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merry christmas

this year I am in Brasov for CHRISTMAS and I love exploring this beautiful city of Romania. there is a huge christmas tree in the center of the old city and fancy lights that are hanging above the streets. BRASOV is a very beautiful city with lots of amazing looking old houses. some of them need more care than the owners can spare but in general there is a movement in order to preserve the cultural heritage of Brasov. and now let me show you some photos. X

xmas tree XXL xmas food and friends xmas tree in the making leas outfit

so let me tell you a bit more about what we have done so far. we have visited the new flat of C’s parents, strolled around the city, visited friends, decorated the christmas tree and took some photos for the blog. more to come, stay tuned. X





today is another THANK YOU give away day and one of you can win a WELLA ELEMENTS pack with a lovely SHAMPOO, a nourishing MASK and a strenghtening SERUM. all these products contain ZERO PARABENS and are a great thing for your hair. I have not tried this set yet but I mostly read nice things about it. so I hope one of you will be the lucky winner and can tell me whether they liked it or not. I would be curious to know. so, in order to join this give away please follow the instructions below. GOOD LUCK! X Rafflecopter giveaway



today I am giving away two computer mouses from the play collection by logitech. it is the second day of the big CHRISTMAS GIVE AWAY. I wanna thank you all for being here!

I am super happy with my fox mouse, read about it here >>, and therefore I wanna share this joy with you! it could be also the perfect christmas present for your friends and loved ones. so take a moment and join the give away below by entering either via FB or email
Rafflecopter giveaway

Marc Monkey

Marc Monkey Play Mouse
Luke Lion
Luke Lion Play Mouse



news for men

there are two new things for men that I wanna show you today!

eau de toilette spray 40ml

texture style sign 4 roughman
matte cream paste (hair)

so lets start with the MICHAEL KORS fragrance, its a nice every day scent not too fresh and also not too warm, a great mix. I am having a hard time describing scents and I think its always best to try a new fragrance on your skin. we are all unique and the same fragrance can smell a lot different on you than on me. check your next parfum shop, it might be something for your christmas wishlist. the other item I wanna introduce today is called texture style sign roughman 4 – what a name.. but it works. Cristian has been using it for the last couple of weeks and he loves it. before using this product he was using DAX WAX (the red one) and zest by LUSH but I think this time we will have to repurchase this bugger as the price/quality is a tiny bit better. I know you should not compare apples and lemons and I am aware that LUSH products have a more sustainable organice philosophy than the GOLDWELL products. but you gotta use what you like best, right? (100g – 28.80 CHF zest LUSH / 100ml – GOLDWELL 24.00 CHF)




Pierre Hermé for L’Occitane

Pierre Hermé


wow – what a beautiful collaboration between Pierre Hermé and L’Occitane, I absolutely love the packaging! some of you might wonder who is Pierre Hermé ? he is a very well known French pastry chef that is most famous for his macarons, many of which have unusual flavor combinations. I can absolutely see his signature in the packaging of the fragrances.

Eau de Toilette Pamplemousse Rhubarbe
Eau de Toilette Jasmin Immortelle Neroli

so in case you are already putting together your christmas presents for your beloved ones this might be something to consider. the products can also be purchased in sets and there is always a matching hand and bodycream with the two fragrances.

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé

sigh I am tempted to buy the sets only for the awesome packaging, hahaha, that is how much I love it! I am curious what you think about this collaboration. leave me a comment below. X




yay – I got another dream bag. I have already talked about the DREAM BAG before, almost a year ago in November 2014. read more here >>  this will not be a review or feedback beauty post, I will just show you what I got in my dream bag. I m sure I will get back to some of the products and will let you know how I like them and what they did for me. alright, lets start!


BIOKOSMA swiss natural cosmetics
lily dreams body oil 100 ml / special edition

gentle shower gel / for sensitive skin


3D VOLUME with Vitamin B5

SCHWARZKOPF professional
BC bonacure hairtherapy
oil miracle rose oil hair & scalp treatment

huile essentielle fragonia
elixir purete


advanced white multi action mouthwash
clean mint 500ml

almond blossom body spray
for sensitive skin – no alcohol





I hope you all had a nice time with friends and family. I had two nice dinners at home and had a very nice time. <3 today it is only about relaxing. I started this day with a nice long shower and am wearing my most comfy cashmere sweater. thank you @Nivea for sending this lovely box. there is something nice and new inside. more on the blog soon. merci! tomorrow I am showing you an nice black and grey outfit. I might post a sneak peek on instagram 🙂


the new swiss innovation product


oh the weather outside is frightful
but the fire is so delightful
and since we’ve got no place to go
let It snow! let It snow! let It snow!!

christmas is around the corner and we are all ready for the feasts. something that you can find on almost every table is napkins and this year I got these lovely deluxe line christmas napkins. when I first touched them I thought these napkins were reusable meaning that I could wash them BUT no. they are single use napkins

more information here
12.50 CHF / box w/ 20 napkins


favorite cup


awww.. I got these lovely cups from my grandma and I used to play with them when I was a child. drinking out of these today brings back lots of memories – only good memories. our grandma let us (my cousins and me) drink coffee (of course diluted with milk) and this made us feel like tiny grown-ups. I am so happy that we took such good care of the cups so that I can still enjoy them and embrace the flashback that comes with them.

so with christmas around the corner I am getting into a cozy mood and I decided to celebrate my tea and coffee times a bit more – et voila! I wish you all a happy monday and lets start an amazing week! xx


something new! ZOÉ ultrasensitive

Migros has launched something new – the ZOÉ ultrasensitive SOIN DE JOUR SPF 15 anti age – SOIN 24 hSOIN CONTOUR DES YEUX – recommended by AHA! the allergy service.

