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Colmillo de Morsa


Colmillo de Morsa
Last summer I was in Barcelona and was on the look out for some cool spanish fashion designers. I first walked in to Ana Tichy’s shop and she suggested to also visit her friend’s label and gave me the direction. When I stood in front of the shop and read the label: COLMILLO DE MORSA, I knew that I already met the people behind this brand at the Capsule Show in Paris in 2013. What a small world, no? >> see more here <<
Colmillo de Morsa
They showed the most beautiful spring/summer collection and I fell in love with the orange/salmon pieces. Everything is designed and handmade in Barcelona. I asked them some questions about the label and here is what they have to say:
Question: Colmillo de Morsa, how did you end up with this awesome and special name?

To find the name of the brand was quite spontaneous. We were reading a history book about ancient civilizations and we saw images of ornaments made of ivory of walrus tusks. We talked about how special it is that an ugly animal could have something so beautiful and we decided that Colmillo de Morsa (meaning Walrus Tusk) should be our name. Colmillo de Morsa, hides our first premise: the beauty has endless forms, as many as eyes that look at it.

Question: When and how was Colmillo de Morsa founded?

Colmillo de Morsa was born in Barcelona in late 2009. We come from fashion design and architecture and found an affinity between us and in our concept design. And we share the philosophy and way of work.

Question: If you have to describe your current fall/winter collection in 3 words, what would the 3 words be?

Probably it would be NATURE, QUALITY and SENSITIVITY.

Question: Where can we find your collection and where can people from outside spain shop your collection?

We have our own store in Barcelona, in Gracia district. In the same space we have the studio where we design, cut and sew most of the pieces. People who cometo shop really apreciate the things we do and know about our special pieces. We are selling also in different stores around Spain. (in Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao…) For people outside Spain we have the online store where we sell our collections directly and ship to almost everywhere.

Colmillo de Morsa

I can highly recommend to have a look at their collection. >> http://colmillodemorsa.com << Some of the pieces are on SALE and there is already a sneak peek of the upcoming collection.


There a lot of things to do and see in Barcelona when it comes to art, music, architecture, culture in general.  C and I, had few things in mind, few activities that were recommended to us or we read about. We were there for a week, so we tried to combine the delightful days at the beach, the lazy walks around the city during day and night time, the delicious dinners and drinks with museum visits, or architectural pilgrimages.
But before we start sharing some of these beautiful treats, I first need to mention that C is an architect and for him Barcelona is a real urban spectacle, he enjoyed a lot many of Barcelona´s streets, buildings, parks, plazas. According to his taste Barcelona is his favourite city when it comes to urban spaces, he considers Barcelona as the Mecca of urban life and urban design (that´s his opinion so let´s respect it 🙂 ). So I guess for those of you that are really interested in architecture and urban space, take some time to walk around the city, get it´s vibe, start understanding the structure, the scales, the corners, the details, the music of the city and it´s smell.
So long story short, here is our list of things to see in 7 DAYS IN BARCELONA.

1st –  The Diposit de Aigües Building 7 DAYS IN BARCELONA7 DAYS IN BARCELONA

The library is part of the Universitat Pompeu Fabras campus, the building is a former structure that was holding a water tank, it was designed in 1874 by Josep Fontsere and the static calculation were done by a young student of architecture, Antoni Gaudi i Cornet.
From the 1874 to nowadays the building had a very interesting history, sheltering a municipal asylum, fire service store, garage of the Municipal Police force, justice department archive. It became a property of the university in 1992. The architects that did the renovation and transformed the space in to a library are Lluis Clotet and Ignacio Paricio.7 DAYS IN BARCELONAhttps://www.upf.edu/campus/en/historia/aigues.html
C was amazed by the imposing structure, and the feeling of walking through a temple rather than a library, a temple of knowledge. This feeling reminded him of other retaining water designated structures that he found in India the water wells, which impressed him a lot radiating the same type of feeling of wandering through a sacred space.


The Fundacion Mapfre exhibition hall is located in Casa Garriga Nogués, which is a truly beautiful space and a great example of Catalan modernism. The house was built by the architect Enric Sagnier in the early beginning of the 20 th century for a family of bankers.
The exhibition hall was open to the public in September 2015 and so far it featured shows like the triumph of color, a beautiful expedition trough the impressionist paintings and the avant garde, from Van Gogh to Matisse, the photography of Hiroshi Sugimoto or the photography of Bruce Davidson.


