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There a lot of things to do and see in Barcelona when it comes to art, music, architecture, culture in general.  C and I, had few things in mind, few activities that were recommended to us or we read about. We were there for a week, so we tried to combine the delightful days at the beach, the lazy walks around the city during day and night time, the delicious dinners and drinks with museum visits, or architectural pilgrimages.
But before we start sharing some of these beautiful treats, I first need to mention that C is an architect and for him Barcelona is a real urban spectacle, he enjoyed a lot many of Barcelona´s streets, buildings, parks, plazas. According to his taste Barcelona is his favourite city when it comes to urban spaces, he considers Barcelona as the Mecca of urban life and urban design (that´s his opinion so let´s respect it 🙂 ). So I guess for those of you that are really interested in architecture and urban space, take some time to walk around the city, get it´s vibe, start understanding the structure, the scales, the corners, the details, the music of the city and it´s smell.
So long story short, here is our list of things to see in 7 DAYS IN BARCELONA.

1st –  The Diposit de Aigües Building 7 DAYS IN BARCELONA7 DAYS IN BARCELONA

The library is part of the Universitat Pompeu Fabras campus, the building is a former structure that was holding a water tank, it was designed in 1874 by Josep Fontsere and the static calculation were done by a young student of architecture, Antoni Gaudi i Cornet.
From the 1874 to nowadays the building had a very interesting history, sheltering a municipal asylum, fire service store, garage of the Municipal Police force, justice department archive. It became a property of the university in 1992. The architects that did the renovation and transformed the space in to a library are Lluis Clotet and Ignacio Paricio.7 DAYS IN BARCELONAhttps://www.upf.edu/campus/en/historia/aigues.html
C was amazed by the imposing structure, and the feeling of walking through a temple rather than a library, a temple of knowledge. This feeling reminded him of other retaining water designated structures that he found in India the water wells, which impressed him a lot radiating the same type of feeling of wandering through a sacred space.


The Fundacion Mapfre exhibition hall is located in Casa Garriga Nogués, which is a truly beautiful space and a great example of Catalan modernism. The house was built by the architect Enric Sagnier in the early beginning of the 20 th century for a family of bankers.
The exhibition hall was open to the public in September 2015 and so far it featured shows like the triumph of color, a beautiful expedition trough the impressionist paintings and the avant garde, from Van Gogh to Matisse, the photography of Hiroshi Sugimoto or the photography of Bruce Davidson.


C heard about the Hiroshi Sugimoto show and he was really eager to see it, unfortunately the show already left for Madrid, but instead we manage to see the show of the American photographer Bruce Davidson. We weren’t familiar with his work, but at the end of the tour we were really impressed. There is a chronological order that you need to follow, that opens pages of American and European history. It is a beautiful documentary about human life, a must see.


3rd – Elogio al aqua – Eduardo Chillida 7 DAYS IN BARCELONA7 DAYS IN BARCELONA

This piece is in Parc de la Creueta del Coll, which is situated in the very hilly side of Barcelona, reminding us of the streets of San Francisco. Far away from the tourist invasion (reachable with the metro) and nested in a residential area. The sculpture is big and impressive, reminding you of an ancient marine animal, that instead of finding itself in the water is levitating over in some kind of contemplation state. The very funny detail about this sculpture is that it is inside of a public children swimming pool. The sculpture is the work of Eduardo Chillida, a Basque artist coming from San Sebastian, formerly trained as an architect. C appreciates his work a lot.

4th  Fundacio Juan Miro 7 DAYS IN BARCELONA

Last but not least, Fundacio Juan Miro was a very nice surprise. Situated in Parc Montjuic, surrounded by beautiful nature and other touristic attractions, the museum is a quiet and rich artistic oasis. The building designed by the Spanish architect Josep Lluis Sert is hosting a good amount of Juan Miro´s work, plus contemporary art works from different artists that are collaborating with the foundation.
It is really an interesting mix of architecture, modern and contemporary art, that deserves a good two hours (at least). So if you are in love with art or just curious, write it down on your TO DO list and don´t miss it.


