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today it is all about concealing! which concealer work for me and for which parts of the face and for what purpose. there are rather expensive products like M.A.C and rather affordable products like COVERGIRL and rather cheap products by CATRICE and ESSENCE – BUT let me tell you, they all work for me! I wanna focus on the most expensive and the cheaper concealers.

29 CHF / 5ml
what is it about?
this is one of the best concealers for dry skin as it doesnt leave a dry feeling due to its minerals and nutrient-rich plant extracts. the consistency is creamy and it has medium coverage with natural light reflections.

where do I use it?
I use this concealer on my couperose cheeks and even though it doesnt have any green it cancels the redness. compared to other concealers I rarely use this one as a highlighter.

29 CHF / 3.5 g
what is it about?
I love stick concealers and I think they are super easy to handle. the MATCH MASTER concealer is a very a color true concealer with an average opacity for a natural, silky finish – and that is what I love about it, it does its job and conceals perfectly BUT its not cakey or looking too concealed at all. the concealer contain the same shade intelligence technology as the Match Master foundation series and therefore they run from 1 to 1.5. to 2 and so on.. they claim to last up to 8 hours. and I dont know if that is really true – all I know is that I apply it in the morning and it looks perfectly and when I look in the mirror in the evening it looks a lot faded and really asks for a touch up – in any case it depends what you are doing thru out the day.
where do I use it? concealing vs highlighting!
this concealer stick helps to cover dark circles and discoloration all over ones face and corrects them. I bought myself a rather light tone and I use it to highlight certain areas of my face (the bridge of my nose, my cubids bow, around my eyes) so in my opinion not all the concealers out there can do the job of a perfect highlighter like the ones from Estée Lauder or the famous one by YSL BUT this creamy stick concealer can!

NEW in my makeup collection are these two concealers:

so I have only used this concealer twice and I love it already. so where to start, the price is awesome (around 3 CHF) the lighter shade suits my skin tone perfectlly but it is winter and my skin is rather fair. I have used it under my eyes and to conceal any redness around my nose and cheeks. the product is very creamy and rather matt than shiny and thats very good as I dont want to highlight my imperfections. I will keep on using this concealer and maybe I will get back to you about it. let me see.


another new concealer palette in my collection yay, and this time it has more than one and two shades, NO this time I have 5 different shades. lighter, medium and dark (perfect to conceal, contour or highlight) a rose and a green color and these are perfect to correct darker eyecircles and redness. green is awesome for redness and I mix the lightest and the green together and I use it on my cheeks to reduce the redness AND it works, yay! compared to the essence concealer this palette is a bit more expensive but you also get more options with it. (around 5 CHF) I have only used this product once so far and I have only used the lightes beige tone and the green. let me see if I will get back to you about this one too, so long!

hmm, a rather long blogpost about something so simple but I figured I wanna give you a better descriptions of the concealers I use. I hope you liked it and dont forget to visit my FB page and give it a LIKE!



I hope you started an amazing day! I started my day with chailatte tea that I made with the delicious MONIN sirup and the IN THE MOOD magazine by Grieder. now I am checking my agenda and am planning lots of nice things to show you.

I am wearing the BOBBI BROWN shimmer brick compact in BEIGE on my eyes and cheeks – I was using the lighter colors on my eyelid and used the medium colors to blend my crease out. the darkest color I used as a Bronzer and the lightest color I used as a highlighter on top of my cheekbones and above my lip. I love to use one product for many purposes and I have only discovered today that I can use this product for eyes and cheeks. on my lips I am wearing the m.a.c ENCHANTED ONE matte lipstick.


happy FRIDAY

good morning – soon we have made it to the weekend! I have just made myself some CHAI TEA with the delicious MONIN sirup. mmmmmhhmmm!
today I will show you a lovely outfit that I have been wearing the other day. and I am preparing many other nice things to show you. stay tuned. xx


lady in black

I am not really a person who wears black a lot so when I wear black I always feel very elegant and chic. my friend linda brought me this beautiful black silk acne dress with leather fringe and the only thing that seemed right was to wear it.



