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Calvin Klein at BASELWORLD 2017


Calvin Klein gorgeous
Sleek. Symmetrical. Calvin Klein gorgeous. Minimal and chic, the Calvin Klein gorgeous jewelry set demonstrates the luminous power of four simple lines perfectly aligned. The combination of four complementary hues – stainless steel, black, pink and gold PVD – exudes appeal and creates a natural flow of refinement and balance. This stunning set consists of a necklace, set of four bangles and rings that complete any glamorous look.
Calvin Klein hook
Open. Alluring. Calvin Klein hook. Simple and chic, this timeless offering has expanded to include three new styles. Each ring and bangle is available in either solid or Swarovski crystal-encrusted polished stainless steel or pink gold PVD to accent any modern look.



While coloured synthetic sapphires have been in existence since 1902, when they were invented by the French chemist Auguste Victor Louis Verneuil, melting sapphire is a complex and unpredictable process. Because its crystallisation process is unstable, it is difficult to obtain similarly coloured sapphires, even if they are produced simultaneously. Furthermore, bubbles and cracks can appear in the material, making the end result unsuitable for producing Big Bang cases.
But the main challenge is in the size. Thus far, no coloured sapphires exceeding 2 kg have been produced. However, Hublot has now gone beyond this threshold. By pushing the limits of engineering and chemistry, it has developed a sophisticated and costly process that has resulted in the successful production of a large, transparent sapphire of perfectly uniform colour.
Hublot heats aluminium oxide (Al2O3) — the raw material for sapphire — with a transition metal, chromium (Cr), at a temperature of between 2000 and 2050 degrees Celsius. The result is a coloured sapphire that retains all the original properties of a material which is ultra-scratch resistant, completely transparent and among the hardest in existence. The innovation extends to the colour — the first blue sapphire in the history of watchmaking.
“We are very proud to be able to continue this partnership with Italia Independent and Lapo Elkann, whose creativity and character never cease to surprise us. This new project was an extraordinary experience for us: putting Hublot’s capacity for technical innovation and willingness to experiment to the service of the House of Rubinacci—a monument to Italian elegance—and the incomparable style of Lapo Elkann. The Classic Fusion Italia Independent truly represents the fusion of three forms of expertise.” Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot



The Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull Fluo is once again revisiting traditional materials in an original, modern way. This time with Bischoff embroidery from St Gallen. This ancestral craft has travelled across the globe and is entrenched within the world of fashion.
With its cutting-edge innovation, performance and creativity, internationally renowned Swiss brand Bischoff is a key industry figure. In its workshops in St Gallen, near Zurich, Bischoff’s master artisans created specially commissioned fluorescent embroidery on silk organza. Delicately embroidered with floral arabesque motifs and subtly revealing the ‘skull’ design that will adorn the dial.




Unveiled in 2015, the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 opened the doors to a new market. A 45 mm Skeleton Manufacture Chronograph with a contemporary sports design, and coming in at under 5000 CHF, it redefined the notion of value for money.
This year, the famous proprietary chronograph is being unveiled with a slightly smaller diameter of 43 mm, in a choice of three versions: intense black, deep navy blue and an elegant cognac brown.
After more than five years of continuous improvement and optimisation, it now offers a very high level of quality, while its production costs have been carefully managed to make it one of the very few 100% Manufacture Chronographs available for less than 5000 CHF.


The Carrera collection is TAG Heuer’s flagship collection. Launched by Jack Heuer in 1964 as a chronograph, it is now available in a range of diameters with many different functions for both men and women.
This year, thanks to a new development, the case features a different construction. It is no longer punched from a block in the traditional TAG Heuer way – it is now modular and formed of 9 different pieces (case back, case middle, bezel, lugs and strap end-pieces), which paves the way for myriad possible combinations of almost endless materials, colours, treatments and finishes.
Link. A design that dates back to 1987. Its defining feature is the immediately recognisable bracelet, boasting the signature S-shaped links. It is both an iconic design and a standard bearer in terms of ergonomics and wearer comfort. Each link is rounded on the top, bottom and sides for an exceptionally smooth feel on the wrist.
In steel, with an elegant diameter of 32 mm, the new Link Lady now features a bracelet which is fully integrated into the case, whose horns have been removed. The bracelet still has a curved profile, and the finishes are even more sophisticated: the entire contour of the S radiates a highly polished shine, while the upper surface of each link is fully brushed.
I had such a great time at BASEL WORLD 2017 and wanna thank everyone who invited me and took their time to show me their newest collection. See you next year, so long! X


