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Sally Hansen News





these are the new colors of SALLY HANSEN that I have tried out and I really love them. I love the fact that their nail polishes have wide brushes for an almost one stroke apply (I have small nails) and this makes your manicure so much easier. another fact that I like about SALLY HANSEN is that they are specialized in nailpolishes only and that their polishes last, even the SALON MANICURE lasts at least a week without chipping. a week of using my hands, washing them, cleaning and just doing every day things and my nailpolish stays put. of course I can not compare them to the real GEL nailpolishes where you need a lamp.

so let me put it like that. If you are a person that is aware of the chemicals in nail polishes then I think you might like KURE BAZAAR (4free) a lot better but this said their polishes dont last as long on my nails. if you are a person with the urge to change your nail color frequently then SALLY HANSEN is totally your thing as you can easily remove and apply their polishes, without a lamp, and they last a good week or longer. so if you are a very busy person that has very little time but feels the need to have a nice and proper manicure then the GEL nailpolishes, that you use with a lamp and are instantly dry afterwards, are the perfect thing for you! that was it from today. have a lovely day. X


WARDROBE INVENTORY: leather jackets 1

I wanna capture all my leather and fake leather jackets and make them more diverse by showing them in different outfits. I have a black one by C&A a black one with a white collar by FIZZEN, a black and white actez pattern one by TALLY WEIJL, an oversized black fake leather jacket by C&A, a brown fake suede by ESPRIT, a brown leather jacket by EDWIN and a brown/grey one by KOOKAI. I really can not complain and I am totally not in the need of a leather or fake leather jacket – I can work with the given : )

lets start with the black fake leather biker jacket by C&A!

fake leather jacket black

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new nail polishes


1 GLAM ROCK purple passion
2 prêt – à – porter SILK GREY SILK

these are the new colors by ALESSANDRO INTERNATIONAL and I am sure that there is something for everyone. GLAM ROCK is one of the collection, there I really like the color: PURPLE PASSION, its a shimmery purple and perfect for the fall/winter season. these nail polishes will be available from mid of november 2015. there will be 6 different colors, and also for STRIPLAC lovers there will be something by GLAM ROCK, 4 shades (purple passion, turquoise rocks, rock star and violet nights). TURQUOISE ROCKS is a super elegant shimmery greenwith a silky finish, I love it and its perfect for the holiday season. prêt – à – porter is the name of the fall/winter 2015 look and there are 6 different shades, my two favorite ones are called: SATIN SENSATION and SILK GREY SILK, also in this collection they made similar colors for the STRIPLAC lovers, me included, there are 4 shades (grey silk, prêt – à – porter, satin sensation and silk champagne). I LOOOVE the prêt – à – porter shade for STRIPLAC, I am wearing it since 3 days and as always it still looks super nice and shiny. and now lets talk about the IT COLOR by PANTONE 2015, its called MARSALA and the new shade is MINA’S MARSALA, a nice warm copper and also in that very case there is the same color for STRIPLAC available. the name MARSALA comes from the italian liquor wine.

in case you have not tried STRIPLAC yet but you are curious about it, well, there is a TRY ME KIT, have a look here >> I am a huge fan of STRIPLAC and can only recommend it to you. X



I have got something nice to show you – the 4-free nail polishes by KURE BAZAAR Paris. I have so far tried the two beautiful colors BOHEMIAN and KALE – two very strong independent colors – and two different base coats and one top coat. I have discovered KURE BAZAAR last year at the Parfumerie Hyazinth in Basel and was really impressed by the 4-free formula and tried the BOHEMIAN color and the FIRST BASE basecoat. well as I am a STRIPLAC lover this nail polish of course didnt last as long.. in fact it chipped already after the second day eventough I had used a base and top coat.

at the KURE BAZAAR event we were given the DRY FINISH top coat and the CLEAN mate base coat and its really funny that now when I use the CLEAN mate base coat instead of the FIRST BASE the nailpolish lasts longer – I am impressed! so in my case the mate base called CLEAN helps the nail polish last longer. I had the BOHEMIAN for two days and the KALE for three days – still no comparison to my 20 days + with STRIPLAC but it is 4-free and that should really matter!

what does 4-free mean? it means that the company has removed four toxic ingredients and has replaced them with natural ones. so what did they remove exactly? they have removed Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde Resin! the KURE BAZAAR formula is up to 85 % of natural origin based on wood pulp, cotton, potatoes, wheat and corn.