C heard about the Hiroshi Sugimoto show and he was really eager to see it, unfortunately the show already left for Madrid, but instead we manage to see the show of the American photographer Bruce Davidson. We weren’t familiar with his work, but at the end of the tour we were really impressed. There is a chronological order that you need to follow, that opens pages of American and European history. It is a beautiful documentary about human life, a must see.


3rd – Elogio al aqua – Eduardo Chillida 7 DAYS IN BARCELONA7 DAYS IN BARCELONA

This piece is in Parc de la Creueta del Coll, which is situated in the very hilly side of Barcelona, reminding us of the streets of San Francisco. Far away from the tourist invasion (reachable with the metro) and nested in a residential area. The sculpture is big and impressive, reminding you of an ancient marine animal, that instead of finding itself in the water is levitating over in some kind of contemplation state. The very funny detail about this sculpture is that it is inside of a public children swimming pool. The sculpture is the work of Eduardo Chillida, a Basque artist coming from San Sebastian, formerly trained as an architect. C appreciates his work a lot.

4th  Fundacio Juan Miro 7 DAYS IN BARCELONA

Last but not least, Fundacio Juan Miro was a very nice surprise. Situated in Parc Montjuic, surrounded by beautiful nature and other touristic attractions, the museum is a quiet and rich artistic oasis. The building designed by the Spanish architect Josep Lluis Sert is hosting a good amount of Juan Miro´s work, plus contemporary art works from different artists that are collaborating with the foundation.
It is really an interesting mix of architecture, modern and contemporary art, that deserves a good two hours (at least). So if you are in love with art or just curious, write it down on your TO DO list and don´t miss it.


I hope you liked our tips for 7 DAYS IN BARCELONA. I can not wait to go there again. Please keep us posted about your favorite places to visit in Barcelona. X


today I wanna share a very special and awesome project with all of you. its called HEX HOUSE – a dignified living solution brought to light by the AFS architects (architects for society). I used to work for Herzog & de Meuron in the past and thats where I know Amro from, (one of the architects from AFS), I asked him for some information in regards to their project, and thats what I am going to share with all of you now. to help fund them to reach their goal, please click here >> gofund.me/g7bdy




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thomas visited the exhibition and the lecture of the architect DANIEL LIBESKIND. as he is an architect it was really nice to have his view on that topic. the lecture was called “my visions”. DANIEL LIBESKIND informed about the visions and ideas behind different projects and how he approaches the different fields involved. he also had a rather unconventional start into architecture as he first studied music and therefore has a different access to form and design. thomas really liked the way he talked about his ideas and visions and the fact that he also involved music in the jewish museum, one of DANIEL LIBESKIND most famous project. the exhibition showed nice objects in unconventional and complex ways meaning not always in the classy way: poster and model but were made with attention to detail and work.

«architecture is not based on concrete and steel and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder. and that wonder is really what has created the greatest cities, the greatest spaces that we have had.» DANIEL LIBESKIND

Werkschau architektur 0.14



I saw so much nice architecture here in Venice and I took lots of photos. here you can see me reading something at the Stampalia. more photos to come!


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day six – VENICE ITALY

visited the Giardini at the Architecture Biennale. I took lots of photos during the last six days of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Roadtrip and I saw so many nice things. stay tuned!

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day five – VENICE ITALY

visited the Architecture Biennale at Arsenale and attended Khaled Malas’ excavating the sky project. a stunning project about syria and an amazing book – great work!

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excavating the sky by Khaled Malas starts today. A research project on Syria to the Monditalia Section at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia.


August 12, 2014 to August 15, 2014



SUMMER holiday!

I am planning my roadtrip to Venice, Italy with help of my lovely filofax THE ORIGINAL. On the way from Basel to Venice C and I are going to stop in Verona and Vicenza. We are going to Venice for the Architecture Biennale where we are invited to the opening of excavating by Khaled Malas. At the moment I am looking for a complimentary hotelroom to stay a day each in Verona and Vicenza. Let me know if you have a good blogger Hotel or any other good ideas. sharing is caring, right?

now let me tell you some really great news: we will be driving to Venice in the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta!! A Romeo and Giulietta photoshooting in Verona with the beautiful curvy Giulietta is a MUST! 🙂 I can not wait. stay tuned for my photos! xx


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