serpent bohème
pendant earrings + ring

Serpent Bohème pendant earrings Serpent Bohème ring small motifHUBLOT
Big Bang tutti frutti linen


special edition / diamond bezel

TAGHEUER cara delvingne carrera

these were the nicest things that I have so far spotted during this years BASELWORLD 2016. I have attended the HUBLOT press conference and presentation, followed by a lovely presentation at TAGHEUER and a very short but nice walk around BOUCHERON. stay tuned for more. X




today I wanna show you my impressions from day two of BLICKFANG and again I saw so many nice things to share with you.


I am very much in love with the colors and materials of the enjey collection, lots of beautiful dresses, tops and blazers. I tried to capture some of the colors and materials.


the collection is sold at various places in ZH like NY style couture – GLOBUS ZH – Speicher 10 and Boutique Partout.


for the jewely lovers among us I found something really nice! claudia nabholz makes very cute necklaces and earrings – see more here << 


wow look at those beautiful wooden boxes – I would know exactly what to store inside them 🙂 hats – scarfs – bags 🙂 and maybe I would put a tiny label so I know whats inside. arno wolf has a very lovely booth at blickfang basel and I thinks its absolutely worth to go check out his design – awesome lamps, frames and lots more.


I fell in love with the big blankets from ZIGZAG ZURICH – arent they wonderful? here you can only see 3 different patterns but there are way more. click here to see more <<


another really cool design product was made by studio rene siebum the spine stool that consists of a rope and three wooden pieces. I took the chance to try it out and I gotta say they are very comfortable. read more about him and his philosophy form follows feeling here << he also won the mini design award – congratulations!

that was it from day two of BLICKFANG BASEL 2015 and I will try to capture lots of other nice things today when I will prepare my day 3 report of the design fair. have a lovely sunday and hope to see you at blickfang – messe BS – hall 3.


impressions from BASELWORLD 2015

it is that time of the year again where Basel becomes super fancy, international and glamourous it is the time to see beautiful watches and sparkling jewelry! it is BASELWORLD 2015!

I saw this girl every morning since the very start of the fair and she always holds the Louis Vuitton sign and stands in front of the fair – after the third day I said hi so in case you see this I hope you like the photo I took of you.

spring is here! so many gorgeous flowers were arranged for the BASELWORLD fair. I love these flowers that you can see in the photo below. are those peonies?

and like every year here are the ladies in black and white that provide information. I asked them whether the dresses are comfortable and they said yes – thats nice! I heard that they are very happy to not wear the hat, like they had to, in the year before. 🙂

and then I fell in love with those red shoes designed by Christian Louboutin and Swarovski. read more about the shoes here << 

and now I wanna show you some nice photos how certain brands showed their watches at the BASELWORLD fair.

I really hope you liked my BASELWORLD 2015 impressions. have a lovely day! X


todays outfit

big chunky boots – I love it and I am totally aware that this is not everyones cup of tea. I found these on SALE last year and I can not remember where I have found them and there is no label in or outside the shoes. a combination that always works for me is black and red – they go very nicely together and complement eachother.

another thing is wearing too many accessories and this is actually hardly ever gonna happen to me as I barely wear too much jewelry or any jewelry at all. so in fact this is something to work on – wearing a bit more accessories 🙂 but when I am wearing such chunky red boots I feel that it would be too much for an every day outfit.


skirt H&M
turtle neck PKZ
tights FALKE
boots SALE from dunno where 🙂
coat C&A
earrings Claires



as if life would only be that way. thats quiet a philosophical question to start a monday morning, isn’t it? anyway, good morning and let me share with you my black and white goodies! my newest and most favorite is the new black and white statement piece by B.SHOU. such an amazing swiss onlineshop. if you have not visited it yet, do it now by clicking on the B.SHOU link below.

necklace B.SHOU
eyeliner WET’N WILD
sunglasses C&A
earrings THOMAS SABO




that was my first reaction when I saw this lovely piece by B.SHOU – a wonderful swiss jewelry onlineshop with awesome statement necklaces. the piece is called FIRE and ICE and that fits my personality perfectly, hahahaha! hurry up, I saw that there are only a few pieces left of that one. but also dont worry if it is not available anymore as there are sooo many other nice pieces and I am sure that it will be hard for you to narrow down your selection.