I hope you liked our tips for 7 DAYS IN BARCELONA. I can not wait to go there again. Please keep us posted about your favorite places to visit in Barcelona. X


I was in Barcelona for a week. I went with C, the weather was perfect and both of us have already been to Barcelona. now I have some really delicious food tips to share with you. so without further ado, lets start MY BARCELONA FOOD TIPS.
C/Enrique Granados
08007 Barcelona
we had a lovely brunch at brunch & cake. when we arrived, it was really busy. we had to leave our name and wait. after 15 minutes we got a beautiful outdoor table and were ready to order. in case you are planning to eat there I would make a reservation.

we really loved the food presentation. all of our meals were served in different plates. well, in M’s case it was a shovel. 🙂 it was the first time we saw food being served in a shovel and we all thought its an awesome idea. so, what did we eat? we ordered: egg benedict, quinoa burger and avocado toast. mmhhmm, everything was super tasty.
C/Asturias 33
08012 Barcelona
this is a spanish restaurant serving tapas but in a very elegant and modern way. I had the best BRAVAS (potatoes with a spicy sauce) and C loved his PULPO (octopus) on the sticks. its a tiny space but very cozy and relaxed with a good atmosphere. we felt almost like at home.
these are the BRAVAS that I was mentioning before. mmmhhmm, look at this creamy spicy sauce that covers the potatoes. and below that photo you can see the PULPO on the stick. we would absolutely recommend to eat at SMS DELICIES and try the BRAVAS and PULPO.
Passeig de Gracia 24
08007 Barcelona
ooh wow. we did not expect such a beautiful space when we walked towards EL NACIONAL. its hidden between the houses at Passeig de Gracia. a place to relax for a moment and enjoy a traditional spanish meal or a refreshing drink. EL NACIONAL used to be a garage and was transformed to this very cozy hall with different restaurants and bars. I really hope that you so far enjoy my BARCELONA FOOD TIPS and I would love to hear from you. which are your favorite places to eat in Barcelona?
thats how the entrance looks like. lots of wood and green with a very nice wooden cobble stone floor. wow. look at this! I really have to go back and eat and drink something in all the different places inside the EL NACIONAL. I was so impressed with the decor so be prepared for lots of photos.
we chose to eat at the LA PARADETA, which was a very great choice. the GAZPACHO soup was one of the best I have ever had. unfortunately I totally forgot to take a picture. maybe because I was taking so many photos of the beautiful location. each restaurant or bar had their own style but everything fot very well together. the nicest thing of each place were the lamps.


the lavatories were really nice as well. a nice mix of materials and a lovely reuse of old pipes and faucets. there were big photos of how this place use to look like. the transformation of the garage to EL NACIONAL.



C/Gran de Gracia 81
08012 Barcelona
‘When the raw material is the best on the market, the only thing a chef need do is respect the product, using the right amount of heat and seasoning to arouse all its flavour and aroma.’

Moncho Neira, Botafumeiro’s owner and chef
BOTAFUMEIRO is a very elegant and very well known restaurant in the heart of Carrer Gran de Gracia. a lot of famous people have dined there and lots of photos are shown at the entrance. (Clinton, Bush, several football players and actors) the place is famous for its fish and sea food dishes. from the entrance the place looks like a normal restaurant. but by walking further I realized how big BOTAFUMEIRO was. there were so many different rooms and platforms. with the white dressed waiters I somehow had the impression of being on a cruise ship. It is a funny and lovely combination of The Grand Budapest Hotel and the The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, two awesome Wes Anderson movies.


