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Colmillo de Morsa


Colmillo de Morsa
Last summer I was in Barcelona and was on the look out for some cool spanish fashion designers. I first walked in to Ana Tichy’s shop and she suggested to also visit her friend’s label and gave me the direction. When I stood in front of the shop and read the label: COLMILLO DE MORSA, I knew that I already met the people behind this brand at the Capsule Show in Paris in 2013. What a small world, no? >> see more here <<
Colmillo de Morsa
They showed the most beautiful spring/summer collection and I fell in love with the orange/salmon pieces. Everything is designed and handmade in Barcelona. I asked them some questions about the label and here is what they have to say:
Question: Colmillo de Morsa, how did you end up with this awesome and special name?

To find the name of the brand was quite spontaneous. We were reading a history book about ancient civilizations and we saw images of ornaments made of ivory of walrus tusks. We talked about how special it is that an ugly animal could have something so beautiful and we decided that Colmillo de Morsa (meaning Walrus Tusk) should be our name. Colmillo de Morsa, hides our first premise: the beauty has endless forms, as many as eyes that look at it.

Question: When and how was Colmillo de Morsa founded?

Colmillo de Morsa was born in Barcelona in late 2009. We come from fashion design and architecture and found an affinity between us and in our concept design. And we share the philosophy and way of work.

Question: If you have to describe your current fall/winter collection in 3 words, what would the 3 words be?

Probably it would be NATURE, QUALITY and SENSITIVITY.

Question: Where can we find your collection and where can people from outside spain shop your collection?

We have our own store in Barcelona, in Gracia district. In the same space we have the studio where we design, cut and sew most of the pieces. People who cometo shop really apreciate the things we do and know about our special pieces. We are selling also in different stores around Spain. (in Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao…) For people outside Spain we have the online store where we sell our collections directly and ship to almost everywhere.

Colmillo de Morsa

I can highly recommend to have a look at their collection. >> http://colmillodemorsa.com << Some of the pieces are on SALE and there is already a sneak peek of the upcoming collection.


todays outfit

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merry christmas

this year I am in Brasov for CHRISTMAS and I love exploring this beautiful city of Romania. there is a huge christmas tree in the center of the old city and fancy lights that are hanging above the streets. BRASOV is a very beautiful city with lots of amazing looking old houses. some of them need more care than the owners can spare but in general there is a movement in order to preserve the cultural heritage of Brasov. and now let me show you some photos. X

xmas tree XXL xmas food and friends xmas tree in the making leas outfit

so let me tell you a bit more about what we have done so far. we have visited the new flat of C’s parents, strolled around the city, visited friends, decorated the christmas tree and took some photos for the blog. more to come, stay tuned. X




today I wanna share a nice trend with you called HANG YOUR BAG WITH CUTE STUFF! you can find lots of nice things to hang on your favorite hand bags and make them look even more special. I stumbled upon these buggers by C&A and I absolutely love them.

decorate your bag decorate your bag

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GLÜCKLICHE AUSZEIT (happy time out)
it promises relaxation for beautiful moments with help of
red poppy and hemp

what a color – OMG – I was first worried that it s gonna stain my bath tub but nope it didnt! a great bath for relaxing, perfect before going to bed.


it promises to breath deeply and recharge relaxation and this with the help of
pine and fir

another one that is perfect before going to bed, it relaxed me completely and I had an amazingly deep sleep. the color of the water is a nice subtle green, and it didnt stain my bath tub, yay!


ENTSPANNUNG PUR (pure relaxation)
it promises to calm one down with help of

with help of the blue water I completely shut down and almost fell asleep in the tub. so also this bugger is perfect before sleeping and also didnt stain my tub.


JUNGBRUNNEN (fountain of youth)
it promises to stimulate the senses and new drive with helo of
pomegranate and amaranth oil
so far this is the only one that I would not recommend using before sleeping. its one to start the weekend, perfect for a morning bath. look at the color, it is even brighter than the first one and also didnt stain my tub.

overall I am very very pleased with the KNEIPP® Badekristalle and I will try out more of them. I am a bath tub person and I love my weekend baths. before I was using either LUSH or the DRESDNER essence, read more about them here >> and here >> I found them at MIGROS and MUELLER and they cost between 1.50 CHF and 1.70 CHF) the variety is huge, lets see what I end up next with. stay tuned. X




aww. I was waiting for this quiet some time, and yay, it is finally here the MIUMIU parfum. so in love with the packaging and also the scent. somehow I expected something completely different, something fresh and youthful but nooo it is not at all like that, it is a very elegant chic scent for a casual to chic lady. STACY MARTIN is the face for the first MIU MIU fragrance.



#2 LABELLO care&color LABELLO care and color

kissing is something really nice, but not at all with chapped lips. I am a big fan of the clear ELIZABETH ARDEN 8 hour lip balms but also had a good colored one by KORRES. now I got these new LABELLO care&color and they are a mix between a clear and stained lip balm. I have only tried the red one yet and I like it a lot. lets see how the other two colors will look like, there is RED, ROSE and NUDE.



#3 M.A.C studio waterweight foundation
waterweight m.a.c

we are all made out of lots of water and water is one of the key essentials for surviving of course everybody knows that. but did you know that the new SPF30 foundation is based on water? a very very smooth liquid consistency with medium coverage. it blends in very nicely. and I am very happy that it has SPF 30 perfect for the nice and sunny fall days. I like it, what about you?

available in 23 different shades!