dress ACNE
boots YSL
hat H&M
lipstick M.A.C ladybug


something new by maccosmetics


loads of new things were launched by M.A.C and I will soon tell you in detail what I got from the different collections. my favorite piece so far is the  A NOVEL ROMANCE – GOOD KISSER lipstick. a very bright fuchsia (matte) color that stays put and lasts for at least 5 hours – I had it on today 🙂




aaww.. these products are amazing! they all do their one certain job very perfectly. something against the sun – something for a nice self tan without being exposed to the sun – another nice product that makes you look like you have spent the weekend in the sun with a couple of moves – a CC cream to protect the hair and a super nice soothing cooling aloe gel for the face after a day in the sun!

I am soon packing my bags for my roadtrip to ITALY and for sure I am going to bring these!


nail transformations

by maccosmetics


texturize clear leather-effect topcoat
highlight sheer blue pearl transformer
liquid pigment – pink pearl sheer pink pearl transformer
liquid pigment – green pearl sheer green pearl transformer
liquid pigment – gold pearl sheer gold pearl transformer
shadow sheer blackening topcoat
skin light peach beige (cream)
quiet time being nude (cream)
rebel mid-tone cream plum (cream)

so what did I get to try and play around with? I got the shadow sheer blackening topcoat and this little bugger darkens almost every nailpolish color. I tried it with several colors and I think it needs at least two layers of nailpolish to really darken the tone. I think it is really nice to have a darker accent nail. so what did I do?I painted all my nails in one color and then I choose an accent nail, usually I always go for the ring finger and add three layers of the shadow sheer blackening topcoat – thats it!

I went to the maccosmetics booth inside Globus and was able to play a bit with the whole collection. One makes the nailpolish look pinker, one makes it look greener and one makes it look golden or blue. then there is one that makes the nailpolish look like leather. there are three colors that can be used as a base but let me tell you, they work with any kind of nailpolish as a base. 🙂 have a look at the collection << here >>




FLUIDLINE – yes baby! one line can change everything! indeed! I looked at my maccosmetics collection and checked my FLUIDLINE colors and wanted to share my precious passion with you.


my newest is the COPPERTHRON from the MOODY BLOOMS collection, what a color! btw, I bought this with my own money 🙂 perfect for green eyes and even better for lazy makeuplovers (like me) because with these amazing colors you can create a very simple but very stunning look! thanks K for your inspiration at the maccosmetics booth at Globus, Basel.  so, now I wanna know, which is your favorite FLUIDLINE?



by maccosmetics

pink, violet, ivy to name just a couple of colors from the new limited edition by maccosmetics. the eyeshadows have a nice metallic shimmer and the lipsticks are either pink or berry/plum colored and make a nice contrast. I got the bre for beauty powder blush, lust extract lipstick and the lucky green veluxe pearl eye shadow and I love them all. stay tuned to see me wearing these gorgeous products.

the collection:

copperthorn glittery bronze
nightshade backened plum
black ivy blackened green plum
26.00 CHF

false lashes
false black black 29.00 CHF

powder blush
bred for beauty mid tone blue pink
worldly wealth shimmering peachy bronze
33.00 CHF

sheen supreme lipstick
moody bloom bronze plum
phosphorescent electric pink coral
pheromonal dark blue pink
lust extract electric violet
quite the thing! deep blue plum
28.00 CHF

sheen supreme lipglass tint
bubble gum soft warm pink
Gwi-Yo-Mi mid tone raspberry
blushing berry mid tone cool red
glorious intent warm plum
32.00 CHF

artistic license pinky gold
deep fixation metallic brown
blooming mad mid tone ultra violet
hidden motive deep aubergine
lucky green dark yellow green
green room mid tone teal
26.00 CHF


something new

aww. M.A.C has launched the new collection called MOODY BLOOMS
and I got a few pieces to play with. This morning I used the BRED FOR BEAUTY BEAUTY POWDER BLUSH and the MINERALIZE SKINFINISH NATURAL SUN POWER! wow! these products are totally made for me!
blushes, bronzers and lipsticks are my favorites! I will get back to you and introduce the whole collection.