Calle Verdi 79
08012 Barcelona
thats the place where we have spent our last night in Barcelona and both had an amazing dinner. the funny thing was, that we were looking for a place to eat and were walking down Calle Verdi reading the menus and checking the restaurants. so when I read their menu, I could not belive my eyes. I LIKED EVERYTHING ON THE MENU. thats a very rare thing to happen. and when C came to check the menu too, he finally found out why. CAFE CAMELIA is a vegetarian restaurant. well, now everything made more sense. lol 🙂
we ordered a QUINOA BURGER and COUS COUS VEGETABLE STEW and started with a fresh vegetables/fruit juice. awww, the food was delicious and the waiters were so kind and nice. I will def go back to this place. lets see how fast I can be back in Barcelona 🙂
so, that was it for MY BARCELONA FOOD TIPS. I hope you found them helpful. I took all the photos with my new HUAWEI p9 phone. I am very curious to hear about your favorite restaurants in Barcelona. please leave a comment below. X
Choux Restaurant Amsterdam


I was invited by C&A to see the AW16/17 collection in Amsterdam and now I wanna share all my visited places with you, hence the title: MY AMSTERDAM TIPS. the photo below was taken by lovely Giséle from TEXTILREVUE, thank you for taking this photo, it was very nice to meet you! and now lets start with the delicious food and drinks I had.

Amsterdam Tips


Amsterdam Tips
mmhhmm, such a tasty vegetarian sandwich that I had at the Beurs Van Berlage café. a very nice place to either sit in the sun on the terrace in front or to warm up inside. I went there twice and had the chance to do both due to amsterdams april weather. the café is very close to the central station and here is some info that I found about its history:
At the end of the 19th century, Amsterdam was doing well. Trade was flourishing and a growing number of people decided to move to the city. In 1896, the Amsterdam administration therefore decided to allow the construction of the new stock exchange to go ahead after all. The honour of developing this new building went to architect and urban designer Hendrik Petrus Berlage. Berlage designed a completely new building, its bell tower carrying the ‘Beursbengel’ (exchange bell) being the most prominent element. Berlage, being a staunch socialist, believed the stock exchange trade had a short lease of life. Yet he found a smart and creative solution for this dilemma: inspired by the Italian Palazzo Pubblicos, he decided to design the new stock exchange building in such a way that it could serve as a grand communal home, a public palace, after socialism had triumphed. He therefore built a sort of symbolic city hall, a ‘public palace’ that could temporarily serve as a stock exchange. Beurs van Berlage has a rich history of being the third stock exchange building of Amsterdam and being the host of the marriage of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima”
CHOUXAmsterdam Tips Amsterdam Tips Amsterdam Tips
a very cosy and nice place to have lunch or dinner. and let me tell you, the food is nothing what you have ever had before. special combinations and gorgeous decorations. the restaurant is located behind the central station and is open monday to saturday. my favorite part of the lunch was the dessert. mmmhhmm, the mix of frozen, soft, tart and sweet made my day!
this place is a bit further outside of the centre but is absolutely worth to take a cab or bus and visit this place. a huge hall with a ceiling height of at least ten metres. here is some info about its history:

”1897: a new century was beckoning, an industrial revolution was rageing, factories were shooting up everywhere. in amsterdam the first brick was layed for the pumping station. ever since 1851, the dune-water company had provided the people of amsterdam with fresh drinking water from the dunes at vogelenzang. through 23 kilometers of cast iron piping, it was pumped into the city where it could be bought outside the willemspoort at one cent per bucket. forseeing an imminent increase in water- consumption (in which case the capacity of Vogelenzang would prove insufficient), manager J. van Hasselt had plans drawn up for a new pumping station in amsterdam. In 1897, construction was started, and as early as 1900, the pumping station haarlemmerweg went into operation. behind the main building there were four underground reservoirs, each holding about 10,000 cubic metres of dune water. this water could be forced into the city through huge pipes in the cellar and the old watertower by four pumps in the engine room (now the restaurant). the spectacular engine room was renowned and people from everywhere came to see it. In 1941, a technical magazine spoke of “a well filled, symmetrical engine room that made a grand impression on the visitor and could be considered to be a jewel for the city of amsterdam.” the pumping station was kept operational until 1996. in the eighties, when it became trendy to convert vacated and restored ninteenth century industrial buildings into museums, theaters, restaurants, studios, offices and appartments, westerpark city council decided that a restored pumping station was to become the heart of a new car-free eco-area built in the former watercompany grounds. and so, on december 20th, 1996, café-restaurant amsterdam, situated in the old engine room, opened its doors to the public.”
W HOTEL loungeAmsterdam TipsAmsterdam Tips
this is the signature drink of the W Hotel lounge and as I dont drink alcohol I ordered the virgin version. it was as delicious as it looks! a rather posh lounge with very comfortable seating areas, an open fire place and a gorgeous view over amsterdam, thats what the W Hotel lounge has to offer and I am very glad that Mano took us there.