Manhattan Lipstickso in love with the new long lasting intense lipstick by MANHATTAN. a very nice and creamy consistency with a glossy finish perfect for any occasion as there are 18 different colors. from bright to nude, they have it all.

all the different names and colors:

powder princess / rosewood road / hibiskiss / hip hazelnut / caramel candy / crushed cinnamon / chocaholic / tender tulip / oh, so orange! / tasty tomato / ultimate cherry / rockin’ red / bite my lip / doll me up! / rose darling / berry baby / made for me / precious plum


something good for your hair and scalp. I am already a huge fan of these new shampoos and scalp serums by GOLDWELL. my favorite one is the sensitive foam shampoo – OMG – I love foam and I love when shampoos lather – 2 in 1 – yay!

anti hairloss serum / sensitive foam shampoo / deep cleansing shampoo / anti dandruff shampoo





I am already more than 3 weeks back from vacation and I totally forgot to tell you what makeUp I took with me to Castellammare del Golfo in Sicily. So now I finally found time and here we go:

I took 5 different eyeshadows and a blusher by ARTDECO and I put them in a MAC palette. all the ARTDECO powder products like blusher and eyeshadows have a tiny magnet on the back so they are made to be stored in a palette. perfect for vacation as you can put together your individual palette. in general in summer or in summer vacation I am not applying MakeUp every day but in the evening after a long day on the beach it is nice to pamper oneself and wear a nice dress and go for dinner. well thats what I did. I was only wearing the makeUp in the evening as it was way too hot to wear makeUp during the day..

a sparkly pale brown

a matte stale blue

a warm matte dark mauve

a pale light matte brown

a matte light powdery beige

a nice warm almost pan of terracota


so as you can see out of the 5 eyeshadows 4 of them are matte and only one has shimmer.I either wore a simple look or a more smokey look.

I start with 551 all over the lid and highlight the parts below the brows. 16 in the crease.

551 all over the lid and highlight the parts below the brow and the inner corner of the eyes. then I take 506 and cutting the crease. and using 517 and 520 to blend it towards the eyelid.

awesome pigmentation and no fall out thats exactly what I want from eyeshadows – I will for sure get more of these in order to have more shimmery shadows too. will keep you posted.

where can you get these ARTDECO products? I found mine at parfumcity.ch they have awesome deals and since it is a swiss online shop you dont have to pay any extra charges from the customs. ARTDECO is a german brand and is based in Karlsfeld Germany.

more about the brand here >>






Ben Godward was born in Indianapolis, grew up in St. Louis, MO and received his B.F.A. at Alfred University and an M.F.A. in Sculpture from the University at Albany where he won the 2007 Outstanding Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture award. After Albany, Godward moved his studio to Brooklyn, where he currently lives. He has shown extensively in NYC including at Sardine, Fortress to Solitude Lesley Heller, Moti Hassan, The Laundromat Gallery, Pocket Utopia, Centotto, Famous Accountants Gallery, Way Out Gallery, NYCAMS, Norte Maar, Storefront Gallery and Factory Fresh among others. Ben has also completed large outdoor public art projects, in 2010 at Franconia Sculpture Park in MN and in 2011 at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, NY. Ben’s work has been featured in The L Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, Sculpture magazine and on WNYC Radio. www.slaggallery.com

“The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises.” – Sigmund Freud




Jeppe Hein Jeppe Hein


1974 born in Copenhagen
1997 Royal Danish Academy of Arts, Copenhagen
1999 Städel Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt / Main
lives and works in Copenhagen / Berlin



as every year it was a blast to be invited by VITRA for the summerparty during ART BASEL. look at the lovely decoration – so nice! there was cool music and lots of nice art and design to see. there are many different buildings inside the VITRA campus, the newest is by SANA. my favorite one is the showroom by HERZOG & DE MEURON but I also like the one by TADAO ANDO. this years entry badge was a piece of fabric that the tied around our wrists. a nice idea but so far the metall bands were my favorite – I still have them and collected the different colors from other friends that were there.


the food was delicious and there was a nice vegetarian alternative. my favorite was the couscous salad – mmmhhhmm, can I please have one more?! and the ice cream was a touch of heaven on earth too bad I did not check by whom the catering was..

I dunno if you can remember but a couple of years ago there was a bug attack during VITRA PARTY and I was telling some friends about that and literally 5 minutes later the first bug was there and he was followed by friends. I jinxed it 🙂 sorry for that but again it was fun to see all the people hide and run from the almost blind flying bugs.. after one hour the bugs were gone, ouff!


all the friends in the house – eehm at the VITRA PARTY!
thank you Wilpert, Mo, Cristian, Esther and Fleur – it was super nice!





AQUAZINGER – this thing rocks! thank you Catherine for this awesome present. such a nice and easy way to jazz up simple water and infuse it with fruits. my favorite is lemon + mint or mint + raspberries – mmhhmm! the best thing is that this also works with warm beverages – ooh I am already looking forward to make my own CHAI TEA with this bugger. stay tuned.


how does it work?

1. cut tiny pieces of fruit
2. close the lid 3. twist the metal part to the part with the cut fruits and the lid
4. fill it with water, shake it and cool it.
5. ready to drink ; )

more ideas for infused water

watermelon + basil water
kiwi + lime water
raspberry + blackberry water


I wish you all a nice day and I hope you have found this post helpful. this might be the best present for the friend that already has everything. : ) I dunno where she got it from but it is all over the internet. just google AQUAZINGER or visit zinganything.com/recipe for more ideas and recipes.


packaging is printed with SOY INK
designed by STUDIO MURMUR