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one dress - many ways to walk it

I am so in love with this new dress that I have found in one of my favorite shops in Basel: Le Mouton a 5 Pates. A super simple grey SILVIAN HEACH dress to wear in many different ways. Today I wanna show you that you can wear the same dress and only change the shoes. A very simple way to make your dresses more versatile.
one dress – many ways to walk it #1
lets start with the comfiest and easiest way to walk: Sneakers. A pair of black sneakers should be key to every wardrobe. A very easy way to dress down a nice dress.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #2
Metallic shoes were quiet a big trend. And I found my silver shoes in C&A on SALE for 19 CHF. An amazing bargain. Not only great to dress up your look in a comfy way but also perfect to jazz up a simple jeans and sweatshirt look.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #3
And now a very easy way to upgrade your dress by wearing black heels. In my opinion every lady should have a pair of black heels. No matter if the heel height is only 2 cm.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #4
Simple black flats, also something that we all should own. Nothing works better to make a chic outfit look more casual. I found these babes at ALDO in Marseille.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #5
Boots are a great way to wear a dress in winter. I found these wedge boots at the Zalando Lounge Sale. They are very comfy to walk in due to the wedge heel. Black boots are perfect becasue they are working with so many different colors and looks. I am not so sure anymore whether I like these kind of boots with jeans. It somehow reminds me of the late 90s, early 2000, when this boot over skinny jean was a big success. Maybe with a pair of over the knee boots, who knows.

one dress - many ways to walk it

I wanna thank Miguel for taking the photos of me, it was quiet an adventure. We found this little platform on the water (Rhein) that was perfect to take the photos. I was able to get there with almost all the shoes, except for the wedge boots that you can see in the photo above.
Here is a photo that shows how hard it was to get to that tiny platform. I was prepared to fall in the super cold water but luckily didn’t. 🙂 Have a lovely day. X


Bonnie Maygarden


this years VOLTA I wanna focus very much on the works of BONNIE MAYGARDEN, a talented multimedia artist who received her MFA in Studio Arts from Tulane University and attended Pratt Institute in New York, where she received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts.
Bonnie Maygarden
Grayscale II
when I heard that Bonnie Maygarden is going to be showing her work at the AESOP shop in BASEL and that I can write about it on the blog I felt very honored for two reasons. firstly its awesome to have the work of such a great young artist in Basel and secondly that I can interview Bonnie and ask her a bit more about the piece she is showing in Basel. so after this blogpost there will be a follow up where I can tell and show you more about the AESOP exhibition.
 Bonnie Maygarden


Bonnie Maygardens work has been featured in exhibitions both nationally and internationally in various museums, galleries and alternative venues including: Université Lumière Lyons (Lyons, France), Pratt Institute, Icosahedron Gallery (New York City), East Hall Gallery (Brooklyn), SALTWORKS (Atlanta), The Front (New Orleans) and New Orleans Creative Center for the Arts where she attended high school. several notable publications have featured Maygarden’s work; including, Gambit Weekly, NOLA DEFENDER, and INVADE NOLA. curator and art critic Tori Bush featured Maygarden’s Master’s thesis exhibition “Hyper Real” in her May 2013 artist spotlight. she also received an honorable mention for her work in UNO Visual Arts Leagues Juried Exhibition in 2013 from Miranda Lash, curator of Contemporary Art at the Speed Museum and former curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the New Orleans Museum of Art. her work was reviewed in ArtForum and Burnaway for her inclusion in “Staring at the Sun” curated by Craig Drennan. Maygardens paintings were also featured in New American Paintings (No. 112, June/July Issue) concurrently with her premier solo exhibition at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery entitled “Desert of the Real”. she will also be featured in the forthcoming Issue No. 124. her work was selected for the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s third annual LA Contemporary Juried Exhibition, juried by Jonathan P. Binstock of Citi Private Bank Art Advisory & Finance. she has been exhibited nationally at art fairs including: Pulse New York, Miami project for Art Basel Miami Beach, Texas Contemporary, Art Market San Francisco, and the Seattle Art Fair with an upcoming showcase at VOLTA12 Basel (Switzerland) this summer. following Volta, her work will also be featured in EXCHANGE, an international exhibition at Galerie Jochen Hempel, Berlin. also forthcoming, Maygarden has also been awarded a position at the Slade for the London Summer Intensive Residency Program 2016. her work appears in the collections of former LACMA curator and current Perez Art Museum director Franklin Sirmans (Miami), private collectors Lester Marks (Houston), Myrna Kaplan (Chicago) and Susan and Ralph Brennan (New Orleans), and corporate collections of Advantage Capital Management Corporation, RPM Casting and University Medical Center (New Orleans). Maygarden has been commissioned for Hollywood feature films by several production companies including: ABC Studios, Flashfire Productions, Danni Productions, Georgia Film Fund Seven, Abby Normal Pictures, Lamb Productions, Furlined, LLC and The Goats, LLC.
Bonnie Maygarden
Light and Air III
“I create paintings without the aid of technology, yet I am interested in making works that are informed by and react to a culture defined by a digital experience. My work references familiar technology-created images, such as photography, x-rays, or Photoshop filters, yet are created only using the meticulous illusion of paint. Through referencing the digital image I am able to make paintings that walk the line between something and nothing, that both play to our expectations of the disposable contemporary image and the valued tradition of the handmade.”
Bonnie Maygarden
Surface 2016
as you just read in the text above, Maygarden is having a run. I really appreciate the color sensitivity in her artworks and am a huge fan of her patterns. the pieces that I am showing in this post have a great depth and an almost relief-like appearance. her work reminds me a lot of fabric and tissues. another impression that her artpieces leave on me is the feeling of nature and landscape, I somehow think of the swiss alps and the relief maps of them.
Bonnie MaygardenSaturation II
in case you are in Basel you should definately pass by the AESOP shop at Spalenberg 24 that is showing her art work in the window. (from now until end of VOLTA12). stay tuned for my next blogpost where I will tell you more about her works for AESOP.
Bonnie Maygarden
more about BONNIE MAYGARDEN here:




