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Thank you dearest Martina for sending me a copy of your amazing book called: LIEBLINGSMENSCHEN. I was a big fan of these friendship books and unfortunately I have no idea where I have my old one. I love the idea of having all my friends in one book. Something haptic, besides facebook, where you can see what kind of plans your friends had, what they are doing now and how they looked as a teen. So I hope by now you somehow have a clue what I am talking about. LIEBLINGSMENSCHEN is a friendship book for adults.


“friendships make the world better and life more beautiful.”
I can totally agree with that. friendships are very important. Looking at this blank book makes me think about my old friendship book. What did I want to become when I grow up? LOL, I wanted to become a marine biologist. and I am sure that I was not the only one with that dream in mind. But things came very differently, as always, and I ended up studying Post-Industrial Design at the Institute HyperWerk in Basel and am the blogger of isawsomethingnice.ch. 🙂  And now there is a new question to answer: what do I want to do when I am retired? Such a good question, thanks for asking, Martina.


So every friend gets to fill a double page. It starts with: ME, MYSELF & I. In this part it is about your names/nicknames when you were born, what you wanted to be, what you are and what you want to do when you are retired. Followed by BACK IN THE DAYS. There you can tell a bit about your childhood, your favorite song on repeat and where you have so far travelled to. The next page starts with RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Here you can write about current things like, whats in your fridge at the very moment or you can share what makes you happy. Last but not least the part about YOU & ME. When and how did we meet? Things that I admire about you and you get the possibility to share something from the past. Do you remember…


Aaawwww, I am so happy to have one of these books! I can not wait to start giving it to my friends to fill out. it is a wonderful present idea, thank you again Martina. <3
Until July 5th you can get your copy for 29.90 CHF instead of 34.90 CHF. So it starts with a friendship price and by the way July 5th is also Martinas birthday, yay! Thats all so neat!
click here >> http://www.vonschenker.com/shop/


C&A fall winter collection 2016


C&A fall winter collection 2016
thank you C&A for taking me to Amsterdam and showing me the upcoming C&A fall winter collection 2016. with weather in june like this I feel that I am not far away from wearing fall/winter clothes and can not wait to shop my fall winter collection. the weather has been a serious nightmare with endless rain and very cool temperatures. I can not believe that it was warmer in april than it is in june. nevertheless, I wanna tell you a bit more about the presentation of the fall winter collection 2016.
the location of the event was spectacular. there was a beautiful green C&A logo in the entrance that led into a round event hall that had a black curtain drawn all around. after a quick introduction the curtain was lifted and a 360 degree fashion show with the complete fall winter collection 2016 was behind it.
C&A fall winter collection 2016
that was a wonderful surprise. we were then divided into groups and got an introduction to every collection: men, denim, lingerie, clockhouse, accessories etc. we were given tags with our name and publication title and had the possibility to give them feedback by hanging them to your favorite piece. let me tell you, there are going to be soooo many cool pieces for the fall winter collection 2016 that it was really hard to place only four cards 🙂
C&A fall winter collection 2016
the big thing of the new collection is going to be denim. there is a new collection in bio cotton with new shapes and cuts. we will see the return of flare leg, bootcut and highrise. for men there is going to be a new trend called stacked, that means that the jeans are too long and stack on the bottom. for women there will be a cropped bootcut and cropped flare cut and as already mentioned there is going to be the return of the high rise. my favorite denim pieces are the quitled indigo jacket and the bow tie blouse.
in addition to the new denim collection there is a nature inspired color palette with comfy and warm colors that give you the need to cover yourself up. inspired by the idea that nature should be part of everyday life, the fall winter collection uses organic textures and delicate feminine detailing to create beautiful pieces to wrap up warm in.
there are going to be some really cool pieces like a asymmetric poncho, a checked belted coat or the white knitted longline coat that you can see in the picture below (and in the back you can see a lady wearing the denim bow tie blouse).
C&A fall winter collection 2016
aaawww, these are my two favorite pieces, the white longline coat and the short beige faux leather jacket. and soon there will be an overview with my favorite items of the fall winter collection with inspiration on how to wear all those cool new fall winter pieces. stay tuned.
C&A fall winter collection 2016C&A fall winter collection 2016
have you been to Amsterdam before? I have been several times and have to say that it is one of my favorite european cities. we were staying at the double tree HILTON very close to the train station which was a great location to explore the city from. in case you have not read my post about AMSTERDAM click here –>
C&A fall winter collection 2016



