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June 16-19 2016
how to get there: TRAM: 6, 2, 1/14 (stop: Messeplatz)
as you may all know, the Art Basel week is my favorite week in Basel. next to the main Art Basel show there are many other side fairs like, Design Miami Basel, VOLTA, SCOPE, LISTE, THE SOLO PROJECT, RHY ART FAIR, PHOTOBASEL, EAF and many more. at the moment I am trying to put together an agenda and share all the highlights with you.
are you familiar with the history of Art Basel?
three Basel gallerists put their passion and determination behind an ambitious vision to form an international art fair. now, Art Basel stages the premier international art shows, providing platforms for galleries and artists from around the world. art gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hilt of Basel create an international art fair that proves to be a success from the start. more than 16,000 visitors attend the inaugural show to see 90 galleries and 30 publishers from 10 countries.
only five years after its founding, the Basel show reaches its current size of almost 300 exhibitors. the participating galleries come from 21 countries, attracting 37,000 visitors.
the Art Video Forum platform debuts. Pipilotti Rist and Enrique Fontanilles are the first recipients of the video art prize endowed by the main partner the swiss bank corporation.
the Unlimited platform revolutionizes the classic exhibition booth by creating an open-plan environment that plays host to all types of ambitious contemporary media: installations, monumental sculptures, large-scale paintings, video works, and performance arts. first special exhibition devoted to Artist Books, an art form ordinarily accorded marginal attention at art fairs.
a series of panel discussions were introduced with leading members of the art world providing exclusive access to first-hand information on collecting and exhibiting art. panelists include prominent art collectors, museum directors, biennale curators, artists, art critics, and architects. under the title of Public Art Projects, projects of an institutional scale are presented in the spacious, revamped exhibition area on Messeplatz.
debut of the Parcours sector, expanding the show beyond Messeplatz, presenting site-specific public artworks and performances in the historical neighborhoods of Basel. the new Feature sector, replacing Art Premiere, offers gallerists a chance to participate in the show with historical material, solo shows by artists of all ages and precise curatorial juxtapositions.
this year I will focus on the works of Dan Holdsworth and the design of Sebastian Errazuriz for the collectors lounge booth of Audemars Piguet. stay tuned for more. X
Volta 12 BaselNacht
VOLTA12 – Markthalle
JUNE 13-18 2016
how to get there:
TRAM: 2, 6  BUS: 30 (stop: MARKTHALLE) and 8, 11, 10 (stop SBB station and walk 2 min.)
TRAIN: all trains to BASEL SBB
VOLTA12 BASEL NACHT June 16, 5-9 PM –
I am a huge fan of VOLTA and am really proud to be soon featuring one of their artists on the blog. like in previous years VOLTA12 is taking place inside the beautiful Markthalle, next to the SBB train station. in case you did not know that there will be an event on THURSDAY then have a look at my previous post and get your tickets here >>
in case you wanna share it with your friends:
the code to get your free BASEL NACHT passes is SOMETHINGNICE and you need to sign up via this link: https://www.microspec.com/tix123/eTic.cfm?code=VOLTA1216
JUNE 14-19 2016
how to get there:
TRAM: 1/14, 6, 8, 17 (stop: CLARAPLATZ)
BUS: 34, 31, 38 (stop: CLARAPLATZ)
this years SCOPE fair is held in a new location very close to Claraplatz. I can not wait to see the new space and am curious to see this years exhibitors.
pimping the pots - DIY


finally spring is here and this is the time to start decorating your balcony. like last year I also grow tomatoes this year and somehow I was not so satisfied with the regular plant pots that I have found. thats when I had the DIY idea to make my own pots, or lets say the idea for pimping the pots.pimping the pots - DIY

lets see what we are going to need for this PIMPING THE POTS DIY:
  • pots KALASA (I found them via IKEA, small 14.95 CHF / large 19.95)
  • rope (I found it at JUMBO)
  • scissors
  • clear tape
its very very simple and easy to find all of these things. and in case you dont like the white pots you can spray paint them before starting the pimping DIY. I love white and therefore I leave them the way they are.
step one:

pimping the pots - DIY

take your pot and ropes and place them on a table or floor. then I wrapped the rope twice around the pot and made sure to have enough rope left to tie the knot.