I havent had the time to test them yet but it is for sure on my to do list and as I have rather sensitive skin this line might be the perfect thing for me. in case you have tried it already please let me know what you think about it. sharing is caring, right?



today I started my day with the LUSH SANTA’s lip scrub and lip tint. mmmhhmm what a christmassy smell and what a bright red! I used my finger to apply the lip tint and it totally stained my finger so I would recommend to use a lip brush to apply the tint. now I will eat my GRÄTTIMAA wishing you all a happy SANTA CLAUS and stay tuned for todays outfit. xx


DO IT YOURSELF advent calendar

today is december first and I am actually very late with showing you this post as all the advent calendars start today 🙂 anyway I felt the urge to share my idea with you – maybe for next year. who knows!

what do you need?

silver pen
black pen
white paper / one thicker paper for template
black envelopes and cards
black pegs (mini)
24 ideas*

*some ideas

you could write 24 reasons why you love someone – you could give 24 vouchers to someone – you could remember 24 events with someone and re-capture them – you could draw 24 nice things – as you see I could go on and on and on with ideas. and let me tell you – the advent season is not about spending lots of money it is about caring for others and sharing love. so I saw many nice DIY advent calendars that involved buying 24 items and I think you can also make someone happy with words and only spending a little. I found all my things at Manor in basel and I have spent 13 CHF 🙂

step one
draw a christmas tree on a thicker piece of paper and use this as a template. copy the shape to the white paper and cut 24 trees.

step two
write 24 ideas on the black cards using a silver pen

step three
mark the numbers 1 to 24 on the white christmas trees with a black pen

step four
glue the christmas trees to the black envelopes

step five

hang a black cord to a wall and place the cards with the pegs

THAT’S IT! as easy as ABC or 123, right?
happy advent season. xx


are you ready for the holidays

so many things to take care of. it is the busiest time of the year and lots of stress is involved. inviting your friends and family, organizing presents, cleaning the house, booking flights or what ever else we have to do before christmas and new years eve. this year I am quiet organized and I already have almost all the presents – have you seen my wishlist yet?

today I wanna share an italian tradition with you which involves red lingerie! I have found this lovely bra and panty at MANOR in basel (bra 39.90 CHF / panty 19.90 CHF) and I can not wait to wear it for new years eve! the bra is really nicely cut with a slight pushup effect – perfect for a sexy cleavage. there is also a slip and tanga but I am a panty lover and I liked the design of the panty best.

so what do the italians do on december 31? they make sure to wear red lingerie. red is the color of good luck and fortune. by wearing red lingerie they make sure the luck is on their side and to get rid of negative energy. it is also very common to give red lingerie as a present and this will bring lots of good luck to the reciver and will protect him from evil in the year ahead. I think this tradition is really sweet and I also read about other funny traditions like throwing your kitchen ware out of the window 🙂 read more here <<

so I already got my red lingerie. what about you? what is your special tradition for the holidays?


my wishlist

CHRISTMAS is around the corner! not my favorite time of the year but something I have learned to deal with as after every winter there comes spring and thats my biggest hope and wish. let the sun shine, the flowers bloom and the skirts be short! so back to my wishlist for christmas. I have found many nice things that I wanna show you.

1. ST. EMILE blouse 270 CHF via zalando.ch
link here <<

2. Nike Free Inneva Tech Umber CHF (tbc)
(available from Nov 26, 2014 – The Broken Arm Shop, Paris)
link here <<

SONY smartphone 479.95 CHF
all SWISSCOM, SUNRISE, ORANGE shops or online!
link here <<

4. PAIGE jeans
online! fashionvestis.ch 310 CHF
link here <<

5. COS coat
175 EURO around 210 CHF / COS store Zürich or online!
link here <<

6. ACNE studios scarf 130 EURO around 157 CHF
link here <<
7. LUSH luxury bath 8.80 CHF
all LUSH shops or online
link here <<
8. CHIARA FERRAGNI loafers 175 EURO around 205 CHF
link here <<
which is your favorite thing? what do you wish for christmas? please let me know and comment below or via FB.


thank you for sending me these lovely goodies. I had a blast testing them all. and for some of the pieces I am sure I have already found the perfect person to share this present with. so, do you already have your presents for friends and family for christmas? If not, and you feel like investing in something good then have a look at the sweet present ideas from THE BODY SHOP.