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velafrica burkina faso

VELAFRICA – mobility with perspectives

Velafrica connects work and integration in Switzerland with development in Africa.
Since 1993 the Non-Profit Organisation has collected old, worn-out bicycles, refurbishing them with social institutions and exporting them to its partners in Africa.
velafrica burkina faso
  • Collection
    there are 479 permanent and free collection points for bicycles across the country. Every year, an additional 50 collection events are organized.
  • Recycling
    thanks to functional recycling of our bikes, 350 tonnes of old metal is saved from the shredder each year.
  • Integration
    360 unemployed and physically challenged people refurbish the donated bicycles and prepare them for transport to Africa.
  • Export
    in 2015, Velafrica sent 38 shipping containers with 17‘455 donated and reworked bicycles from Switzerland to Africa.
  • Mobility
    since 1993 over 140‘000 donated Swiss bikes have found a new owner. On average, four people benefit from the use of a bicycle.
  • Vocational Training & Jobs
    by 2015, 106 youth completed an apprenticeship in bicycle mechanics. Bicycle workshops create jobs in repair and sales.
more info in this PDF here >> PDF
 velafrica workshops
Velafrica has the support of 30 partners across Switzerland. Between Liestal and Brig, Bulle and Chur, a dense network of social enterprises work towards integrational work. in 2015, Velafrica started an export workshop in Liebefeld, Berne as an integrational project for refugees and migrants.
They work with 13 regional partners in Gambia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Eritrea. This partnership is done with non-profit and selected small businesses. We foster a relationship based on economic collaboration to promote social entrepreneurship.


 “bycicle reduces poverty”
The bicycle is an affordable alternative that spares people from walking. In cellars across Switzerland there are many bicycles that remain unused. In the developing regions of Africa however, cheap forms of transport are scarce. The recycled bicycles from Switzerland improve local access to education, health care and economic opportunities. After research done by Velafrica in Burkina Faso and Tanzania, mobility was found to be the most important factor in overcoming poverty.

I am so happy that I walked into Angela during the ECO festival in Basel and it makes me even happier to share this awesome project with all of you.

Waldeggstrasse 27
3097 Liebefeld
T +41 (0)31 979 70 50


today I wanna share a very special and awesome project with all of you. its called HEX HOUSE – a dignified living solution brought to light by the AFS architects (architects for society). I used to work for Herzog & de Meuron in the past and thats where I know Amro from, (one of the architects from AFS), I asked him for some information in regards to their project, and thats what I am going to share with all of you now. to help fund them to reach their goal, please click here >> gofund.me/g7bdy




my favorite brushes


1 Tweezerman iQ Pointed Foundation Brush
2 e.l.f. Small Stippling Brush
3 Estée Lauder Sculpting Foundation Brush
4 M.A.C 219
5 M.A.C 217
6 EcoTools Large Powder Brush


these are my favorite brushes and I almost use them on a daily basis. and now I wanna tell you why and for what I love them so much. #1 has the perfect shape for around the eyes and nose, I use it for powder, foundation or concealer. #2 this brush is an allrounder, I use it for highlighter, for blush, to blend contouring, for concealing and for foundation. #3 my go to sculpting brush, it has the perfect shape for my cheeks, jawline and forehead. #4 I use this bugger to smudge my eyeliner, to apply eyeshadow under the eyes and to conceal blemishes. #5 my number one blending brush, it works like magic, I use it for the crease and move with windshield wiping strokes to perfectly blend the shadows. #6 this one is perfect for loose or compact powder, I use it allover the face.

and by the way, did you know that Estée Lauder now has a swiss online shop? I tried it out and ordered some nice things for my mom, the service is great, fast delivery and extra goodies. have a lovely monday and I would love to know which are your favorite brushes. please leave a comment. sharing is caring, right? X



the ART Basel week is over and I had such a good time. once again my dear friends from the netherlands were here and this year Justin showed a german artist
SEBASTIAN WEGGLER at his TEN HAAF PROJECTS gallery space inside VOLTA11.
my schedule was tight especially the first three days were very intense, lots of ART lots of DESIGN and lots of PARTYING.

here you can find all my posts from twitter, facebook and instagram.