pimping the pots - DIY

step two:

pimping the pots - DIY
cut the rope with your scissors and seal the ends like in the photo above. this will prevent the rope from opening and will make the knot look a lot neater.
step three:
pimping the pots - DIY
tie a sailor knot like in the photo above. start with a normal knot and then do the opposite to the ends. this will create such a lovely result on your simple white pots, voila, thats it!

pimping the pots - DIY

I absolutely love the result of this pimping the pots DIY. I continued these steps and made four pots for the balcony. that was a very easy DO IT YOURSELF and I am curious to know if you like it, so please comment below and in case you are doing this too please share your photos with me via my social media channels. I always love to hear from you. X
final result:

pimping the pots - DIY pimping the pots - DIY pimping the pots - DIY




AQUAZINGER – this thing rocks! thank you Catherine for this awesome present. such a nice and easy way to jazz up simple water and infuse it with fruits. my favorite is lemon + mint or mint + raspberries – mmhhmm! the best thing is that this also works with warm beverages – ooh I am already looking forward to make my own CHAI TEA with this bugger. stay tuned.


how does it work?

1. cut tiny pieces of fruit
2. close the lid 3. twist the metal part to the part with the cut fruits and the lid
4. fill it with water, shake it and cool it.
5. ready to drink ; )

more ideas for infused water

watermelon + basil water
kiwi + lime water
raspberry + blackberry water


I wish you all a nice day and I hope you have found this post helpful. this might be the best present for the friend that already has everything. : ) I dunno where she got it from but it is all over the internet. just google AQUAZINGER or visit zinganything.com/recipe for more ideas and recipes.


packaging is printed with SOY INK
designed by STUDIO MURMUR



#kbreise15 – KARLSRUHE

I just got back from KARLSRUHE and I wanna share with you my impressions. I already shared the program with you in a previous blogpost and now you get to see the images. I had a great time and I met so many nice bloggers. check the links below the photos to see who I met.


IMG_7797window_karlsruhe IMG_7807

DIE MEISTER SAMMLERIN // 11 x Karoline Luise

diemeistersammlerin messagesfromParis IMG_778611malKarolineLuise 11malKarolineLuise herdress herdress herdress diemeistersammlerin


refreshmentmain course starters







ME //


bag DKNY via zalando.ch
coat H&M
pants C&A




DO IT YOURSELF advent calendar

today is december first and I am actually very late with showing you this post as all the advent calendars start today 🙂 anyway I felt the urge to share my idea with you – maybe for next year. who knows!

what do you need?

silver pen
black pen
white paper / one thicker paper for template
black envelopes and cards
black pegs (mini)
24 ideas*

*some ideas

you could write 24 reasons why you love someone – you could give 24 vouchers to someone – you could remember 24 events with someone and re-capture them – you could draw 24 nice things – as you see I could go on and on and on with ideas. and let me tell you – the advent season is not about spending lots of money it is about caring for others and sharing love. so I saw many nice DIY advent calendars that involved buying 24 items and I think you can also make someone happy with words and only spending a little. I found all my things at Manor in basel and I have spent 13 CHF 🙂

step one
draw a christmas tree on a thicker piece of paper and use this as a template. copy the shape to the white paper and cut 24 trees.

step two
write 24 ideas on the black cards using a silver pen

step three
mark the numbers 1 to 24 on the white christmas trees with a black pen

step four
glue the christmas trees to the black envelopes

step five

hang a black cord to a wall and place the cards with the pegs

THAT’S IT! as easy as ABC or 123, right?
happy advent season. xx



Sylvain Baumann ‘Good people run’ – 19.09.14

7 PM

Voltastrasse 41 Basel Switzerland

Sylvain Baumann
‘Good people run’

19.09.14 – 18.10.14



ROST & GOLD (zurich, switzerland)

this was the place where I immediately felt like home – such a cosy place with lots and lots of very nice things to see. I only captured a few things with my camera – there is way more to see. so for the people who will travel to zurich I think this place is a MUST!


Rost & Gold is owned and run by 2 lovely men called Werner and Roland. I met them that very night in person and had some good laughs and talks. thank you Dushka for introducing us. xx



wishes you a HAPPY SUNDAY!