Hugo Boss Event Basel

thank you very much for inviting me to the BAUHAUS-INSPIRED DESIGN event at the HUGO BOSS store in Basel. It was super nice to meet the Hugo Boss Team and I got to see lots and lots of nice pieces from the fall/winter collection and also some really nice pieces from the BOSS WOMEN capsule collection.

Hugo Boss Event Basel

the food and beverages were very nicely served and tasted delicious. the water was served in those fancy vintage water dispensers, I have no clue what the correct term for that is. in case you know please leave a comment below. I heard that they were especially rented from a collector just for that very event. I had a very tasty refreshing home made lemonade, a seasonal mushroom soup and delicious chocolate, that I never thought I would like as it was made with olive oil. I was really happy that I was brave enough to try it – I think I had at least three or four pieces. it was delicous, big UP for the catering from ZH!

Hugo Boss Event Basel Hugo Boss Event BaselHugo Boss Event BaselHugo Boss Event Basel Hugo Boss Event Basel

so a couple of weeks ago I was invited to see the mechanical ballet and the new BAUHAUS exhibition at the VITRA design museum. in case you wanna know more about it click here >>

today I had a look at the catalogue of the exhibition and I saw lots of nice things. the book is also great to present heels, check out those gorgeous blue heels – they are to die for!

Hugo Boss Event Basel

now these are some of the pieces that I like from the current fall/winter collection. I totally like the powdery wool winter coat, the red dress from the window and my biggest favorite: the blue heels.

Hugo Boss Event BaselHugo Boss Event Basel
Hugo Boss Event Basel Hugo Boss Event Basel

and now lets talk about the gorgeous fall/winter capsule collection by JASON WU for BOSS WOMEN. there were some of the pieces in the shop to have a look at, unfortunately this collection will not be sold in Basel. but I m sure that the ladies who wanna buy something from this collection, they will find a way to get it in a shop that sells it : ) more about the shops and where to find the collection on the HUGO BOSS website.

Hugo Boss Event Basel Hugo Boss Event Basel

these two pieces are inspired by ANNI ALBERS the famous german/american textile artist and printmaker. the skirt and the coat are very much related to a carpet that ANNI once designed. JASON WU designed the BOSS WOMEN capsule collection and they found an italian family business that made the tweed for them. another stunning piece are the black, grey, orange boots EMERALD BOOTIE F with a very special detail on the heel that I unfortunately forgot to capture but you can see them here >> I was only able to find the black and white ones but you can really see the nice detail on the heel.