Adam and Paul are behind this very nice coffee place where you can also find Urban Outfitters goods. I found some interesting facts about them which proves that they really know what they are doing: great coffee!
“ADAM CRAIG is australian born and raised. while he remains a true-blue aussie at heart, the lure of new york’s cutting-edge specialty coffee scene soon grew too much for him, and before long he found himself heading over to see what all the fuss was about. it didn’t take long for rumors to become a reality when he saw the throbbing pulse of specialty coffee driving innovation and experimentation far beyond his wildest imagination in some of new york’s hippest coffee bars. not one to sit on the sidelines and watch, Adam soon set off on an entrepreneurial spree when he opened a string of his own inimitable coffee bars- ‘Variety Coffee’ in brooklyn in 2007, followed a year later by ‘Coffee Bar’ in brooklyn and eventually ‘Culture Espresso’ in the heart of manhatten with Paul Jenner in 2008. it wasn’t long before local hero The New York Times listed all three coffee bars in their ‘top ten all-time great coffee spots’ in manhattan and brooklyn. ultimately however, even the big apple proved too small to contain the dreams of this coffee serial entrepreneur, and in 2010 he sold up and set off over the horizon, this time with his sights on europe. in 2013 Adam and Paul opened Lot Sixty One which endeavours to be the netherland’s finest coffee bar and roastery.”
“PAUL JENNER is about as australian as they come. born and raised with a surfboard under his arm, he grew up carving his name into some of mother nature’s finest waves that rolled daily into his home town of sydney. but getting up to meet those early swells ain’t easy, and before long Paul was pulling espresso shots and earning his stripes in the horeca industry where he’s since been rocking it with the best of them for almost two decades. after founding and operating his own espresso bar back home, legend has it that a massive rip tide one day dragged Paul too far out from shore and brought him to america’s famed west coast surf belt, where he set up his next espresso bar in LA. always on the prowl for his next adventure, Paul soon headed on over to new york after hearing rumors that it offered respectable surf. well, while the verdict’s still out on that one, new york is where Paul opened Culture Espresso with Adam Craig in 2008. together at last, this dynamic duo perfected the art of running top coffee bars before relocating in 2012 to share the love with amsterdam, where Lot Sixty One receives the full double shot of aussie flair which has become the secret ingredient to making this place tick the way it does.
 today, Paul continues his search for the perfect wave – so if you see him wandering barefoot around oud west at 6am sporting a 10-foot longboard under his arm, you’ll know why.”
Amsterdam Tips
we had a great start into the day with hot tea at KOKO & Design. unfortunately I forgot to take a photo and thats why I had to hop to google maps and screenshot the location so you can at least see the house. KOKO offers a lovely mix of fashion and design accessories but let me tell you what I found via their website:
“the fashion at KOKO is selected by the two owners karlijn and caroline. with a strong vision and opinion about materials and quality they choose their designers. at KOKO you can create your own personal wardrobe. a combination of everyday basics combined with unique pieces.
the coffee at KOKO is roasted with love and care by the roasters of the antwerp caffènation. this microroastery and coffeebar is a statement in belgium and abroad. the roasters are always looking for the best quality specialty coffee of biological harvest. the love and passion for specialty coffee is at real place at KOKO coffee & design.”