“explore, relax, learn, smile, chill, cook, eat, sleep, laugh” and all the other good things that I missed to name!

xx isawsomethingnice



this is the newest SAMSUNG #galaxyalpha phone with the lovely flower case by JULIAN ZIGERLI. as I mentioned before I am very oldschool when it comes to organisation and thats why I still prefere to use my FILOFAX instead of my iCAL 🙂 I think the combination of new and old makes it for me. for instance I read my mails on my phone and then note the event and info into my haptic planner. like this I wont forget and I hate nothing more than my phone sending me notifications and reminders about doing something 🙂 I rather have a look at my FILOFAX everyday and see what there is going on.

Dushka was attending the event in ZH and had an amazing time. she took lots of photos and I will upload these photos seperately to my FB page and will put the link « here »

thats what she told me about the event: “the whole event was very mysterious as nobody had any idea what the YOU ARE ALPHA invitation meant. dresscode was either black or white. DUSHKA went for black and was wearing the gorgeous black LANVIN dress with a nice BALLY coat. she was picked up by a handsome black dressed gentlemen and was lead to the location where she was welcomed by gorgeously dressed ladies into another galaxy. thats when she was given the new ALPHA phone that had already have a personal message for her. the catering was superbe and there was a DJ playing on top of an ice sculpture.”

julianzigerli – thanks for the lovely phone cases! xx


Zalando Summer House 2014

This year 22 international fashion bloggers were invited to the Zalando Summer House (#zalandosummerhouse). From the 28th until the 30th of August 2014, they stayed at the wonderful castle- Schloss Herzfelde in the Uckermark an hour north of Berlin. Inspired by ‘La Dolce Vita’ of the 1950s the house was decorated with candy coloured furniture, contained a café with an Italian barista, a big garden with retro games and DIY stations that gave the bloggers time to relax, be creative and enjoy the good life.



at casa di Giulietta – Verona

the lovely perla moonlight colored alfa romeo giulietta was a pleasant ride for the trip to Verona, Vicenza and Venice. I felt like a princess!

GIULIETTA color moonlight perla

PS (hp) Number : 170
Displacement: 1956cm3
Weight: 1410 (includes one person 75kg)
Top speed: 220km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h ( s ) : 7.8s
CO2 emissions ( g / km ) : 116

the combination of 2.0 JTDM diesel 170PS is not available in the stick shifted /manual version. new , there is the 2.0 JTDM in the execution 175HP with TCT transmission (dual clutch transmission) or manual 2.0JTDM but with 150hp .

aww. I would absolutely do this again: driving to Verona, Vicenza and Venice with the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta – it was a blast! the great thing was that I went there with Cristian and as we were sharing the ride we always had to change the seat position and mirrors. but there are some tiny buttons on the left side of the drivers seat. there are 3 options for 3 different drivers. thats fantastic! Cristian is almost 2 meters tall and I am a lot shorter than that. 🙂 so we programmed our positions and every time we switched we chose our positions – that came in very very handy!

also the soundsystem by BOSE was awesome! the system allows to use USB sticks or SD cards and like this you can play all your music without bringing loads of CDS. the navigation system was also very helpful to find our way from Basel, Switzerland to Venice Italy and back.

dress EVER BEAUTY (present from aunt Michele)
necklace and earrings VINTAGE
bracelet ORSKA (present from Agata)

are you driving an alfa romeo giulietta?



I arrived at the zalando summerhouse location today – wow! what a beautiful castle! I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend and meeting lots of nice people. we had such a cool ride – an old omnibus and had a lovely BBQ in the garden! more photos to come!


yesterdays outfit

I had such a good time at the Kérastase event in Zurich at the operahouse. thank you Cristina for inviting me. I really enjoyed the presentation of the new #discipline collection and the Notations ballet. I used the 3 products this morning and I love the smell. It made my hair very fine and sleek but as usual I prefere the second day after washing my hair 🙂 so stay tuned I will soon show you the new Kérastase collection. xx


jeans H&M
bag fleamarket
shoes RAVEL via zalando.ch

photo of me taken by Mia H. – thanks! xx