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such a nice way to start the week – I received so much love and wanna share some with you! thanks for being here. xx



I did it. I went BIG. not that size matters in general – but here it does 🙂 I found this lovely piece at the ADVOLAT webshop and was thinking about it for the last couple of weeks before I ended up getting it. Cristian has the ADVOLAT CITY watch and I once stole his watch for a day and really enjoyed wearing a big watch. so this one the FLIEGER 2 is in fact slightly bigger than Cristians one.


blouse REVERSE
pants H&M
sneakers CONVERSE


LIFE update!

fall is here and I am getting my wardrobe for the season together. something that I really love, shopping and mixing and matching new things with older stuff. I had such a good time lately and was invited to soo many nice places and was able to do so many awesome things. thank you life for bringing nice things my way! I have had a rough start into the year. some of you may know already. I was in the hospital over christmas 2013 because I have lost my sense of taste. anyway, after weeks of high dosed cortison I was able to taste something again but also had to deal with a rather negative diagnose: MS – multiple sclerosis! first reaction shock – wtf! I have just arranged to start my own business with my blog and I have already cancelled my job at Herzog & de Meuron that time. was that the biggest mistake ever? well it turns out NO it was not a mistake to quit my job and start my own business because like this I can work according to me and my personal situation. I have hired a personal trainer in order to keep my muscles fit and healthy. I will soon introduce you to my trainer and the exercices we do. in the photos above you can see me running in the rain and I hope I will be able to do that for a very very long time! stay positive and wish me lots of positive things. a positive mind can fight many challenges and one of them is my personal fight against my own disease!



I have already showed you this outfit before but not this photo and I felt I wanna share it with you guys here too. you might wonder why I have such a big smile in my face, hmm, well, it is because I am so happy about my new MIU MIU sunglasses. they are perfect for the autumn sun. I love the shape and color.


skirt C&A
sneakers NIKE FREE
sunglasses MIU MIU
clutch COS
belt VINTAGE (fleamarket)





one of my favorite looks – the bronzed sunkissed look. I can wear this everyday and never get tired of it. so one of my newer bronzing powders is the SUNKISSED by CLINIQUE and I gotta tell you that I am very much in love with this bugger. the product comes with a brush but I rather use one of my brushes to apply it. the brush that comes with the product can be very handy for short trips where you dont want to pack too many makeup products. in case u wanna shop it now – here is the link «

as I use bronzing powder almost every day I have quiet a variety of different ones. most of them are by M.A.C. 🙂 but I also have bronzingpoweders by BOBBI BROWN. TOM FORD. CLINIQUE. CATRICE. WET’N WILD and CLARINS.

whats your favorite bronzing product?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY isawsomethingnice

yesterday my Blog turned four years – wow! thank you all for being here, reading my posts, reblogging them and of course thanks to the great tumblr staff <3 I will continue to feed your dash!

this february I started to work 100% on my own blog and also started blogging for other brands and shops. I am a fulltime blogger if you wanna say so 🙂 I fullfilled my own dream and started I SAW SOMETHING NICE and until today I can not get enough of sharing is caring and will of course succeed. there is always more to do, right?

again, thanks to all of you! xx Lea

photo via andotheradventures.blogspot.com



at the NARS’ 20th Anniversary in New York

aww, I love this simple and chic black and white look. her blue eyes and red lips stick out beautifully like this. she is wearing 3 essential key pieces:

black flats
black skinny jeans
white blouse

every wardrobe should have these 3 things as they make it so easy to form an outfit around. you can always wear a good pair of black flats with everything. the same with the black skinny jeans – it will always work, either with heels, a blazer or with a cashmere sweater and of course the same with master key piece the white blouse!



thank you Jakob Olsson
for this lovely photo of me / isawsomethingnice



ROST & GOLD (zurich, switzerland)

this was the place where I immediately felt like home – such a cosy place with lots and lots of very nice things to see. I only captured a few things with my camera – there is way more to see. so for the people who will travel to zurich I think this place is a MUST!


Rost & Gold is owned and run by 2 lovely men called Werner and Roland. I met them that very night in person and had some good laughs and talks. thank you Dushka for introducing us. xx



what am I talking about and why am I showing you a picture of my nails and lip? when I say DREAM TEAM I mean the new gorgeous fall collection products by ESTÉE LAUDER – the matte PURE COLOR 04 HEART BEET nailpolish and the PURE COLOR ENVY 460 BRAZEN lipstick. both are beautiful dark burgundy berry colors and work perfectly together!




fall winter collection 2014

05 heart beet (MATTE)
460 brazen ENVY


SOMETHING NICE by La Roche-Posay

TOLERIANE ULTRA – this is the most sensitive makeupremover that I have ever tried – wow – slightly impressed about this product! it is a gentle product for very sensitive skin and therefore each dose is filled in a little plastic drop/container – lots of trash but I would still repurchase it as it is just simply perfect for my couperose skin!

HYDRAPHASE INTENSE LEGERE – a very very light but still hydrating skincare for everyday – apply day and night and it is perfect for sensitive to normal skin. I have not used this product yet, so I can not tell you whether I liked it or not. I will try it in the next couple of weeks and will hopefully get back to you about it.




last night was the COS store opening in Zurichs Niederdörfli. the event was a blast! lots of fashionable, stylish people were invited and were given 30% discount for the whole COS collection. thats when the nightmare 🙂 began!

last nights catering was directly sent from heaven! I didnt try anything because I am very picky with food – but my dear friend Dushka volunteered and tried all the different dishes and all of them were not only really delicious but also very creative and looked stunning!

at COS I found something for me and something for Cristian – both sweaters in burgundy. If you didnt know berry and burgundy colors will be HUGE this fall/winter season. the items will be soon on the blog 🙂

more photos from the event will be uploaded to my instagram and FB page




Zalando Summer House 2014

This year 22 international fashion bloggers were invited to the Zalando Summer House (#zalandosummerhouse). From the 28th until the 30th of August 2014, they stayed at the wonderful castle- Schloss Herzfelde in the Uckermark an hour north of Berlin. Inspired by ‘La Dolce Vita’ of the 1950s the house was decorated with candy coloured furniture, contained a café with an Italian barista, a big garden with retro games and DIY stations that gave the bloggers time to relax, be creative and enjoy the good life.