. The launch party was hosted at Kaufleuten ZH and the main sponsors were Aston Martin, Perrier Jouet, Chopard and Park Hayatt ZH. The decoration was soo beautiful – there were little boudoirs, and lounges to sit with glasses full of old books and sparkling diamond jewelry by Chopard on the tables. L’OFFICIEL’s first edition was launched in the 1920’s and there were many old cover photos in massive golden wooden frames!

I met wonderful people last night, thanks to Katrin R. who was introducing me to so many gorgeous ladies and helped me spread the word about my blog! check out Katrins beauty blog here >>

my outfit

dress and belt ZOOM in THE
blazer HÉRMES
clutch MIU MIU
jewelry VINTAGE