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I hope you had an amazing weekend and were able to start a fresh week ๐Ÿ™‚ as I have already announced I found some cool things at the #hm SALE and that I will be showing you variations of outfits with those new pieces. I am so happy with all the pieces especially the black coat and the oversized white blouse.

today I wanna focus on white blouses or shirts however you wanna call them. in my point of view it is one of the key pieces of oneโ€™s wardrobe as it can be worn in so many different ways and styles. as I am quite new to wearing black and white looks I wanted to create another one! black and white outfits are very easy assembled and make a big impression. white blouses can be worn with jeans for a rather casual look or with a pattern skirt for a bit more sophisticated fashion look or with black pants for a nice and elegant touch.


blouse and coat H&M (SALE)
hat H&M
clutch MIUMIU


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getting ready for the weekend baby! yes, in fact I am but I also wanna share with you something new. one thing that has completely changed is my opinion about ironing. wow – ever since I had my hands on this new TEFAL steam ironing station I knew that ironing was not what I thought it was. I was using a very old JURA iron and it took forever to iron a shirt – therefore I hardly ever ironed – only when I really really had to.ย  BUT now I got this TEFAL steam iron that heats up in 2 minutes and I am super happy – thank you TEFAL for changing my life!! the station is super easy to use as it has 3 different options: jeans – normal – delicate. it has an auto clean iron and the anticalk function but the coolest thing is that it is an ECO model meaning that I use 25% less energy than before. more info about the station here.

can you guess what I will be wearing tonight? I found this lovely sexy black negligee by maddison at MANOR and it is the perfect thing to wear under a dress that has no space for a padded bra and it is amazingly comfortable to wear and everything stays put. actually it is a nightgown but I am known to use things a bit differently ๐Ÿ™‚ I am going to wear it under the beautiful ACNE dress that I ironed in 3 minutes this morning. happy weekend! xx



I hope you all had a nice time with friends and family. I had two nice dinners at home and had a very nice time. <3 today it is only about relaxing. I started this day with a nice long shower and am wearing my most comfy cashmere sweater. thank you @Nivea for sending this lovely box. there is something nice and new inside. more on the blog soon. merci! tomorrow I am showing you an nice black and grey outfit. I might post a sneak peek on instagram ๐Ÿ™‚


the new swiss innovation product


oh the weather outside is frightful
but the fire is so delightful
and since weโ€™ve got no place to go
let It snow! let It snow! let It snow!!

christmas is around the corner and we are all ready for the feasts. something that you can find on almost every table is napkins and this year I got these lovely deluxe line christmas napkins. when I first touched them I thought these napkins were reusable meaning that I could wash them BUT no. they are single use napkins

more information here
12.50 CHF / box w/ 20 napkins