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ALICIA FRAMIS Art Basel Unlimited


And another ART BASEL week has passed and I am currently looking back at all the shows and art works I have seen and am trying to sort out a coherent blogpost. There is a lot going on in Basel during the Art Basel week: Art Basel, Art Unlimited, Design Miami Basel, Liste, VOLTA, photobasel..
Art Basel brought together 290 premier galleries, presenting works ranging from early 20th century Modern art to the most contemporary pieces.While galleries from Europe continued to be strongly represented, the show featured returning and new exhibitors from across the globe, including Asia, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

ALICIA FRAMIS Art Basel Unlimited

Let’s start with what I loved at ART UNLIMITED. I absolutely loved the work of Alicia Framis represented by the Galeria Juana de Aizpuru in Madrid, Spain. She was born 1967 in Barcelona, Spain and lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her piece is called LifeDress, 2018 and is a mixed media installation with 9 dresses made out of airbag fabric. I found this information on her website:
The Lifedress, 2018 offers a new way for demonstration against sexual harassment and violence towards women, and consists of dresses made out of airbag fabric from cars: a high tech material made in Japan with a high resistance to impacts and fire. Each dress is made to protect against a different form of (sexual) harassment, and designed to change form when intimidation occurs. The work can be seen as a social comment on gender patterns in our society nowadays. Some forms of sexism and ways of speaking about women are so engrained into our society that we hardly notice them anymore or brush them off as ‘locker room banter’. There are myriad ways in which women try to protect themselves in their everyday lives against sexual harassment and violence and these dresses make us aware of this crude reality. Framis employs elements of technology, activism and performance in this new work. With LifeDress she aims to bring women together and open the debate. Framis discusses a serious issue, but through a surrealistic act. New ways of demonstration for women is a topic Framis has been exploring over the past two decades with works such as Anti_dog, 100 Ways to Wear a Flag and Is My Body Public?. These fashion demonstrations are tools to protest against inequality towards women.

ALICIA FRAMIS Art Basel Unlimited ALICIA FRAMIS Art Basel Unlimited ALICIA FRAMIS Art Basel Unlimited

My favorite piece of VOLTA is by Irene Grau, she was represented by Galerie Heike Strelow from Franfurt am Main, Germany. I love the very simple but deep shades of gray and black in her pieces “on what is left”.
Irene Grau’s work speaks about painting and landscape, of process and displacement through rigorous research into the possibilities of monochrome painting and its relation to landscape as both genre and framework, but above all as experimentation; as a way of seeing. All of which is intermixed following the traditions of radical monochrome painting, mural painting, but also the performative processes and the genre of landscape art, which she interprets to a great extent. Often her work develops in series which are the result of a long site-specific research in nature, followed by an extensive work period in her studio where she experiments with different materials and techniques, to be finalized in the exhibition space, where the work is again transferred and transformed in order to create a entity with the specificity of the space. The title of her recent doctoral thesis, The Painter on the Road, perfectly sums up her interest and attitude toward the medium of painting, and Irene Grau’s process could perfectly be described as a conceptual pleinairist, who states that her work is “what remains” of a wider experience, going far beyond the physically traveled landscape or an explored architectural structure. Solely transmitting an experience may well lack of concrete information, yet her work leaves enough hints to the viewer to allow access through process, intervention, and the document thereof, in order to visually and conceptually understand the artist’s modus operandi and artistic questioning and concerns.


At Design Miami Basel I fell in love with so many furniture pieces and it is therefore really really hard for me to only select one. Therefore I will show you all of my favorites. Also I didnt want to spam you with too much information about each designer and or gallery and thats why there is only a caption below each photo. I hope you liked all the pieces that I have showed you in that blog post and am already looking forward to the Art Basel week 2020.

Design Miami BaselAlain Richard Armchairs 159 / Galerie Pascal Cuisinier 

Design Miami BaselBijoy Jain dining chair / studio mumbai  

Design Miami Basel









Studio BBPR 1947 / Nilufar gallery

Design Miami BaselNanna Ditzel daybed




one dress - many ways to walk it

I am so in love with this new dress that I have found in one of my favorite shops in Basel: Le Mouton a 5 Pates. A super simple grey SILVIAN HEACH dress to wear in many different ways. Today I wanna show you that you can wear the same dress and only change the shoes. A very simple way to make your dresses more versatile.
one dress – many ways to walk it #1
lets start with the comfiest and easiest way to walk: Sneakers. A pair of black sneakers should be key to every wardrobe. A very easy way to dress down a nice dress.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #2
Metallic shoes were quiet a big trend. And I found my silver shoes in C&A on SALE for 19 CHF. An amazing bargain. Not only great to dress up your look in a comfy way but also perfect to jazz up a simple jeans and sweatshirt look.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #3
And now a very easy way to upgrade your dress by wearing black heels. In my opinion every lady should have a pair of black heels. No matter if the heel height is only 2 cm.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #4
Simple black flats, also something that we all should own. Nothing works better to make a chic outfit look more casual. I found these babes at ALDO in Marseille.

one dress - many ways to walk it

one dress – many ways to walk it #5
Boots are a great way to wear a dress in winter. I found these wedge boots at the Zalando Lounge Sale. They are very comfy to walk in due to the wedge heel. Black boots are perfect becasue they are working with so many different colors and looks. I am not so sure anymore whether I like these kind of boots with jeans. It somehow reminds me of the late 90s, early 2000, when this boot over skinny jean was a big success. Maybe with a pair of over the knee boots, who knows.