Hugo Boss Event Basel

thank you for the give away – I love it and I just made some space on my coffee table. it is indeed the perfect coffee table book. that was it from the event in Basel. X

Hugo Boss Event Basel



I was so so lucky on wednesday night when I fell with my bike and hit my knee,
elbow and head. I was not wearing a helmet and that is going to change now.
I checked the web for the best helmets and I found this very interesting statistic via ADAC and I found it very helpful. SAFE does not mean EXPENSIVE – that was the first thing that I noticed. I was quiet surprised about the prices of the helmets. below you can see the best helmets and the best one is the second cheapest.. so we have an overview of the prices and safety but we have not solved the STYLE issue…
helmets are not nice looking and are not stylish at all.. thats what I thought.. Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 10.57.04

and then I started an online search and I checked some of the brands from the ADAC test and was looking for a non sporty looking helmet.. the first brand that I checked was GIRO and I found a quiet simple looking helmet called QUARTER that is available in many colors. made out of ABS shell it is one of the lightest helmets ever made. they have different sizes and that brings me to another question that I had to answer, how to measure ones head for the correct helmet size. because it
really needs to fit. so check the photo below in case you need to measure your head to find a helmet. below the chart you can find the white QUARTER helmet.

Giro_H_Quarter_MatteWhiteCABear_34_1Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 11.05.18

another brand from the list was SCOTT and there I have found a funny round
looking one that does not scream GIRO D’ITALIA : ) the model is called TORUS and is available in different sizes: S, M, and L. this model that I am showing you is
nothing for big heads. check the size chart.


CASCO is another brand from the test and they have a helmet called URBANIC TC available in S = 50-56 cm / M = 56-69 cm / L = 59-63 cm / 80 EUROurbanicblack_cascohelme_5331427_m1257

the last helmet I want to show you is a more fancy one by YAKKAY called PARIS and I have not really found valid statistics about the safety. the helmet is made out of oiled fabric and looks like a hat. the cool thing is that you can change the cover of the hat and buy different covers. I only found size MEDIUM = 55 – 57 cm  89 EURO yakkay_weltrad_076_paris_blackoilskin

and during my research I was finding some local sellers of bike helmets and I called TRANSA and spoke to the lovely Rahel who recomended two other nice helmets.

BELL INTERSECT    bell_interselect.com

BERN BRENDWOODbern_brendwood

so now I know how to measure my head – which is btw 55 cm – and my two favorites are the GIRO QUARTER and the FAKKAY PARIS. somehow I feel like I need to try the helmet first before buying it and thats why I will check some shops for these two models. I will keep you posted about my helmet search via my SOCIAL MEDIA channels. stay tuned and ride safely! X





Elie Metni is currently completing his Diploma of Higher Studies in Architecture at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) where he is also a part time instructor. In 2012, he joined the Herzog and de Meuron architecture firm in Switzerland for a year-long internship, where he participated in the design process of various projects. Following his internship, he worked for 1% Architecture in Beirut where he contributed to the development of “Beirut Terraces” interior apartments, a project designed by Herzog and de Meuron. This allowed him to put to practice the tools he acquired in Switzerland. Elie shares a particular interest for product design. He constantly explores the projects’ conceptualization by experimenting with materials and ergonomics. He believes that a project doesn’t end at the completion of its construction but continues as the user starts interacting with the product. He designed several projects in Lebanon and abroad. Orient Express, a café bar in Beirut that he co-designed, has been opened to the public since 2014. Lately he was selected by Starch Foundation to design the 2015-2016 boutique.

ELIE METNI_PORTRAIT_Photo by Charbel Saade

Founded by Rabih Kayrouz, Tala Hajjar and in collaboration with Solidere, STARCH is a non-profit organization that helps launch Lebanese emerging designers. STARCH is an annual program and a rotation of debut collections where four to six young designers are selected each year. The designers will be guided through the process of developing their collections, as well as promoting them (communication, marketing, branding and press). These collections will then be presented for a period of one year at STARCH boutique. Throughout their one-year at STARCH, the designers also get the chance to participate in design related workshops, seminars and collaborations.


As a person interacts with the project and its components, he becomes a part of the intervention, offering the products new spaces to inhabit. He also continues the process by assigning them new functions and expanding the project’s boundaries out of the store.



