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one dress - many ways to walk it

I am so in love with this new dress that I have found in one of my favorite shops in Basel: Le Mouton a 5 Pates. A super simple grey SILVIAN HEACH dress to wear in many different ways. Today I wanna show you that you can wear the same dress and only change the shoes. A very simple way to make your dresses more versatile.
one dress – many ways to walk it #1
lets start with the comfiest and easiest way to walk: Sneakers. A pair of black sneakers should be key to every wardrobe. A very easy way to dress down a nice dress.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #2
Metallic shoes were quiet a big trend. And I found my silver shoes in C&A on SALE for 19 CHF. An amazing bargain. Not only great to dress up your look in a comfy way but also perfect to jazz up a simple jeans and sweatshirt look.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #3
And now a very easy way to upgrade your dress by wearing black heels. In my opinion every lady should have a pair of black heels. No matter if the heel height is only 2 cm.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #4
Simple black flats, also something that we all should own. Nothing works better to make a chic outfit look more casual. I found these babes at ALDO in Marseille.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #5
Boots are a great way to wear a dress in winter. I found these wedge boots at the Zalando Lounge Sale. They are very comfy to walk in due to the wedge heel. Black boots are perfect becasue they are working with so many different colors and looks. I am not so sure anymore whether I like these kind of boots with jeans. It somehow reminds me of the late 90s, early 2000, when this boot over skinny jean was a big success. Maybe with a pair of over the knee boots, who knows.

one dress - many ways to walk it

I wanna thank Miguel for taking the photos of me, it was quiet an adventure. We found this little platform on the water (Rhein) that was perfect to take the photos. I was able to get there with almost all the shoes, except for the wedge boots that you can see in the photo above.
Here is a photo that shows how hard it was to get to that tiny platform. I was prepared to fall in the super cold water but luckily didn’t. 🙂 Have a lovely day. X




this is my new favorite fragrance! B. by Balenciaga Paris created by Alexander Wang and Domitille Bertier from IFF. what a lovely fragrance one for every day including the special days too.

I am so happy to already have this before its in the shop so I can tell you how great it is and that I am more than sure that this will be a big must have fragrance in the future. everytime I am wearing this – and this is almost every second day – I get a compliment on my fragrance followed by the question what it is that I am wearing. I had to give some to my mom as she already loves it too and I got one of these tiny containers where you can fill in the fragrance – these little spray containers come in very handy when you travel with hand luggage. what I find really funny is that the fragrance transforms in two different ways after wearing it on the skin for a moment – either the fresh, green note lingers around or the warm and almost powdery touch stays more present. in my case it was the fresh green part that lasted and with my mom it was the opposite. another thing that I wanna say is even though this parfum is actually created for women it could also be a more unisex fragrance BUT one has to like a quiet dominant floral scent.

head note: soy bean, lilly of the valley
heart note: orris root, cedarwood
base note: musk, cashmerewood

the fragrance will be exclusively sold at Marionnaud starting March 14, 2015

the campaign was photographed by Steven Klein and shows a classic portrait of the model Anna Ewers. she was styled by Vanessa Traina and had her makeup done by Diane Kendal and her hair were styled by Didier Malige it took place in New York and I almost could not believe – it was taken on December 11, 2013 – yes, thats quiet some time ago.
unfortunately the fragrance is not a very cheap one here you can see a list of prices:

Eau de parfum 75ml 175 CHF
Eau de Parfum 50ml 145 CHF
Eau de Parfum 30ml   89 CHF

Body Lotion 200ml 71.50 CHF
Shower Gel 200ml  65.00 CHF




todays outfit

big chunky boots – I love it and I am totally aware that this is not everyones cup of tea. I found these on SALE last year and I can not remember where I have found them and there is no label in or outside the shoes. a combination that always works for me is black and red – they go very nicely together and complement eachother.

another thing is wearing too many accessories and this is actually hardly ever gonna happen to me as I barely wear too much jewelry or any jewelry at all. so in fact this is something to work on – wearing a bit more accessories 🙂 but when I am wearing such chunky red boots I feel that it would be too much for an every day outfit.


skirt H&M
turtle neck PKZ
tights FALKE
boots SALE from dunno where 🙂
coat C&A
earrings Claires



today it is all about concealing! which concealer work for me and for which parts of the face and for what purpose. there are rather expensive products like M.A.C and rather affordable products like COVERGIRL and rather cheap products by CATRICE and ESSENCE – BUT let me tell you, they all work for me! I wanna focus on the most expensive and the cheaper concealers.

