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where to eat in bucharest and brasov


Holidays in Romania, we did it again. This time we started with Bucharest, where we have spent the New Years Eve, and then travelled to Brasov to see C’s family. We visited and saw so many nice things to share with you.

where to eat in bucharest and brasov

Like last year, we ate very very well in Romania. I am a Vegetarian and C is a Pescetarian. The dishes you can see below are all without meat. 🙂 Now lets have a look at what we liked.
A3, Bucharest
A3 is the former A1, a great place to start your day, have a snack or meet your friends for an afterwork drink. I am in love with their bucket fries, literally a bucket full of fries. Another dish that I have ordered several times in the last week was the Baby Spinach Salad with Apple. Mmmmhhmmm, absolutely delicious.
where to eat in Bucharest and Brasov
SHIFT PUB, Bucharest
A cozy, beautiful bistro on a quiet street in the heart of the city. Thats what they say about themselves on their website. And I can only agree with that. Indeed a very cozy place. So far I have only been in Romania in Winter so I never had the chance to eat outside in the beautiful garden. But fingers crossed to hopefully visit Bucharest in Summer too.
where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov
where to eat in bucharest and brasov
PRATO, Brasov 
An elegant, rather posh place to eat with delicious starters and pasta dishes. Of course I can only speak for myself 🙂 but thats what I liked to eat there. The Avocado Tartar starter is definetely something to try. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo but I can show you the Pasta and sides dishes we had.
where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov
This place has opened quiet recently and is a real game changer for Brasov. Hands down, these were one of the best house made pasta I have ever had. The interior design of the rather small but cozy place is very simple, with a touch of shabby chic. The restaurant is a family run business and one can really feel that when eating there. There is an open kitchen which I personally love. Watching the chef prepare your food is a really nice thing.

where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov where to eat in bucharest and brasov

Like last year it was cold and snowing so we had some warming teas, hot chocolates and snacks at the Bistro de l’Arte. A rather dark  and old interior which brings you back to the last centuries and lets you relax and enjoy your stay. I loved the sweet pea soup. Something I can honestly recommend to try.
where to eat in bucharest and brasov
so, that was it from my first blogpost about Romania and also my first post for 2017. I hope it was helpful and inspiring. Let me know which places are your favorites. X


as you read in my previous post I am currently in Romania where I have spent a lovely Craciun = Christmas in Brasov and am now enjoying some days in Bucharest.

in BRASOV you should definitely visit the old city center with the gorgeous old houses and  the black church and stroll around the streets. BRASOV has the third narrowest street in Europe (told by our cab driver) STRADA SFORII (means rope street and is between 111 and 135 cm wide and about 80 meters long.) brasov brasov

house in brasovold doorI saw so many beautiful houses and when you go a bit outside of the old city center  you will see houses that are abandoned or half done. I find Brasov a very picturesque city and I have to go back and take photos of all the beautiful gates and doors. abandoned housewe started the day with ZOOM SERIE which opened 5 days ago and is famous for their sweets. they have an awesome list of fresh teas and make fresh juice. I can totally recommend the juice with banana, apple and oranges, the SWEET NOVEMBER tea, I hope I remember that tea correctly : ) its the one with hibiscus and berries and their BROWNIES. mmmhhmm! zoom seriewe ate very well at BISTRO DEL ARTE and HOCKEY PUB, in general the food was very delicious. as a vegetarian I was warned that Romania is the country of meat and cheese, two things I don’t like at all. but as I said I could not complain there were vegetarian dishes on the menu. a local vegetarian dish is ZACUSCA 🙂 another place that I really liked is called BISTRO MA COCOTTE. here you can see my BRUSCHETTA and PASTA from the hockey club. pasta Bruschettama cocotte bistromacocotte



merry christmas

this year I am in Brasov for CHRISTMAS and I love exploring this beautiful city of Romania. there is a huge christmas tree in the center of the old city and fancy lights that are hanging above the streets. BRASOV is a very beautiful city with lots of amazing looking old houses. some of them need more care than the owners can spare but in general there is a movement in order to preserve the cultural heritage of Brasov. and now let me show you some photos. X

xmas tree XXL xmas food and friends xmas tree in the making leas outfit

so let me tell you a bit more about what we have done so far. we have visited the new flat of C’s parents, strolled around the city, visited friends, decorated the christmas tree and took some photos for the blog. more to come, stay tuned. X