today is a special day, I am going to meet my Bloggerfriend MIA and we are going to the hairdresser to experience something new. soon I will tell you more! stay tuned. xx


todays outfit – day six of #artbasel

sunglasses XRAY

M.A.C makeUp

prep+prime Natural Radiance Base Visage
WHAT JOY! satin lipstick
face and body foundation
eyebrow pencil TAUPE
studio fix powder plus foundation
mineralize skinfinish natural Medium Plus
HARMONY matte powder blush
DESERT ROSE matte powder blush



m.a.c amazes me all the time! I got the relaunched HEROINE lipstick in the modesuisse goodiebag and I have been enjoying it ever since. I really like the fact that m.a.c often continues to carry special edition products. of course one never knows but so far I was always lucky. the HEROINE is a matte bright purple lipstick. as I have rather chapped lips I can only wear it after exfoliating my lips.

another rather new product that was launched in may 2014 is the STUDIO SCULPT SHADE AND LINE palettes with a huge variety of color combinations. I personally love the INDIGOBLEND but I also like the VIOLETBLEND and APRICOTBLEND that makes my eyes look very green because of the red, orange and pink tones. Its a 3in1 palette with 2 eyeshadows and an eyeliner. all of them can be used either dry or wet. also in may 2014 they have launched the PATENTPOLISH LIP PENCILS in 12 different colors. I am not a huge lipgloss fan because I always end up having my hairs on my lips but with this product it looks like you would be wearing lipgloss because of the amazing shine but the feeling and texture is like a normal lipstick or chapstick. My favorite colors are TEEN DREAM a bright coral orange, HOPELESSLY DEVOTED a super bright clean fuchsia and PLEASANT a very nice rosy pink.

please leave comment below and tell me if you have tried any of these products above?



thank you NIVEA for sending me these 2 NEW products – MEGA STRONG STYLING SPRAY and STYLING MOUSSE MEGA STRONG! I wanted to show you some things that I have recently got and make me happy!

#nivea mega strong styling spray
#nivea styling mousse mega strong
#estee lauder double wear bb highlighter
#larapatriziavogt earrings
#swatch sweet me
#m.a.c alluring aquatic blush (sea me hear me)
#kiehls vetiver and black tea body lotion

aawww. I feel like I am in seventh heaven sitting on cloud number nine. something for my hair, something for my body, something for my face and accessories! I have only tried the new nivea products twice and I really like the mega strong styling spray. my new swatch watch and the wonderful earrings by lara patrizia vogt that I have already showed you are really precious pieces to me. the new bb highlighter by estee lauder is fantastic it makes my eye area glow and it goes perfectly with the estee lauder double wear foundation. the last couple of days I couldnt take my hands off the extra dimension blush from the limited alluring aquatic edition its just absolutely gorgeous. and last but not least my new body lotion by kiehls it is silicone free and smells like something super nice but really hard to describe – I love it!



I found these old pictures of me and was playing a bit with photoshop – thats the output. my first GIF on my blog – yay!


top H&M
earrings VINTAGE
lipstick M.A.C ladybug
shoes ZARA

photos taken by Agata B.




M.A.C has launched a new collection ALLURING AQUATIC 

thank you for sending me these amazing products. I have received the parcel this very morning and it totally inspired my todays outfit. I feel so alluring and aquatic <3 although its raining and about 10 degrees C!
the packaging of the limited ALLURING AQUATIC edition is really special, the packaging of the box and the product have a haptic watersplash surface. it looks like it just got out of the ocean!

I wear ENCHANTED ONE lipstick and WHAT COMES NATURALLY lip pencil with the SEA ME, HEAR ME blush and the APHRODITE’S SHELL Bronzing Powder and it looks gorgeous. the lipstick (matte) and lip pencil are very nude and pale which makes me look even more tanned – the blush and bronzing powder have an almost creamy texture and are super easy to apply. I love it.

I use polyvore.com to put together my outfits and as some of you may know there is an option to add your own articles. well I tried to upload the image of the ALLURING AQUATIC mac collection but somehow it didnt load all the info – I decided to use it anyway.


blouse REVERSE
jeans H&M