one dress - many ways to walk it

I wanna thank Miguel for taking the photos of me, it was quiet an adventure. We found this little platform on the water (Rhein) that was perfect to take the photos. I was able to get there with almost all the shoes, except for the wedge boots that you can see in the photo above.
Here is a photo that shows how hard it was to get to that tiny platform. I was prepared to fall in the super cold water but luckily didn’t. 🙂 Have a lovely day. X



a new fragrance – PARADISO

thank you ROBERTO CAVALLI I finally found a fragrance of yours that I really like. I dont know if that is just me but all the CAVALLI fragrances before were too sweet and fruity for me. BUT this one has the right amount of freshness that I seek in a perfume. I am not really great with describing scents so I think the best thing to do is go to the next shop like MANOR or GLOBUS and check it out for yourself. I am now enjoying the beautiful sun and I am almost feeling like I am inside the PARADISO.




something new! yay – thank you so so much for sending this lovely business card case my way. I absolutely love it and can use it very very well. so therefore I wanna share with you this awesome swiss online boutique. click here and enjoy shopping.



I am dreaming of a white christmas!

oohh that would be lovely to have snow for christmas and therefore it cant harm to show you my white outfit. it looks a bit crazy to wear barefeet in december but I am also wearing fur soles inside my ballerinas and let me tell you this really does make a difference. today I will be spending most of my time inside in the warm anyway 🙂


ballerinas BESTELLE
sweater & jeans H&M
earrings VINTAGE
coat PAUW


happy FRIDAY

good morning – soon we have made it to the weekend! I have just made myself some CHAI TEA with the delicious MONIN sirup. mmmmmhhmmm!
today I will show you a lovely outfit that I have been wearing the other day. and I am preparing many other nice things to show you. stay tuned. xx



have you visited my inspiration blog? do it now! click on the image above!

what will you find there? whatever I consider nice! This is my true inspiration! Thank you support – sharing is caring! xx


DKNY be delicious skin

DKNY be delicious skin
Hydrating Eau de Toilette

something new ladies !!
I am sure you know the original fragrance DKNY be delicious that was launched in 2004. Now they extended their line with this new skin hydrating eau de toilette that you can see in the photo above.

The collection consists of three already known fragrances now in a new skin formula:
DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau de Toilette
DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Skin Hydrating Eau de Toilette 
DKNY Golden Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau de Toilette

aww.. the scent of DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau de Toilette is very fresh and has a touch of green apple with a citric note – perfect for spring. The magic is called “Apple Fusion Complex”, a blend of ingredients that is clinically proven to help moisturizing, smooth and brighten the skin. I really like the re-design of the bottles and the new atomizer spray for all-over body misting. It really makes it easy to spray the product all over the body.

visit your nearest shop and try it out – it might be something nice for you.
have a wonderful day. xx




I can not tell you how much I love my new leather clutch by L’AUTRE CHOSE that I found at RIVE GAUCHE shop in Basel. The best thing about it is that it has two different sides. One side is black and the other side has different studs. This makes it a perfect key piece to any outfit.


turtleneck PARENTIS
nail polish ESTEE LAUDER



well, well, I do buy a lot of hand creams but infact I hardly ever use them and then I complain that my hands are not soft enough – pfff!
thats about to not happen anymore as I really try to carry one of these hand creams above in every single bag that I take with me in order to use more hand cream!

these are my so far favourite hand creams

rose heart

jeunesse des mains

reverence aromatique

fleur d’or acacia

magic touch cherry blossom & rice milk

wild rose

which hand cream are you obsessed with?
Please let me know by leaving a comment below! xx


first impression

CLINIQUE superdefense SPF 20

Jaswant – 35 – fashion consultant / mom says:
(type 3,4 combination oily to oily)

“first of all, the texture is really light and makes the cream easy to apply. the cream absorbs immediately, so I was able to apply my foundation right away, making this cream a perfect base, as my make up lasted longer than before. after applying I noticed a general firming effect, which lasted all day. during long and intense days at work, with occasional stressful moments, I never felt any dryness or lines appear. I never felt greasy, shiny or my make up fading away through sweating. Also the spots I noticed at night sometimes were limited to only one. so far I would say this is the perfect cream for me at the moment.”

Lea – 30 wardrobestylist / blogger says:
(type 1,2 very dry to combination)

“I started to use the cream last sunday morning and I really like the consistency and texture of the cream. the fact that the cream has SPF 20 is amazing because we all know how important it is to protect the skin from the UVA and UVB rays. superdefense SPF 20 is very creamy but not too heavy, super nice and easy to apply and it leaves a very soft base. I think its very important not to use too much cream because it easily makes the skin look too shiny. I had to wait a few minutes before I could apply my foundation in order to let the cream set and dry. I applied my M.A.C face and body foundation (light coverage) and it worked well with the cream. it leaves a dewy finish even after applying my foundation and after setting my foundation with powder. my skin is always behaving cray cray during this one special lady moment of each month and therefore its hard for me to say whether the blemishes are caused by the cream or not. I will for sure continue to use the cream for a week and will then answer the questions we have set in the first blogpost and I will be able to give a better review about the clinique superdefense SPF 20.”

stay tuned! xx

see the first introduction of CLINIQUE superdefense SPF 20

for more information about CLINIQUE


she saw something nice inspiration blog

# SHE SAW SOMETHING NICE here you can see what I find on tumblr and feel like sharing with you. Its my true inspiration for my work and looking at all those gorgeous photos totally makes my day!

# I SAW SOMETHING NICE is the main blog, here you can see my own projects, reviews and must-haves about fashion, art, design, beauty and lifestyle. I work as a freelance wardrobestylist for fashion editorials. and thats why this is a major shoutout to all the photographers, brands, shops and makeUpartists who are in need of a goodwardrobestylist – contact me via email and lets start a new project together!

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