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Striplac by Alessandro

its a big thing these days to do your nails like a pro at home. I question that and therefore had to try the Starter Kit by Alessandro. You get a red nailpolish, a clear twin base and top, a file, a cleaning pads and the most important UV/LED lamp. I read the manual and then started to do my left hand leaving out the thumb. After cleaning my nails with the cleansing pad, mmmhhmm, they smell like apricot! I start with the clear Twin and let it dry in the lamp for 60 seconds, then I apply the color and again I let it dry in the lamp for 60 seconds. As the last step I again apply the twin polish and I really make sure to cover the tip of my nails. now on to the right hand, which of course is always a bit harder than the left hand.. the same procedure: twincoat on 4 fingers (leave thumb out) dry for 60 seconds, then apply color, let it dry for 60 seconds and then finish with the twin polish and let it dry for 60 seconds. now I do the exact same thing to my thumbnails. Now all my fingernails are painted and I clean the top with the cleansing pad. It looks so nice and the best thing is: IT IS DRY! Wow! I was really amazed!

The product claims to last up to 10 days and I can tell you it lasts even longer on my nails.. 🙂 I got more colors and tried the product on my friends nails. I will show you all the different colors in another post, stay tuned!

How to remove the nailpolish?
thats a very simple step, you just have to peel it off. I have never had problems to remove the nailpolish but I read that there is a peeloff oil in order to remove the nailpolish.

I have to admit that I really didnt expect such a nice result! It was easy to apply and it last for more than 2 weeks! I can therefore highly recommend this product.

NOTE: some of the nailpolishes tend to pull back, it must sound weird now but if you have tried this and experienced the same you will know what I mean 🙂 so when this happens try to dry each nail after painting for 10 seconds, like this it will not run back and you can continue to paint the rest and then dry all fingers for another 60 seconds.

stay tuned for my Striplac color demonstration! xx

STRIPLAC by Alessandro



awww. my new swatch watch is called sweet me – its part of the pastry chef collection. I saw this collection for the first time in London during the fashionweek and I was amazed by the sweet colors and details. Swatch says they were inspired by sweet macaroon when designing this watch – and I can really see this relation. vanilla and raspberry – mmhhm!

its the most comfortable watch I have ever worn.. super light and such a soft strap made out of silicone – the perfect watch for summer!

<< see more swatch watches here >>

which swatch watch is your favorite?


DKNY be delicious skin

DKNY be delicious skin
Hydrating Eau de Toilette

something new ladies !!
I am sure you know the original fragrance DKNY be delicious that was launched in 2004. Now they extended their line with this new skin hydrating eau de toilette that you can see in the photo above.

The collection consists of three already known fragrances now in a new skin formula:
DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau de Toilette
DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Skin Hydrating Eau de Toilette 
DKNY Golden Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau de Toilette

aww.. the scent of DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau de Toilette is very fresh and has a touch of green apple with a citric note – perfect for spring. The magic is called “Apple Fusion Complex”, a blend of ingredients that is clinically proven to help moisturizing, smooth and brighten the skin. I really like the re-design of the bottles and the new atomizer spray for all-over body misting. It really makes it easy to spray the product all over the body.

visit your nearest shop and try it out – it might be something nice for you.
have a wonderful day. xx




#1 Eclat & Soin Couleur
Shampoo with 5 Essential Oils

#2 Concentre de Lait AMANDE
Firming and Smoothing Milk Concentrate

#3 Creme Mains Rose Heart
20% Shea Butter protects, moisturizes and absorbs quickly.

#4 Verveine Eau de Toilette
with organic Verbena extract

These are the BESTSELLER products by L’OCCITANE. As I told you in my previous post this month is all about BEAUTY BESTSELLERS. Let me tell you a little bit about these amamzing products.

I have colored hair and I used #1 Eclat & Soin Couleur Shampoo for a couple of hairwashes and I really must say its an amazing product. Mostly herbal products do not latter but the Eclat & Soin Couleur smells really good and latters. As some of you may already know I have very dry skin and therefore I m always looking for rich body creams or butters. #2 Concentre de lait AMANDE is a perfect cream for dry skin. It smells delicious and it moisturizes and absorbs very fast. I use it allover my body and I can get dressed immediately without feeling greasy or so. Some weeks ago I posted something about handcreams, the post was caled “things I hardly use but I should” there I already featured the #3 Creme Mains Rose Heart with 20% Shea Butter. It is a great product that protects, moisturizes and absorbs quickly. see the post about handcremes << http://isawsomethingnice.ch/post/73605959920/thingsthatihardlyeverusebutishouldhandcreams >> last but not least let me tell you about the #4 Verveine Eau de Toilette
with organic Verbena extract its a very fresh fragrance and for me it is a bit too much citrc so I prefere to use it in my house instead of my body – I know this must sound weird but I really think it makes an amazing roomspray aswell. 🙂


please take a moment and answer these questions – I am very curious what you think about L’OCCITANE products. Leave a comment below or answer it directly via @tumblr

so which is your favorite product by L’OCCITANE?
do you use any of the BESTSELLERS above?
which is your favorite product out of the BESTSELLERS above?




should I ? or should I not? should I? or should I not.. ?? well with these offers and prizes at net-a-porter.com SALE I can hardly say NO!

I fell in love with the black ADIDAS Stella McCartney shorts, the neon cotton jersey by KARL LAGERFELD and the simple neon crepe pants by J.CREW. I really need some color to survive these last months of winter here in switzerland! so my quote for today – shop til you drop! 

happy SALE shopping everyone! xx