PRJCT AMS ™Amsterdam Tips
PRJCT AMS is a multi-brand store for men, based in the heart of amsterdam’s city centre.
they carry an on-going mix of casual chic & quality garments in the mid- and high-end segment with a strong focus on the perfect basic. they offer an in-store made-to-measure sartorial suit service! quality is key and they salute innovative brands and upcoming designers alongside their private label and household names. brands: PRJCT AMS LABEL, 
THU and
O’ QUIREY by JAN PALMENAmsterdam Tips Amsterdam Tips
when I was walking by this shop it was unfortunately closed but I got to sneak a peek thru the window and saw lots of really nice men shoes. and then I googled O’Quirey and found out about Jan Palmen:

“as a passionate sportsman and certified instructor, Jan Palmen entered the retail business as a store manager in at a sports apparel store in groningen, the netherlands. during this time his love of shoes became his passion.

his passion led Jan to establish his own athletic shoe and apparel store named COACH. under his leadership, COACH expanded its business to 69 retail outlets located throughout the netherlands and germany. in 2000, Jan Palmen sold COACH and devoted his energy to the development of a premium retail concept focused on shoes and apparel.
 FOSBURY opened its flagship store in 2001 at assen and was elected “most beautiful store of the netherlands” that same year. FOSBURY meets the needs of its customers for distinctive quality and style through its premium products for men and women. from its own design studio Jan Palmen develops exclusive shoe and apparel designs for his customers. 

it is at this studio that the O’Quirey line of shoes, boots and apparel was born. O’Quirey shoes, boots and apparel are being sold throughout europe and china.”

so that was it from my tips for amsterdam, I had an amazing time and want to thank all of you who made my stay so nice and welcoming. I hope you found these tips helpful and let me know which are your favorite places in amsterdam. X



I got my hands on these two bars of chocolate when I was in Bucharest during Christmas last year and I wanted to find out more about romanian chcolate. here is what I found out:

“the first romanian chocolate products with royal name were launched at Elisabeta Palace on April, 6, 2015. “Kandia Regal” is the name, including three sorts: milk chocolate named after Princess Margareta, dark chocolate with 55 pc cocoa named after Prince Radu and dark chocolate with 75 pc cocoa Peles Castle.

“in Romania, for more than 120 years, the Royal House has encouraged the national chocolate production, each generation, starting with King Carol I and Queen Elisabeth attached their names to the Romanian chocolate. there was even a chocolate factory ‘Queen Mary’, set up in 1919.”

I only tried the 55pc and 75pc cocoa chocolate and they were super delicious, not too sweet and not too bitter. I personally liked the 55pc a bit better than the 75pc. not sure if I could tell the difference between this dark chocolate and the LINDT dark chocolate that I usually eat. so it def has some chance to be compared to swiss chocolate!










that was our beautiful view from the AIRBN place in BUCURESTI. we arrived on December, 27, and stayed until January, 1, 2016 and I saw so many nice things and I also saw many not so nice things. as you know me I rather focus on positive things and try to see the best in everything I do and live. hence the name of the blog. the situation in Romania is very special and difficult to judge from the outside and even after talking to local friends of Cristian I realized that this country has so much more to offer. It needs politicians who stand for their people and not for their own benefits. the country needs lots of reforms and transperancy when it comes to projects. Romania has great, smart and qualified people and is a country with precious resources, hopefully it will soon be a step closer to realize a change, I really wish for a country with less corruption and more trust.

Continue reading BUCURESTI



as you read in my previous post I am currently in Romania where I have spent a lovely Craciun = Christmas in Brasov and am now enjoying some days in Bucharest.