tataaa, this awesome SEBASTIAN VOLUPT SET can be yours! I am saying THANK YOU to all of you for being here and reading my blog. so today I give away a SEBASTIAN VOLUPT shampoo and conditioner and a SEBASTION VOLUPT spray. as with the WELLA products from thursday I have not tried these products yet. I am curious to know whether you like it so in case you are the lucky winner please let us all know by commenting below. in order to join the give away please follow the instructions below. GOOD LUCK! X Rafflecopter giveaway




today is another THANK YOU give away day and one of you can win a WELLA ELEMENTS pack with a lovely SHAMPOO, a nourishing MASK and a strenghtening SERUM. all these products contain ZERO PARABENS and are a great thing for your hair. I have not tried this set yet but I mostly read nice things about it. so I hope one of you will be the lucky winner and can tell me whether they liked it or not. I would be curious to know. so, in order to join this give away please follow the instructions below. GOOD LUCK! X Rafflecopter giveaway



today I wanna share a nice trend with you called HANG YOUR BAG WITH CUTE STUFF! you can find lots of nice things to hang on your favorite hand bags and make them look even more special. I stumbled upon these buggers by C&A and I absolutely love them.

decorate your bag decorate your bag

Continue reading DECORATE YOUR BAG



today I am giving away two computer mouses from the play collection by logitech. it is the second day of the big CHRISTMAS GIVE AWAY. I wanna thank you all for being here!

I am super happy with my fox mouse, read about it here >>, and therefore I wanna share this joy with you! it could be also the perfect christmas present for your friends and loved ones. so take a moment and join the give away below by entering either via FB or email
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Marc Monkey

Marc Monkey Play Mouse
Luke Lion
Luke Lion Play Mouse


LUSH presents

HAPPY SANTA CLAUS! TODAY is the start of the CHRISTMAS GIVE AWAY WEEK on isawsomethingnice.ch and you can enter a new give away every day! (6.12.-13.12.2015) I wanna thank you all for being here and making this blog what it is!

lets start with giving away two amazing LUSH presents! so how does it work? you can enter by clicking here on the Rafflecopter giveaway and follow the instructions. there are 2 mandatory things: you have to visit my FB PAGE (+1) and leave a COMMENT ON THE BLOG (+2). this will give you 3 points. there are other options in order to earn more points: you can follow me on twitter @leazeitman (+2) or like my FB page (+2) and earn 4 more points. certain things can be done every day for higher chances to win. I host the give away via rafflecopter and there will be a random winner chosen according to the points earned. I have no influence in choosing the winner. there will be 2 winners for the LUSH give away (one person can win the IT’S CHRISTMAS DEER TIN and one person can win the COMFORT & JOY) and it ends on DECEMBER, 13, 2015.

It's Christmas Deer


GOOD LUCK to all of you!




today is my blogs birthday and it turns FIVE! crazy how time goes by fast.. I had an amazing time showing you nice things and will continue to do so <3 lots of things happened in the last FIVE YEARS. I met so many nice people and visited nice places – thank you so much for being YOU and thank you for being part of the ISSN JOURNEY! cheers to the next FIVE YEARS! X





thank you so much Halle for this lovely present. IT’S MINE – yes indeed, now it is mine. what a cool name. I will either use it in the kitchen or will store accessories in the bowl. I will for sure show you once I am happy with the setup. stay tuned.

Kosta glassworks is Sweden’s oldest still operating glassworks. The furnaces here have been lit since 1742. We welcome you into the warmth to witness a genuine Swedish handicraft. This is your chance to follow the production of Kosta Boda’s products in the glow from the furnaces. From the melting of the molten glass to glassblowing, cutting and painting.
Some of Kosta Boda’s most colourful designers have their studios at Kosta glassworks. Anna Ehrner, Göran Wärff and Kjell Engman work closely together with the craftsmen in the hot shops here. In the area you also find the Kosta Boda Art Gallery where you have the opportunity to see current exhibitions. Kosta Boda’s factory outlet is also located here and nearby also Kosta Outlet and the famous Kosta Boda Art Hotel.




thank you all for making my BIRTHDAY so special – last nights party was a blast!
diana, the cake was awesome and it had “I SAW SOMETHING NICE” written in chocolate powder on top – too bad I didnt take a better photo.. and my mom, she made a cake that matched my dress, unbelieveably nice…

aww, I need a moment to process all that joy and happiness. I will write a bit more about the party in tomorrows blogpost. stay tuned.



hair tutorial 

this was planned for quiet a while and finally I had the chance and time to do it together with Helena from the Winter Coiffure Salon in Basel. thank you so much for everything. x

