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something new!

“Orient Express is a working person’s cafe on Badaro Main, serving specialty coffee, veggie salads and gourmet sandwiches to the tasteful crowd of Beirut. Open early morning till late evening during the week in a relaxed atmosphere, the café turns into a more upbeat gathering place on Friday and Saturday night. Held by a few young passionates, this no-frills place will draw smiles on more that a few faces.”

this is to my lebanese and travelling friends – stop at the ORIENT EXPRESS in Beirut and grab a bite and say hi to the owner!

Todays collarnecklace promotion tour started at 473 VALENCIA STREET – I had to stop at this neat shop called CLOTHES CONTACT – fashion and fabric by the pound! Too bad that I have such limited space in my suitcase.. otherwise I would have gone crazy in there!

If you re in SAN FRANCISCO – go there and check it out!