monday I started with VOLTA11 and ART UNLIMITED and enjoyed myself at the LISTE OPENING PARTY at VOLKSHAUS. tuesday I had breakfast at the Rolls Royce art space inside ELISABETHEN KIRCHE with Isaac Julien and his so very cool video installations from iceland – read more about the project here. and later on I went to see DESIGN MIAMI BASEL and also saw the AUDEMARS PIGUET fireflies installation by ROBIN MEIER – I also blogged about that project – more here. in the evening we had an awesome party on DAS SCHIFF by DESIGN MIAMI BASEL and PERROTIN where we all met TAKESHI MURAKAMI and took funny photos with his staff. wednesday I started my day with DAVIDOFF and went to ART BASEL and SCOPE. later on we had a super nice time at VITRA – we were so lucky that it did not rain that day. thursday I had time to see ART BASEL again but only for a short time as I had to go home and see whether the delivery guy had brought my beautiful dresses by IOANA CIAOLACU for thursday and friday night. thursday night was BASEL NACHT where I was one of the hosts by VOLTA11 and I planned to wear the gorgeous red printed silk dress that had not arrived until fifteen minutes before the start of BASEL NACHT 🙂 but it was absolutely worth to wait for it. friday I had time to see ART BASEL and DESIGN MIAMI again and then spent a wonderful evening at Fondation Beyeler. afterwards we all met at CAMPARI CLUB at KUNSTHALLE.
saturday I had time to see LISTE ART UNLIMITED, DESIGN MIAMI and THE SOLO PROJECT and then went back to VOLTA. sunday I went to SCOPE where I have found something really nice. anyway, I will soon upload all the photos I took during the week and I will also tell you about the guy with the spices at Fondation Beyeler park. stay tuned for more and now I wanna show you some of my outfits during ART BASEL.


SHAVED ICE by JIM LAMBIE at ART UNLIMITED is the perfect artwork for selfies!

the new dress and shoes that I have ordered via zalando.ch together with my  white PAUW coat and the official DESIGN MIAMI Basel bag.



outfit: a rather oldschool outfit with my beloved DANIELA SPILLMANN coat and a super old LACOSTE V neck sweater, my DIVIDED shoes and C&A pants.


outfit: the printed IOANA CIOLACU dress and my NAVYBOOT sandals with my silver DIESEL clutch, ready for BASEL NACHT at VOLTA11.



outfit: I was wearing another printed IOANA CIOLACU dress and my ZIGN sandals for the Fondation Beyeler party.



a black C&A jumpsuit, my recycled H&M coat and NIKE free shoes together with the official DESIGN MIAMI bag. I am so sick of sumer in switzerland..

wearing my red cashmere winter coat by PARENTIS and a black jumpsuit by C&A with my DIVIDED shoes. hopefully summer will be back soon. X


#kbreise15 – KARLSRUHE

I just got back from KARLSRUHE and I wanna share with you my impressions. I already shared the program with you in a previous blogpost and now you get to see the images. I had a great time and I met so many nice bloggers. check the links below the photos to see who I met.


IMG_7797window_karlsruhe IMG_7807

DIE MEISTER SAMMLERIN // 11 x Karoline Luise

diemeistersammlerin messagesfromParis IMG_778611malKarolineLuise 11malKarolineLuise herdress herdress herdress diemeistersammlerin


refreshmentmain course starters







ME //


bag DKNY via zalando.ch
coat H&M
pants C&A






“THERE IS ALWAYS AN OPEN DOOR” – there is always a way – might not be easy and simple but in the end there will be a solution!

today I wanna share with you my tips and tricks on how I keep the world informed about I SAW SOMETHING NICE. some things might be very simple and some need a bit more research but I am sure it will be totally worth it.

always carry businesscards with you because you never know who you are going to meet and it always gives a nice impression when you have your own cards.  use the same design for your cards as you use for your website this is called CD aka corporate design and is part of the CI aka corporate identity. in my case I buy blank white cards and I use a stamp with the same font that I use on the blog to make my cards.

let your friends and followers know what you do and share your links and photos with them via all the different channels and platforms there are. if you only share words, hashtags and links then twitter might be your thing, in case it is more about images, texts and links then facebook should be your thing and when its mainly about images and hashtags then instagram is your thing. I mainly use facebook but also share my fotos via instagram and share my links via twitter. there are certain times when your audience is online and offline and it is key to find that out and post according to their schedule.

it is very important to know your people. who reads your content, what age, what gender? do you know these things? there are many ways to find out. I use google analytics and I find it very easy. once you know your followers and readers you can also find out more about their behaviour and lifestyle. are these people a lot in front of the computer or are they mainly using the smartphone because they are students or younger folks? to know such things are key to a successful and widespread content.

what do you read in the internet? do you read blogs or feeds or are you subscribed to newsletters? do you like to watch videos, if so do you like to watch tutorials or vlogs? the best question for great content is: WOULD I LIKE TO READ OR WATCH IT? if so go ahead and do it, I am sure you will be successful due to your authenticity and passion.

BUT you have to give credits – this is crucial! when you take a photo that you didnt take yourself it is always best to ask before. in case they dont answer or you can not contact them then anyway always put the correct credits, such as link, author etc.

