new look

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today is MAY FIRST and finally I can show you what we, Michael and I, have been working on the last months. I wanted to make my blog more structured and easier for you to find what you like. hence the title: new look! for that occasion I pulled out my fancy spring dress and celebrated the first day of my NEW BLOG!

new look

dress H&M garden collection
shoes PRADA
umbrella present (from Agata)
fluffy cake present (from Dad and Monika)

new look

in german there is this saying ALLES NEU MACHT DER MAI and that means more or less like MAY GIVES BIRTH TO THE FRUITS OF APRIL’S WET LABOUR and therefore I am more than happy to be able to share with you my new blog. unfortunately the weather outside still looks a lot more like april than may but lets hope for the best and lets welcome SPRING!



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