so what I absolutely love, besides the fact that the nail polishes are of natural origin, are the colors! I have hardly ever seen so many nice colors of one single brand. the KALE and BOHEMIAN are two very special colors and so far I have not found any similar colors. hmm, maybe for the BOHEMIAN the MAVALA Sienna Red could be a close dupe but just close. what do you think?



purple – burgundy – bordeaux – oxblood – raspberry – cherry to only name a few of the lovely colors for autumn. I went thru my collection of beauty products and found quiet a lot of nice fall colors, 15 to be precise. let me list them below. for me the two most important things about wearing darker lipsticks are to have a very even nice skin and exfoliated lips!

m.a.c HEROINE lipstick
m.a.c WHAT JOY (limited edition) lipstick
m.a.c REBEL lipstick

estée lauder HEART BEET nailpolish
m.a.c PALACE PEDIGREED eyeshadow
sisley ROSE NOIRE mask

estée lauder BRAZEN lipstick
m.a.c PRIMROSE (limited edition) lipstick
estée lauder RED EGO lipstick

m.a.c DARK DIVERSION fluidline

striplac DARK VIOLET nailpolish
alessandro LOVE AFFAIRE nailpolish
malva LAS VEGAS nailpolish

in fall I also love to wear darker tones on my nails and I am so happy with the STRIPLAC dark violet – the OPI in the cable car pool lane – MALVA las vegas and ALESSANDRO love affaire. when I look at my beauty stuff I can see a lot of different bronzing poswers and a huge variety of lipsticks. well no surprise to me – as these are my two favorite parts to apply makeup: cheeks and lips!


nail transformations

by maccosmetics


texturize clear leather-effect topcoat
highlight sheer blue pearl transformer
liquid pigment – pink pearl sheer pink pearl transformer
liquid pigment – green pearl sheer green pearl transformer
liquid pigment – gold pearl sheer gold pearl transformer
shadow sheer blackening topcoat
skin light peach beige (cream)
quiet time being nude (cream)
rebel mid-tone cream plum (cream)

so what did I get to try and play around with? I got the shadow sheer blackening topcoat and this little bugger darkens almost every nailpolish color. I tried it with several colors and I think it needs at least two layers of nailpolish to really darken the tone. I think it is really nice to have a darker accent nail. so what did I do?I painted all my nails in one color and then I choose an accent nail, usually I always go for the ring finger and add three layers of the shadow sheer blackening topcoat – thats it!

I went to the maccosmetics booth inside Globus and was able to play a bit with the whole collection. One makes the nailpolish look pinker, one makes it look greener and one makes it look golden or blue. then there is one that makes the nailpolish look like leather. there are three colors that can be used as a base but let me tell you, they work with any kind of nailpolish as a base. 🙂 have a look at the collection << here >>


chez L’ORÉAL

thank you L’Oreal Professionnel – it was a blast!

it was pouring cats and dogs yesterday and I was not in a summer mood at all. I was wearing tights in july and was also not amused by that fact. summer in switzerland is not what it used to be. well, anyway, I am stopping my rant about the shitty weather and start telling you how Dushka and I got into a summer mood at the L’Oreal event last night in ZH.

what a welcome! drinks, little appetizer and we were asked if we would like to have our nails done or if we want to start with the hair and check out the new tecniART Beach Waves look! we started with our nails. I choose Fierce, No Fear – a gorgeous brown that reminds me a lot of the OPI You Dont Know Jacques nailpolish. Dushka went for the Pretty Edgy an amazing green! next stop HAIR! tecniART launched a Beach Waves product and also showed different hairstyles with other tecniART products. I got a fishbraid side updo/knot and I luv it!

I will soon get back to you and introduce all the products but let me use them a bit first! stay tuned. xx



chocolate on my pillowroom service pajama partypeek a boo, I see you – these are the new CLINIQUE “A Different Nail Enamel” limited edition only avaialble for a short time! I can not tell you which color is my favorite one because I simply love them together the best. Jessy tested them for me and she loves them too and she says they dry very quick!



thank you NAVYBOOT for this lovely giveaway! butter london – PD Quick Topcoat in HARDWEAR and 3 free nail lacquer-vernis in ALL HAIL THE QUEEN. an amazing duo, I use the clear HARDWEAR as a base and topcoat and the ALL HAIL THE QUEEN twice for a more opaque look. I am ready for spring/summer! xx


1 2 3 striplac

a couple of days ago I told you about the Alessandro Striplac Starter Kit and that I really had a good start and that I got some more colors to try and have fun with! so, here we go!