29 CHF / 5ml
what is it about?
this is one of the best concealers for dry skin as it doesnt leave a dry feeling due to its minerals and nutrient-rich plant extracts. the consistency is creamy and it has medium coverage with natural light reflections.

where do I use it?
I use this concealer on my couperose cheeks and even though it doesnt have any green it cancels the redness. compared to other concealers I rarely use this one as a highlighter.

29 CHF / 3.5 g
what is it about?
I love stick concealers and I think they are super easy to handle. the MATCH MASTER concealer is a very a color true concealer with an average opacity for a natural, silky finish – and that is what I love about it, it does its job and conceals perfectly BUT its not cakey or looking too concealed at all. the concealer contain the same shade intelligence technology as the Match Master foundation series and therefore they run from 1 to 1.5. to 2 and so on.. they claim to last up to 8 hours. and I dont know if that is really true – all I know is that I apply it in the morning and it looks perfectly and when I look in the mirror in the evening it looks a lot faded and really asks for a touch up – in any case it depends what you are doing thru out the day.
where do I use it? concealing vs highlighting!
this concealer stick helps to cover dark circles and discoloration all over ones face and corrects them. I bought myself a rather light tone and I use it to highlight certain areas of my face (the bridge of my nose, my cubids bow, around my eyes) so in my opinion not all the concealers out there can do the job of a perfect highlighter like the ones from Estée Lauder or the famous one by YSL BUT this creamy stick concealer can!

NEW in my makeup collection are these two concealers:

so I have only used this concealer twice and I love it already. so where to start, the price is awesome (around 3 CHF) the lighter shade suits my skin tone perfectlly but it is winter and my skin is rather fair. I have used it under my eyes and to conceal any redness around my nose and cheeks. the product is very creamy and rather matt than shiny and thats very good as I dont want to highlight my imperfections. I will keep on using this concealer and maybe I will get back to you about it. let me see.


another new concealer palette in my collection yay, and this time it has more than one and two shades, NO this time I have 5 different shades. lighter, medium and dark (perfect to conceal, contour or highlight) a rose and a green color and these are perfect to correct darker eyecircles and redness. green is awesome for redness and I mix the lightest and the green together and I use it on my cheeks to reduce the redness AND it works, yay! compared to the essence concealer this palette is a bit more expensive but you also get more options with it. (around 5 CHF) I have only used this product once so far and I have only used the lightes beige tone and the green. let me see if I will get back to you about this one too, so long!

hmm, a rather long blogpost about something so simple but I figured I wanna give you a better descriptions of the concealers I use. I hope you liked it and dont forget to visit my FB page and give it a LIKE!


my everyday jewelry

thats what I currently wear everyday. absolutely in love with my huge golden watch. the Cartier like ring tells a beautiful family story. my parents had white gold wedding bands and divorced after about 20 years or so and kept the rings and are still in a good relationship so for my birthday present – becuase they knew that I love the CARTIER ring and that I always wanted to have one – they brought the wedding bands to CHRISTIN WEBER a goldsmith in Basel and she took a piece of each ring and made a new one out of the pieces. then she added a rose gold and a yellow gold ring and TATAAA! I had my very very personal family cartier ring 🙂 I wear this precious ring everyday since my 29th Birthday and that has been a while. the little tiny ring with the plate is another ring that I have been wearing for quiet a while too. I got it last January at GRIEDER in Basel. It says OUI (yes in french) on the plate – and no I am not married. 🙂 the newest ring is the funny looking one.

double ring H&M




one of my favorite looks – the bronzed sunkissed look. I can wear this everyday and never get tired of it. so one of my newer bronzing powders is the SUNKISSED by CLINIQUE and I gotta tell you that I am very much in love with this bugger. the product comes with a brush but I rather use one of my brushes to apply it. the brush that comes with the product can be very handy for short trips where you dont want to pack too many makeup products. in case u wanna shop it now – here is the link «

as I use bronzing powder almost every day I have quiet a variety of different ones. most of them are by M.A.C. 🙂 but I also have bronzingpoweders by BOBBI BROWN. TOM FORD. CLINIQUE. CATRICE. WET’N WILD and CLARINS.

whats your favorite bronzing product?




for a simple casual everyday look ballerinas come in very handy as I prefere to wear flat shoes during the day. one of my favorite ballerina brand is PRETTY BALLERINAS

shop these pretty ballerinas online
by clicking on the links below


black/white pattern

I would wear these ballerinas with skinny jeans, white t-shirt and a black blazer or a black leathe jacket – or I would wear them with a simple black dress – or I would wear them with a nice pair of slacks and a simple cashmere sweater. let me give you some inspiration:




what do you think? would this be something for you?