I hope that was helpful, I will try to post more of these tips and tricks in the future. stay tuned. X




thank you all for making my BIRTHDAY so special – last nights party was a blast!
diana, the cake was awesome and it had “I SAW SOMETHING NICE” written in chocolate powder on top – too bad I didnt take a better photo.. and my mom, she made a cake that matched my dress, unbelieveably nice…

aww, I need a moment to process all that joy and happiness. I will write a bit more about the party in tomorrows blogpost. stay tuned.




nomnom.. today I did something really nice: I baked with my dear friend Simone and I just had to share her delicious recipe with you. as I am a vegetarian I often ask myself if I get enough proteins thru my daily food. Simone is a chef and she knows a lot about food and nutrition and she told me that by eating a couple of those delicious HEMPSEED SPLUDGES I make sure to cover my daily protein dose. a couple of days ago she brought me a jar of her yummie home made spludges and thats when I knew that I wanna find out about how to make those myself, and of course I had to include all of you because sharing is caring, right?



40 g HEMPSEED (peeled)
40 g APRICOT (dried)
3 Tablespoon HONEY
3 egg white


step one: MIX the oatmeal, the seeds and the apricots in a big bowl. step two: ADD the egg white and honey. step three: HEAT the oven 120 °C (convection oven) step four: SCOOP tiny splodges to a baking paper on a baking tray. step five: WAIT 25 minutes and let them cool before you touch them – otherwise they might break..


that was a very easy recipe, right? I am eating one of the spludges right now and it is just delicious. mmmhhmmm.. NOTE in case you want to make a vegan version then you can use vegan egg white  instead of the egg white and use stevia instead of the honey. for more protein power you can exchange one of the seeds with roasted soy beans and for more crunchiness you can add some chopped walnuts. enjoy baking and have a lovely weekend! X



thank you all for being here! I hope you can spend a nice holiday and enjoy the last days of this year. I started an amazing christmas eve day in lucerne and had a nice quiet dinner at home with friends. today it’s all about chilling – that’s why I am also showing you this comfy wool look!


jeans C&A
shoes AP
scarf DIY (I knitted this for C)
sweater ZARA
beanie COS
earrings H&M


something new! ZOÉ ultrasensitive

Migros has launched something new – the ZOÉ ultrasensitive SOIN DE JOUR SPF 15 anti age – SOIN 24 hSOIN CONTOUR DES YEUX – recommended by AHA! the allergy service.

I havent had the time to test them yet but it is for sure on my to do list and as I have rather sensitive skin this line might be the perfect thing for me. in case you have tried it already please let me know what you think about it. sharing is caring, right?


DO IT YOURSELF advent calendar

today is december first and I am actually very late with showing you this post as all the advent calendars start today 🙂 anyway I felt the urge to share my idea with you – maybe for next year. who knows!

what do you need?

silver pen
black pen
white paper / one thicker paper for template
black envelopes and cards
black pegs (mini)
24 ideas*

*some ideas

you could write 24 reasons why you love someone – you could give 24 vouchers to someone – you could remember 24 events with someone and re-capture them – you could draw 24 nice things – as you see I could go on and on and on with ideas. and let me tell you – the advent season is not about spending lots of money it is about caring for others and sharing love. so I saw many nice DIY advent calendars that involved buying 24 items and I think you can also make someone happy with words and only spending a little. I found all my things at Manor in basel and I have spent 13 CHF 🙂

step one
draw a christmas tree on a thicker piece of paper and use this as a template. copy the shape to the white paper and cut 24 trees.

step two
write 24 ideas on the black cards using a silver pen

step three
mark the numbers 1 to 24 on the white christmas trees with a black pen

step four
glue the christmas trees to the black envelopes

step five

hang a black cord to a wall and place the cards with the pegs

THAT’S IT! as easy as ABC or 123, right?
happy advent season. xx


boyfriend jeans day!

when I saw Cristians jeans hanging like this on the hook of his closet I had to get my camera and capture it. I think if one wanted to drape jeans like this it would take hours and he just did it randomly and not on purpose 🙂
this made me wear my boyfriend jeans today and I will soon show you the photos of todays look.


my lunch SNACK

tomato-potato soup from MANOR and my first GRÄTTIMA this year with a bowl of my favorite chips by ZWEIFEL. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw that MIGROS is already selling grätima – this is something we eat on december 6, for santa claus. but next to the grätima I saw there were already some X MAS cookies – wtf ? ehm, I am not in a winter mood yet, but thanks for offering the sweet side of it as I can not stand the cold of the swiss winters! BON APPETIT!



such a nice way to start the week – I received so much love and wanna share some with you! thanks for being here. xx