I will start from left to right (see photo above)

#45 dark violet
a very nice and dark plum color

#87 hawaiian dreams
a light creamy pink

#27 secret red
this color comes with the starter kit, a nice red with a berry undertone

#98 cashmere touch
a very light beige perfect for a nude mood! It looks amazing with golden jewelry and tanned skin!

#81 peachy cindarella
a creamy pinkish peachy orange – with this color you are ready for spring!

#62 surfin USA
a very light greenish babyblue – perfect for summery toenails!

#76 New York grey
this is perfect for the days where you dont feel like wearing a color, its not a very dark grey so it still looks very classy.

and I already have a couple of new colors on my #wishlist 🙂 like the
#15 mandarinas manarine a rather orangy red
#84 cherry cherry lady a very nice burgundy color
#04 heavens nude a very light whitish nude color

read my previous post about alessandro striplac

which is your favorite color?



Striplac by Alessandro

its a big thing these days to do your nails like a pro at home. I question that and therefore had to try the Starter Kit by Alessandro. You get a red nailpolish, a clear twin base and top, a file, a cleaning pads and the most important UV/LED lamp. I read the manual and then started to do my left hand leaving out the thumb. After cleaning my nails with the cleansing pad, mmmhhmm, they smell like apricot! I start with the clear Twin and let it dry in the lamp for 60 seconds, then I apply the color and again I let it dry in the lamp for 60 seconds. As the last step I again apply the twin polish and I really make sure to cover the tip of my nails. now on to the right hand, which of course is always a bit harder than the left hand.. the same procedure: twincoat on 4 fingers (leave thumb out) dry for 60 seconds, then apply color, let it dry for 60 seconds and then finish with the twin polish and let it dry for 60 seconds. now I do the exact same thing to my thumbnails. Now all my fingernails are painted and I clean the top with the cleansing pad. It looks so nice and the best thing is: IT IS DRY! Wow! I was really amazed!

The product claims to last up to 10 days and I can tell you it lasts even longer on my nails.. 🙂 I got more colors and tried the product on my friends nails. I will show you all the different colors in another post, stay tuned!

How to remove the nailpolish?
thats a very simple step, you just have to peel it off. I have never had problems to remove the nailpolish but I read that there is a peeloff oil in order to remove the nailpolish.

I have to admit that I really didnt expect such a nice result! It was easy to apply and it last for more than 2 weeks! I can therefore highly recommend this product.

NOTE: some of the nailpolishes tend to pull back, it must sound weird now but if you have tried this and experienced the same you will know what I mean 🙂 so when this happens try to dry each nail after painting for 10 seconds, like this it will not run back and you can continue to paint the rest and then dry all fingers for another 60 seconds.

stay tuned for my Striplac color demonstration! xx

STRIPLAC by Alessandro



thank you LAREDOUTE for the nailpolish change at ease DESIGN SPA
I chose OPI incognito – a very dark navy color – I love it! goes really well with the outfit I was wearing that day!


mint & brown naildesign

mint & brown naildesign

I had so much fun with Simone from SIMONEMAKEMEBEAUTIFUL.COM at K PONY today. I m very happy with the result! We chose the THANKS A WINDMILLION and YOU DONT KNOW JACQUES nailpolishes by OPI and used brown for the tips and mintgreen for the base.

what do you think? please let me know and leave a comment below. xx


JET SET lifestyle

JET SET lifestyle – crusing around the world – weekend trips to PARIS or LONDON – sigh.. what a good life – but travel can be ardous, no matter how thrilling the destination. to regain your composure on arrival, Aesop recommends a shower, a long walk, a delicious meal, and a liberal use of the four products of the AESOP travelling JET SET kit. You will be in fine fettle in no time.

Thats what it says on the JET SET kit. A super nice intro about how to use what. Anyway here is a description about what is in the kit:


enjoy your trip and visit your next AESOP shop for more infos about the travel kits. there is not only the JET SET kit, there is also GENEVA (hair and body) and NEW YORK (skin care)

for the people in Basel please check AESOP at Spalenberg 24 |
opening hours | Monday to Friday 10am–6:30pm Saturday 10am–5pm Sunday Closed | Tel: +41 (0)61 261 40 05 |


happy holiday and have fun! xx