I am so happy that I can share something so nice with you and that I can also provide you some discount for your purchase. visit http://bshou.ch and select your favorite pieces and use the code SOMETHINGNICE for 15% off.

What I really like about these pieces is the quality and the price – it is such a nice thing when you buy something and you think you are making a good deal. and thats exactly the feeling I had when I looked at their products and prices. the statement necklaces vary from 39 CHF to 59 CHF and are delivered for free within switzerland – another plus point: free delivery! I am now showing you my favorite ones here:




stay tuned for my outfits with statment necklaces by B.SHOU – I will show you many nice ways to wear it with style!



something new!

DAVIDOFF COOL WATER NIGHT DIVE is the newest fragrance and will be launched in September 2014. Awww, what a fresh scent. I love it and as I was born in the 80s and was a teenage in the mid 90s of course DAVIDOFF COOL WATER was among my parfum collection. therefore I am very happy to see a new fragrance and I really really like it – very fresh and very clear!




the AW 2014 collection by THOMAS SABO has really met my expectations! from tiny understatement pieces to big chunky black rings – there is something for everyone! Georgia May Jagger is the face of the new collection and some of the photos inside the lookbook are just wonderful – she really rocks this collection!

I love simple things to wear them with less simple things, it should always be a perfect balance between not enough and too much! this is my rule for fashion and also when it comes to jewelry. I really love the simple THOMAS SABO silver bracelet because I can wear it with all my other blingbling bracelets and it will always look nice and never too much! the same with the black/silver earrings by THOMAS SABO I can wear them everyday with a casual look or I can wear them with a fancy dress and a statement necklace – simple things can be worn in many different ways!

Have a look at the newest collection << HERE >>



what a day! I had an amazing time at the Audemars Piguet event and got to enjoy a nice tour thru Art Unlimited by the AXA art team. thank you Dominic for your beautiful makeUp by M.A.C – I felt like a princess 🙂



I was waiting for the heat and the sun to come and finally they did! so what to wear when it is freaking hot? I am a huge fan of blousedresses, tunics and kaftans made out of rayon, cotton or silk. one of my favorite materials for summer is silk. so let me show you what I was wearing yesterday. I got this cotton tunic dress from MANGO a couple of years a go. It was on SALE and I think it was about 10 CHF so a real bargain. Its a white tunic with blue details below the collar and cuffs. I pair this dress with white flat sandals, golden jewelry, my CASIO knock off watch, beige sunglasses from Chicoree and my lovely watch clutch by C&A – thats it, I am ready for summer!

what is your favorite summer look?



I am super happy with my orange white striped TOMS and C&A sweater. a very fresh and summery statement! I wear them together with white jeans or with one of my favorite BDG highwaist jeans. I might wear this on my birthday and wear loads of golden jewelry for an extra bling bling statement! hopefully the weather will be nice on friday! fingers crossed!

TOMS classics
C&A sweater


bling bling

awww.. I love jewelry and everything with glitter and bling bling! when I was strolling thru zalando.ch I found these gorgeous pieces that I had to share with you. the very sleek and tiny heart necklace goes with everything, something I could wear everyday! the white earrings are screaming for attention so I would wear them with a complete white outfit or to pimp a simple jeans, t-shirt, blazer, pumps look! the necklace to the right is super gorgeous and I can imagine wearing this for a night out together with my favorite little black dress.

46 CHF snoe of sweden
white earrings
33 CHF sweet deluxe
golden necklace
65 CHF sweet deluxe

do you guys shop online? I do 🙂 and before I start shopping I check FLIPIT for coupons. they have amazing discount codes for so many things. its totally worth to check before shopping the web! enjoy! xx