in BRASOV you should definitely visit the old city center with the gorgeous old houses and  the black church and stroll around the streets. BRASOV has the third narrowest street in Europe (told by our cab driver) STRADA SFORII (means rope street and is between 111 and 135 cm wide and about 80 meters long.) brasov brasov

house in brasovold doorI saw so many beautiful houses and when you go a bit outside of the old city center  you will see houses that are abandoned or half done. I find Brasov a very picturesque city and I have to go back and take photos of all the beautiful gates and doors. abandoned housewe started the day with ZOOM SERIE which opened 5 days ago and is famous for their sweets. they have an awesome list of fresh teas and make fresh juice. I can totally recommend the juice with banana, apple and oranges, the SWEET NOVEMBER tea, I hope I remember that tea correctly : ) its the one with hibiscus and berries and their BROWNIES. mmmhhmm! zoom seriewe ate very well at BISTRO DEL ARTE and HOCKEY PUB, in general the food was very delicious. as a vegetarian I was warned that Romania is the country of meat and cheese, two things I don’t like at all. but as I said I could not complain there were vegetarian dishes on the menu. a local vegetarian dish is ZACUSCA 🙂 another place that I really liked is called BISTRO MA COCOTTE. here you can see my BRUSCHETTA and PASTA from the hockey club. pasta Bruschettama cocotte bistromacocotte



makeup in a stick1 SMASHBOX L.A. LIGHTS / beverly hills blush
2 NYX / wonder stick WS04

these sticks are perfect for on the go. the things that come in handy when travelling or putting together a touchup makeup bag for your purse. I love it when makeup becomes convenient and thats very much the case with these two buggers. the SMASHBOX L.A. LIGHTS blush stick is also for the lips, so its a 2in1 product, yay! the NYX wonder stick is great for contouring and highlighting. first I thought I could use the light color as a concealer but noo, I would not advise to do so, as it has a shimmery texture and finish to it. so as I said, both of these products are great for on the way as they will not leak nor break due to their smart packaging.

what I got in my makeUp bag:

eyelash curler
smashbox blush and cheek stick
NYX wonder stick
lip balm

whats in your makeUp bag? let me know. sharing is caring, right? X



today I wanna introduce my new backpack / bag. jup you heard right, its a 2 in 1. I am talking about VICTORIA HARMONY from the new fall collection by VICTORINOX.

2 in 1 HARMONY
15.6” / 40cm (laptop)
pocket for tablet/ eReader
backpack and shoulderbag
meets most U.S. and International carry-on regulations

organizational panel with smartphone pocket, two pen loops large enough to hold writing utensils or a lipstick and a micro-suede zippered valuables pocket great for jewelry, but also perfectly sized for a pair of sunglasses.


padded, adjustable backpack straps hide behind rear pocket when carrying as a shoulder bag.


rear pocket converts to a sleeve to conveniently slide over the handle system of wheeled luggage.


adjustable leather straps allow bag to be carried over the shoulder.

I absolutely love my new companion and I finally know how it feels to carry all the wight on the back and have free hands, thats awesome. the black cherry color goes well with my wardrobe and what I also like is the very small logo. I dont like it when bags or accessories have huge logos. so this 2in1 is more than just a backpack and a bag its also an everyday bag or backpack.


“when my great-grandfather Karl Elsener opened a cutlery workshop to deliver a soldier knife to the swiss army in 1884, he had a revolutionary idea in mind. he was looking for a compact and sturdy knife, which offered many functions combined in a single tool. What he invented has long become a legend: the Original Swiss Army Knife. over the years, both customer needs and technology have changed. The Swiss Army Knife has evolved by responding to these needs, while remaining an essential tool our clients can rely on.
that’s our story. but it’s not what turned the Victorinox Knife into an icon. It’s about the stories our customers experienced in which our products played a vital role: stories about memorable moments of adventure and expeditions on earth, in the sky, and in space. dramatic stories in which our products contributed to solutions and saved lives. Even stories of prominent encounters where our knives opened doors, helping to create ties between politicians, opinion leaders and nations. we invite you to discover the world of Victorinox and are proud to be a companion for your life. In addition to pocket, household and professional knives, today the independent family company Victorinox also produces and sells timepieces, travel gear, fashion and fragrances all over the world. each product is an expression of Swiss quality and Swiss pioneering spirit. thank you for your interest and trust in Victorinox.


oooh and last but not least the perfume packaging of Victorinox eLLa won the Audience Award 2015 and reaches a top 3 placement in the category Design. Congratulations! X