The approach features a free central installation of 70 identical wooden stools fitted together to form a new object used as a display for designers’ work. The product can be used individually or as a set depending on users’ needs and spaces. The installation occupies the center of the space and lays under a floating neon light. The first encounter is a copper wall that initiates the radial flow around the center piece. STARCH015_ELIEMETNI_BOUTIQUE_R_2

here you can watch the VIDEO about the project. Elie I am very proud of you, you did an amazing job, I absolutely love the design. when I took a close look at the things on the shelf I discovered the bags by ON SEN FOUT.. I met the girls that make these bags in PARIS at the CAPSULE show – I fell in love with the one with the eagle.. more here >>

Elie Metni / Nour Najem / Sako Dersahagian / Joe Arida / Charbel Saade / Yasmine Jaber


my new skirt

a beige midi wool skirt that I have found at the LE MOUTON A 5 PATTES outlet boutique for 54 CHF instead of 187 CHF – what a bargain. for the people in basel this place is def worth a visit – for men and women!


hairband GUCCI
jacket ESPRIT



by isawsomethingnice.ch

bordeaux angled felt 35 CHF
via my ETSY shop



as if life would only be that way. thats quiet a philosophical question to start a monday morning, isn’t it? anyway, good morning and let me share with you my black and white goodies! my newest and most favorite is the new black and white statement piece by B.SHOU. such an amazing swiss onlineshop. if you have not visited it yet, do it now by clicking on the B.SHOU link below.

necklace B.SHOU
eyeliner WET’N WILD
sunglasses C&A
earrings THOMAS SABO



ROST & GOLD (zurich, switzerland)

this was the place where I immediately felt like home – such a cosy place with lots and lots of very nice things to see. I only captured a few things with my camera – there is way more to see. so for the people who will travel to zurich I think this place is a MUST!


Rost & Gold is owned and run by 2 lovely men called Werner and Roland. I met them that very night in person and had some good laughs and talks. thank you Dushka for introducing us. xx



we all have one as we all do it – we all check ourselves in the mirror – whether to check the makeup or our outfit. over the last couple of years I have been paying attention to the different mirror faces of my friends or girls that I saw applying makeup in public transport or inside shops – I really enjoyed this research! at the zalando summerhouse there were many beautiful mirrors and my blogger friend Michèle from the fashionfraction blog took some funny photos of me checking my hat and makeup in the mirror. my mirror face is a bit like a duck/selfie face 🙂 and I think the first photo shows it very well. btw, this is also the gorgeous summer hat I was making at the zalandosummerhouse DYI workshop – isnt it gorgeous? in that picture I am wearing the GANNI blouse that I absolutely fell in love with – a simple floral keypiece to wear all year around – yes, here in Switzerland for sure!

what is your mirror face? have you ever noticed others checking themselves in the mirror? leave a comment below or comment on my FB page – I am very curious to hear what you think about your mirror face.

watch the zalando summerhouse video here


TIM LABENDA collaborates with zalando

at the #zalandosummerhouse Tim Labenda was presenting his collection and was reading a chapter of the never ending story by Michael Ende. this particular chapter inspired him to choose the colors of his winter collection. words like the nightforest, fantastica or the desert can really be seen in his materials and patterns – a very clear color palette! Tim Labenda likes to mix different materials – in his winter collection this is shown too, there he uses heavy and light fabrics, knit, neopren, leather and wool. my favorite piece of his collection is the blue knited turtleneck sweater – shop it here http://www.zalando.de/tim-labenda-for-zalando



COLLARNECKLACES by isawomethingnice.ch

pointed fakeleather collarnecklace are available via my ETSY shop


a great accessories piece to pimp up your outfit! available in different colors and materials – fakeleather or felt – pointed, angled or round – embellished or not. 25 CHF / 35 CHF / 50 CHF excl. shippingcosts


location: CONTO 4056
Team: Idris, Linda, Simona, D, Anina, Thorben



and how I am ready for fall! I found this yellow cashmere cardigan by MANOUSH at GASSMANN in ZH and I absolutely adore it – its so soft! its a very short cut and it has almost ¾ sleeves – perfect to pair with the highwaist skirt that I also found at GASSMANN in ZH and also by the same brand MANOUSH. I really like outfits with a unicolored top and a colored bottom – no matter if with skirts or pants – its just a perfect balance. both of the pieces are from the fall/winter collection 2014 and with pieces like these I feel ready for fall!

cardigan MANOUSH
clutch MAWI
jewelry LOLA & GRACE
sunglasses C&A

I had such a good time in Venice and I can not believe that already so much time has passed since I was there.. sigh! I still have loads of photos to go thru and make a selection in order to show you all the nice things I have seen – just give me a moment.