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my phone historythese are my recently used phones, from left to right:
SAMSUNG galaxy alpha / SONY Z3 Xperia / WIKO Highway Pure 4G

what is important for me?
a phone with a long lasting battery is exactly what I need, as I use my phone for work the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed. not kidding : ) and then I also need a phone that takes awesome photos. these are the two most important things for me: camera and battery. lets see which phone made me the happiest.

my phone history

let me start with the phone that I have used first, the SAMSUNG galaxy alpha. what I love about this phone was my customized case by swiss fashion designer JULIAN ZIGERLI, you can see all the photos and blogposts here >> >> I got this phone at an event in september 2014 and have rarely used it until I have received the SONY Z3 Xperia phone in november. but when my SONY pone broke I went back and used this SAMSUNG phone, until I got the new WIKO phone. a bit complicated but I hope you were able to follow along.

+ lovely case by JULIAN ZIGERLI
+ very light phone 115 g
+ easy to use (Android)
+ 4K (3840 x 2160) video recording

– weak camera 12MP / 2.1 MP : (
– weak battery ~ 6 hours max 

so in November 2014 I have received the SONY Z3 Xperia phone in the lovely mint color that reminds me so much of Tiffany & Co. I have used this phone with pleasure from January until it broke : ( in May 2015. here you can see more >>  and  >> and  >>

+ lovely mint color
+ easy to use (Android)
+ awsome battery – ~ 24 hours +
+ best back camera ever 20.7 MP / ISO 12800
+ waterproof IP 65/68
+ so many photo options
– never had so much fun with my phone before.

– average front camera 2.2 MP
– it broke after 5 months : ( – now I am waiting for it to be repaired.

my phone history

my newest phone is by WIKO, a french phone and therefore my first european phone ever. I got the WIKO HIGHWAY PURE 4G in black with a black case. I have been using this phone for a bit more than 3 weeks now and besides the camera and battery issues it is a great phone, I can really feel that it is faster than any phone I have had before. : )

+ very very light 98 g
+ thinnest smartphone on the market 5.1 mm
+ easy to use (Android)
+ best front camera 5MP that I have ever used

– average back camera 8MP
– weak battery ~ 7 hours
– very little options for photos

so at the moment I am using the WIKO phone and will keep it as a back up as soon as my SONY phone is repaired.



Jeppe Hein Jeppe Hein


1974 born in Copenhagen
1997 Royal Danish Academy of Arts, Copenhagen
1999 Städel Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt / Main
lives and works in Copenhagen / Berlin




awww.. ART BASEL 2015 is already in the past but still I have so many nice photos to show you. my old iMac is working hard in the heat and it just takes for ever to go through all the pictures.

TODAY I decided to finally select ll the photos and start putting them in nice blogposts. Indeed I did so BUT my iMac just can not take anymore heat. WE NEED A BREAK : )

until then you need to enjoy this lovely ART BASEL 2015 outfit of me wearing the  protect me from what I want JENNY HOLZER shirt that I have made for tarzan – ONE OF MY FAVORITE T-SHIRTS EVER.


t-shirt JENNY HOLZER / tarzan.ch
skirt VINTAGE (fleamarket)
coat H&M (recycled materials)
bag ART BASEL 2015
sunglasses C&A

enjoy the heat – soon more on the blog – promised! X


my phone is the BEST – not kidding!

my phone is the BEST – not kidding 🙂
a couple of months ago I ditched my iphone and started using this awesome new SONY smartphone – more info about it here << and ever since I have started to use the new phone to capture event pictures I was able to leave my big heavy CANON EOS camera at home. this morning I was playing with the camera and took these lovely photos.

so let me quickly tell you the PRO’s of this new phone: 1. the battery lasts for almost 2 DAYS – thats a big or lets say HUGE bonus compared to my iphone. 2. waterproof – the case is waterproof and can be taken for a swim – before doing that read the instructions that come with the phone. 3. I can upload all my things to my phone _ I have almost toal freedom about my files and music – I can mirror my desktop computer on my phone and work from the go! 4. the brain of the phone is super quick and lets me work in a neat speed. 5. the camera – it has 20.7 MP camera and the option to record 4K movies – there is a time lapse option and many other fancy adjustments for the camera. 6. the color range of the phones – I am so happy with my TIFFANY & CO green phone!

my phone is the BEST - not kidding!

the only CON that I could name is that I had to redownload all the apps and some of them didnt have an android version so I had to search for a dupe. other than that I am very pleased with my new phone!

what phone are you using? do you like the iphone 6? let me know. X



by isawsomethingnice.ch

silver pointed croco fakeleather 25 CHF
via my ETSY shop


something new!

and it is my new SONY phone aka camera. I have played with the camera for the last couple of days and I still can not decide whether I like this one or the SAMSUNG alpha better. I think it is very hard to tell the difference of the quality, it is just a different handling. the coolest thing about the camera is the timelapse, hahaha, I had so much fun testing this out, and of course I had to take a “baywatch”-like running slow motion video. 🙂 I love love love the color, it reminds me of TIFFANY & CO! for the ones among you that are interested in more info about the phone please read more here « 



let me start the day by showing you my new products by BENEFIT and WET’N WILD. my awesome mom brought me these goodies from the united states and I already played around with some of them.

there is one piece by the FERGIE collection of WET’N WILD its called ON EDGE and its an creme eyeliner in a pot with a brush – the shade is called little black dress. such a sweet name!

then I got two of the WET ‘N WILD MEGA LINER in 863 TURQUOISE and 860 BLACK SPARKLE, a BALM STAIN in 124 LADY AND THE VAMP and a IDOL EYES stick in gold (who are you wearing).

last but not least there is the amazing BENEFIT BROW ZINGS medium that I always wanted and now finally have 🙂 the brow set contains 2 colors and 2 brushes and a tiny tweezer.

these are my newest products and I will soon show them to you in person. stay tuned. xx



I got the WHISKY LOVER SET with the lovely stone ice cubes and 2 beautiful whisky glasses. the absolutely wonderful LOMO fisheye nautic camera which I am going to take to Berlin – I am flying to Berlin this afternoon and will be attending the zalando summerhouse event, stay tuned for more! and last but not least I got the grey entity salad bowl by MEBEL – I can not wait to use all these cool things. my next salad will be served with style and I hope my LOMO fisheye photos from berlin will look cool. I will keep you up to date. xx


via www.isda.ch



thank you NAVYBOOT for this lovely giveaway! butter london – PD Quick Topcoat in HARDWEAR and 3 free nail lacquer-vernis in ALL HAIL THE QUEEN. an amazing duo, I use the clear HARDWEAR as a base and topcoat and the ALL HAIL THE QUEEN twice for a more opaque look. I am ready for spring/summer! xx


todays outfit

denim BDG
fakefur coat TALLY WEIJL
platform sandals NAVYBOOT
necklace PRESENT from my DAD from Scottland



I was at the VOLTA 9 art fair and rented a camera for one hour at the OLYMPUS promo booth in front of the hall – what a cool marketing idea – you can rent a camera for one hour and keep the SD card with your photos – so cool!

As I walked thru the fair I spotted different shoes – flats, pumps, platforms, wedges, sneakers – in bright and shimmery colors –
which are your favourite?

Camera – Olympus OM-D



I love her T-SHIRT 🙂 I will soon post more about her booth at the festival.
Stay tuned! xxx