I am already more than 3 weeks back from vacation and I totally forgot to tell you what makeUp I took with me to Castellammare del Golfo in Sicily. So now I finally found time and here we go:

I took 5 different eyeshadows and a blusher by ARTDECO and I put them in a MAC palette. all the ARTDECO powder products like blusher and eyeshadows have a tiny magnet on the back so they are made to be stored in a palette. perfect for vacation as you can put together your individual palette. in general in summer or in summer vacation I am not applying MakeUp every day but in the evening after a long day on the beach it is nice to pamper oneself and wear a nice dress and go for dinner. well thats what I did. I was only wearing the makeUp in the evening as it was way too hot to wear makeUp during the day..

a sparkly pale brown

a matte stale blue

a warm matte dark mauve

a pale light matte brown

a matte light powdery beige

a nice warm almost pan of terracota


so as you can see out of the 5 eyeshadows 4 of them are matte and only one has shimmer.I either wore a simple look or a more smokey look.

I start with 551 all over the lid and highlight the parts below the brows. 16 in the crease.

551 all over the lid and highlight the parts below the brow and the inner corner of the eyes. then I take 506 and cutting the crease. and using 517 and 520 to blend it towards the eyelid.

awesome pigmentation and no fall out thats exactly what I want from eyeshadows – I will for sure get more of these in order to have more shimmery shadows too. will keep you posted.

where can you get these ARTDECO products? I found mine at parfumcity.ch they have awesome deals and since it is a swiss online shop you dont have to pay any extra charges from the customs. ARTDECO is a german brand and is based in Karlsfeld Germany.

more about the brand here >>





today I am going to ZH to check out the D SUMMER HUB locationin order to share with you some sneak peeks. stay tuned for more via my SOCIAL MEDIA channels. thank you so much for inviting me. X

MORE INFORMATION about the event:
MORE PHOTOS from the location:




VERVEINE AGRUMES by L’OCCITANE is really worth a try – something new fresh and nice for spring summer. there are many different products and I got to try the shampoo and the body milk but have not opened them yet. too many other things to try first 🙂 hahahaha, thats the life of a blogger – no I am just kidding, certain things need time to really test and I only want to write about things in detail when I have tested them. so this blogpost is more an announcement.

finally the sun is back in town and this makes everything a lot easier. at the moment I am planning some outfit posts and am so excited to travel to KARLSRUHE
this friday – soon more via my SOCIAL MEDIA channels. X


where to stay in VENICE ITALY?

I can highly recommend to stay at the Molino Stucky Hilton on Giudecca Island. It is very easy to access and it is only a couple of stops away from the trainstation. there is a shuttle boat that takes u to the other side of the Giudecca Canal – Zattere is the stop called. I can not believe that already so much time has passed since I was staying at the lovely Hilton Hotel in Venice.. sigh! it really was a blast. unfortunately we had to leave our awesome ride – the Alfa Romeo Giulietta – at the Airport as Venice is a car-free city!

http://www3.hilton.com/resources/media/hi/VCEHIHI/en_US/img/shared/full_page_image_gallery/main/HL_skylineview_45_675x359_FitToBoxSmallDimension_Center.jpgthere is a fancy rooftop pool with a bar and there is a quiet nice SPA and fitness area – although I didnt have time to get any treatments but of course I had to check out the rooftop pool. that is absolutely awesome! from up there the view over Venice is priceless!


the room was sooo pretty – it faced the Giudecca Canal and also from there (fifth floor) I had an amazing view over Venice! thank you very much for the welcome bag! I enjoyed the cookies – mmmhhmm! and of course there had to be a MURANO chandelier in the room 🙂 how lovely!





ROST & GOLD (zurich, switzerland)

this was the place where I immediately felt like home – such a cosy place with lots and lots of very nice things to see. I only captured a few things with my camera – there is way more to see. so for the people who will travel to zurich I think this place is a MUST!


Rost & Gold is owned and run by 2 lovely men called Werner and Roland. I met them that very night in person and had some good laughs and talks. thank you Dushka for introducing us. xx