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FEMINA – lets talk taboo

lets talk about something that is not really the number one topic in small talk conversations: personal hygiene! I know that lots of ladies, including me, are being irrated by using normal soap or shower gels for their intimate hygiene and that being said the market reacted with loads of different products in the past ten years. not all of them are good, some have almost the same ingredients as a regular shower gel and some are still causing irritations eventhough they claim to be gentle. so thats why I was super happy when I discovered FEMINA by lubex about a year ago. lookwise it can not compete with all the other products but it absolutely promiseses what it claims and works perefectly for me. and in the end it should not be about how the product looks it should be about how great it is. nevertheless have a look for yourself and give it a try.

lubex femina



  • the gentle and protective emulsion for our daily intimate hygiene
  • supports the natural protective function of our skin
  • effective against fungi and skin foreign bacteria.
  • gentle care substances soothe irritated skin and prevent irritation in the long-term use
  • dermatologically tested, free of preservatives, dyes and allergenic fragrance substances
  • natural PH value of 5.2


  • disodium undecylenamido MEA-sulfosuccinate =
    anti bacterial balancing for mucosal (cleaning, foam-enhancing, hydrotropic, surfactant)
  • polidocanol 600 =
    antipruritic, analgesic, local anesthetic values
  • bisabolol =
    a reassuring ingredient of chamomile with anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and wound-healing properties. It is externally applied for the treatment of skin diseases.


you can find the LUBEX femina in pharmacies and as I already explained in previous posts LUBEX/PermaMed are not using any preservatives, fragrances or any other kind of dyes, this makes it an awesome brand for people with sensitive skin. in the end I am happy to know and see that there are only benefiting ingredients and nothing that could harm my skin or health in general.
I recently read this article and it made me think about what I am using on a daily basis. whats your opinion on that? I really want to be sure to only use quality products. starting with using handmade soap to wash my body that comes without plastic, not wearing makeUp every day and using products without preservatives and other harming chemicals.
which products are you using on a daily basis? I would love to know. X

SOAP BARS – my new thing


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