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WHITE ideas


for quiet some time I was looking for a white oversized sweater and finally I found one when I was strolling thru the H&M in Weil am Rhein. the cut is really oversized as I am wearing the size XS and I feel it is quiet big already. so today I wanna show you two different versions of the white shirt: a casual one – the one you can see above and below and an elegant one that will follow.


top H&M
pants C&A
shoes TAMARIS via zalando.ch
clutch ÖGON DESIGN via labelleboutique.ch
earrings PIECES Screen shot 2015-05-17 at 22.13.14IMG_7220

I really had an amazing sunday today – I slept until eleven and then had a nice breakfast followed by some blog work and delicious frozen joghurt – mmmhhhmmm. then I took these photos and in the end I found time to sit at the rhein in the sun. now I wanna show you the same shirt in a more elegant way – have a look:


same shirt different style. thats done very easily with such a bling bling sequin skirt like this one. I am so glad I waited for it to be on SALE and cost half as much as it would have before. : ) and I guess that thought and the sunny weather made me dance a bit.



top H&M
skirt H&M
clutch TURKISH AIRLINESScreen shot 2015-05-17 at 22.07.08


I also found another nice piece in Weil am Rhein and I hope that I can show it to you very soon. have a lovely start into the week. X


NEW leather jacket

aaw, I finally took the photos of my new leather jacket that I have found on SALE at the EDWIN outlet in Weil am Rhein, Germany. 90 Euro instead of 450 Euro – another bargain! EDWIN is a japanese brand from tokyo and the jacket is from the MEN section – hahahahaha, yeah, I know, this happens a lot to me – I often end up in the MEN department and I always find something nice – I would be for a neutral department – women – men and both <3 today I am also wearing a shirt and turtle neck from the men department. the shop next door to EDWIN is the CARHARTT outlet and there I have found another super bargain – a nice beige wool scarf for 10 Euros.


band collar shirt COS (men)
jacket EDWIN (men)
turtle neck PKZ (men)
jeans C&A
shoes TODS
sunglasses RAY BAN