Marylin Monroe is very known for her blonde curly look and eventhough I am not blonde I think we can all try to look a bit like her – not kidding! so what I am trying to is to create a similar look but work with the features of ones face and make a nice fusion look. so in my case I watched so many youtube tutorials and documentaries about Marilyn Monroe and learned a lot about her life and career and oh dear, she didnt have a too happy life as she was addicted to drugs and had a hard time organizing her life and acting – often she didnt show up on the set or fell asleep during the takes due to her sleeping pill addiction. but of course there are also nice and funny things to share about her. to achive the perfect wiggle she cut a tiny piece of both of her heels – thats genious, isnt it? who would do that today except for Lady Gaga?

so let me start with the TUTORIAL and guide you thru some easy steps – ten to be exact. Firs of all you need Curling Irons in two different sizes (small and medium) and some good shampoo and treatment products, I used the REDKEN Blonde Idol collection and the VALERA curling irons. We also need booby pins, Hairspray and makeUp (redlipstick, fake eyelashes, foundation, eyeliner in black) and a Marilyn Monroe outfit.

step 1

wash your hair and use mousse for a better grip – pull it through the hair from scalp to the ends.

step 2

blow dry your hair. I read that it is better to do the curls on fresh washed hair for a very long lasting Marilyn Monroe look.

step 3

use heat protection spray and start to heat the curling irons. I used the VALERA curling irons and they worked really great. You can adjust the heat from 130 to 190 °C and they have a nice clip to really hold a tight curl. and thats exactly what we want for this look.

step 4

section your hair in tiny parts all around the head and start at the lower back of the head. start with the smaller curling iron and start to curl the hair towards the head. after you have curled two sections you grap a clip and clip the curl to the head – like this the curl can cool in a very soft way and this will help the curls to last a lot longer. so alternate the curling irons and switch between the smaller and medium one. always curl towards the head and never outwards. leave out the bang parts.

step 5

now we will curl the bang section and also here we curl towards the face and we use the bigger curling iron for doing that. also here we clip the curl to the head and let everything cool.

step 6

spray a light hairspray over the clipped curls and let it all set and cool.

step 7

remove all the clips and take a nice brush and start brushing the curls out – dont use too much force so lightly brush thru your curls and always make sure to brush the ends inwards.

step 8

Marilyn Monroe didnt have a split she styled her hair in a very nice and voluminous way – I tried to achieve this but it made me look like a mix between a puddle and afro – not kidding again. so I figured why not transforming this style a bit towards my looks and therefore I styled a split on the left and brushed the hair around it.

step 9

in case you have longer hair than Marilyn did than you need some bobby pins to tuck your curls in – like I had to do it too. this gives a fuller look and also the curls will last a lot longer as there is no weight pulling them down – hello gravity!

step 10

use another spritz of hairspray in order to seal the complete look. now it is time for the styling. I choose a nice elegant dress with a fakefur coat, some sparkly earrings that look like real diamonds and black heels. for the makeUp we need a pair of fake eyelashes, a black eyeliner and red lipstick – voila – thats it!

makeUp tricks
so Marilyn Monroe had a very dramatic winged eyeliner with a nice winged lower lash line too. she had a sheer silver eyeshadow all over her lid and used a rather dark color to cut the crease. this gives the impressions of more hidden but also more lustre eyes. I already have a beauty mark on my cheek so I just darkened this one – in case you dont have one just easily fake one.

so that is really it – I hope you liked it and I would be super happy to see your Marilyn Monroe looks – please share them with me! x




happy new year – I hope you all had a good time and I wish all of you an awesome new year with lots of fun surprises! for me the most important thing is health – no money can buy – and that’s why it’s so precious to me. we have to live with the given and should try to make the best out of it.

I am not a big fan of new years resolutions but one thing I will focus on are the small things in life that make a difference. I SAW SOMETHING NICE will be showing nice things about fashion art design beauty and lifestyle with special care for the MEN page. I am looking forward to shooting lots of nice things just like the blogs name implements. stay tuned. xx



I hope you all had a nice time with friends and family. I had two nice dinners at home and had a very nice time. <3 today it is only about relaxing. I started this day with a nice long shower and am wearing my most comfy cashmere sweater. thank you @Nivea for sending this lovely box. there is something nice and new inside. more on the blog soon. merci! tomorrow I am showing you an nice black and grey outfit. I might post a sneak peek on instagram 🙂



this is one of my favorite fragrances EVER! modern muse by EstĂ©e Lauder for everyday and the modern muse chic for a special occassion. at least thats how I wear these fragrances. tomorrow is christmas eve and I hope that you already have all your presents for family and friends. in case you havent I can highly recommend to get one of these gift boxes. thank you EstĂ©e Lauder for spoiling me – merry christmas! xx