KIEHL’S goodies

as I have already told you in my previous post the KIEHLS blogger meet and greet in Zurich was a blast. Ana from the Kiehls Team analyzed my skin and showed me products that would be perfect for me.



I already used Kiehls Centella Skin Calming Facial Cleanser to wash my face. After this step I used to apply the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner but as you can see in the photo above – its empty – so I am currently trying the Ultra Facial Toner – and I have to admit that I prefere the Calendula Toner 🙂 and I will definitely repurchase it!

as I like to use many different products because there is always something new to try and test I also have different Kiehls products for day and night. Every other night I use the Over Night Biological Peel and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and if I needed extra care I used the Centella Recovery Skin Salve on top of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

now I wanna introduce my NEW products – I got the Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF 50 – a super light sunscreen for under the foundation. The Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution – I have applied it under the Midnight Recovery Concentrate but I have only used it twice ever since. I looooove the texture. Its a funny gel that instantly is being absorbed by the skin with a very fresh fragrance. I will continue to use it and will get back to you about it and explain you in detail what it did or what it didnt do at all for me! I also got two luxury samples of the Skin Rescuer and the Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream. I am wearing the skin rescuer at night over the Midnight Recovery Concentrate together with the eye cream. I like both of them so far and will continue to use them until they are empty and will then make a decision to either buy them or not. we will see 🙂 during the day I am still using the Clinique Superdefense SPF20 but it will only last for a week or two. so I might really start using the Skin Rescuer also during the day and not only at night on top of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

my dears I think I have shared everything I can share regarding Kiehls skin care – I hope you liked it. If you havent tried any Kiehls products yet then I can only advise you to check out my holy grail – the Midnight Recovery Concentrate <3  enjoy! xx


bling bling

awww.. I love jewelry and everything with glitter and bling bling! when I was strolling thru zalando.ch I found these gorgeous pieces that I had to share with you. the very sleek and tiny heart necklace goes with everything, something I could wear everyday! the white earrings are screaming for attention so I would wear them with a complete white outfit or to pimp a simple jeans, t-shirt, blazer, pumps look! the necklace to the right is super gorgeous and I can imagine wearing this for a night out together with my favorite little black dress.

46 CHF snoe of sweden
white earrings
33 CHF sweet deluxe
golden necklace
65 CHF sweet deluxe

do you guys shop online? I do 🙂 and before I start shopping I check FLIPIT for coupons. they have amazing discount codes for so many things. its totally worth to check before shopping the web! enjoy! xx




skin perfectioning cream

are you using a BB Cream? I am a huge fan of the face & body foundation by M.A.C. and every know and then I am in the mood for a little bit more coverage but not too much – these are the days where I grab my CLARINS BB Cream. I have been using it for quiet a while now and I really like the effect it has to my couperose parts of my cheeks.

please leave a comment about your favourite BB Cream – thanks! xx


my TALLY WEIJL look #1

my TALLY WEIJL look #1 – mix what you have –
bright colors – studs – patterns – prints

tally weijl online shop

tally weijl online shop

outfit #1
cardigan and pants TALLY WEIJL
necklace GLOBUS
blazer DIY
makeUP M.A.C.


I am so in love with these 2 amazing Tally Weijl pieces – the bright neon green cardigan with the silver studs is a wonderful eyecatcher and brightens up every outfit also the black and white patterend pants – they are so comfortable as if I wear sweatpants 😉 together they make a beautiful everyday to party outfit.


black pants look

black pants – thats something everybody should have in their wardrobe. for everyday and special occasion. I think these pants by KAVIAR GAUCHE for zalando collection are perfect for both – casual and chic!

I ordered on Sunday at zalando.ch and really hope that they will be in todays mail – I can NOT wait  to style and wear them! more pictures coming soon! xx



simple but chic – EVERYDAY

this pretty much describes my style when I dont know what to wear! it always makes me feel good and I feel fresh without a big effort.

so what you need is 4 things
thats it . and it will look amazing on everyone!

my favourites are red lipstick, white T-shirt, blue Jeans and black pumps. but I also wear pink lipstick, grey T-shirt, black Jeans, black or grey pumps a lot.

its a simple rule –
you can either stick to the color code
or to the items

and of course you can jazz up every outfit by wearing jewelry, belts, bags, scarves, hats, beanies, sunglasses…

Lancome Maybelline Kate Spade M.A.C.

American Vintage Zara basic Velvet Victoria Beckham

Jane Norman Burberry True Religion Acne JBrand

Rupert Sanderson Toe Court Shoes Saint Laurent Alexander Mc Queen Michael Kors