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SOMETHING NEW in my wardrobe

yay – thank you so so much Carlita’s Collezione for sending me this lovely rosa leather jacket – it is perfect and totally made my day.

back in the days at the designbox (read more >> here) Carlita’s Collezione had her booth next to mine and thats how I found out about her gorgeous collections and awesome surf trips to Bali Indonesia. in case you wanna be super up to date follow her Instagram account!

thats what I have found about Carlita’s Collezione on her website:

“The love of surfing brought me again to Indonesia and then out of a dream came an idea and then the will to make this idea come true, became a reality. For a long time my biggest wish was to combine my creativity with sport activities and economics. Currently I live and work mostly in Indonesia. All leather goods as well as the bikinis are designed by me and carefully crafted in Bali. It is important to me that I am involved in most production steps, which means I actively participate in choosing the leather, the accessories and other materials on site. In addition, it is a matter of concern for me that my products are made under regular working conditions and in a pleasant work environment. These requirements meet both families with whom I work with. My products should relay the joy of life in Indonesia and conjure a smile in ones everyday life. For each item sold CHF 1.00 will go directly to SurfAid (www.surfaidinternational.org). SurfAid is a non-profit humanitarian organization that has set itself the goal of improving the health, well-being and self-confidence of people who one meets surfing in remote areas.”

I can highly recommend to check out her shop and I am sure you will fall in love with at least something and dont blame it on me when you end up spending all your money – hahahahahahahaha! xx


NAVYBOOT Originals

my impressions from the event in Basel at the SBB train station. I was not lucky at all but it was fun to watch other people win! you had one try to grab a bronze ball = free shoes or black ball = 30 CHF or 50 CHF voucher in 15 seconds or like I did to grab nothing but air.

I can highly recommend to check the ORIGINALS collection as the shoes look really solid and are made out of solid leather but they weigh almost nothing. that was my biggest surprise when I held one of the Chelsea boots and I couldnt believe that they were so light. that was also the time when I got the brown and not the bronze Chelsea boots for myself. I can not wait to show you my boots and the way I wear them with jeans and dresses! stay tuned for more!

here are some ideas on how to wear the brown chelsea boots




find the NAVYBOOT Original Cheslea Boot here <<



I did it. I went BIG. not that size matters in general – but here it does 🙂 I found this lovely piece at the ADVOLAT webshop and was thinking about it for the last couple of weeks before I ended up getting it. Cristian has the ADVOLAT CITY watch and I once stole his watch for a day and really enjoyed wearing a big watch. so this one the FLIEGER 2 is in fact slightly bigger than Cristians one.


blouse REVERSE
pants H&M
sneakers CONVERSE



MY ETSY SHOP – check out my current COLLARnecklace Collection
and enjoy shopping via ETSY!

For special Styling tipps please
contact me via ASK or email.

Every COLLARnecklace has an adjustable golden chain (golden colored aluminum) and a clasp with a white plastic isawsomethingnice.ch tag in the back. The COLLARnecklace will surely pimp a simple shirt.  clasp 100% nickel-free

felt: 35 CHF (exclusive freightcosts)
black, beige, grey, red, darkred

fakeleather: 25 CHF (exclusive freightcosts)
black, beige, brown, black with embossment, white croco, silver ostrich

Available in round, angled and pointed shape – just leave a comment with your order about the shape, material and color.