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MODE SUISSE edition 11 - swiss fashion design

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 – Swiss Fashion Design

Mikki Levy Strasser (ZH) has visited this years Mode Suisse Edition 11 for isawsomethingnice.ch and will tell us all about the news and hits of this years fashion collections. In the photo below you can see Mikki holding an issu_issu bag. Thank you Mikki for writing this blogpost and for sharing your opinion. X

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion

Mode Suisse Edition 11 – Swiss fashion design design
The 11th Edition of the Mode Suisse happened on March 7th at the Löwenbräu Areal in Zurich. Mode Suisse is an event that showcases Swiss fashion designers and their new collections. There was much to be seen this time!
The evening started with a Pre-view Cocktail where a few selected people had the chance to see the space before they had to leave the room and move to the upper floor where the L shaped Catwalk was. The runway floors were covered in carpets by the Swiss designers Schönstaub which gave the room that extra something.

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion

The show started BIG! Julia Seemann blew us away last time and she did it again. It was the perfect twist of street chic and 90s that is so in fashion right now. She showed the crowd that she is right at the pulse of time. Gurls get yourself a pair of patent leather over-knee boots. It is not a hooker thing anymore with this collection.

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion

The students of HEAD (Haute École d’Art et de Design) from Geneva showed very interesting modern pieces. I especially loved the oversized faux-fur coats by Jeremy Gaillard. Also I loved the play with proportions. It was one of these pieces that I would have loved to try on and take home. If people would see me with this on the street in Zurich they would think I am crazy. But who cares, a reason more for me to want one! It is not easy to be a peacock in a grey world, but it is a lot of fun!

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design

Following the students from Geneva was the traditional design house from Zurich, En Soie. I loved the pink cashmere sweaters and the cotton bomber jackets with the logo on the back. This collections was sticking to their roots and was showing us the evergreens they have been producing ever since. I loved it and my advise to everyone is: invest in evergreens!

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design
MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design

The Basel based design team WuethrichFuerst showed some big and bold prints with seat belts and golden metallic blocks as details. It was interesting and iI will keep an eye on them from now on.

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design

Now lets talk about something nice for men: the collection by Julian Zigerli. The models came out on to the runway as one solid group all holding each other. One after the other left the group and made it’s way down and around the corner where they lay down on the floor to come together as a group again. Something that was already seen at his Paris fashion week presentation. It must have been an amazing experience to see that life. As always he showed fun prints in different shades of green. Green checkered pants. Fine rip top and trousers in dark green. Coats with leo-prints and an oversized jumper with a big cat face on the front. It was fun, playful and wearable. If I have some money to spend it will definitely be at Zigerli.

MODE SUISSE Edition 11 - swiss fashion design

After the show a lot of the people met again downstairs to talk about what they saw and to look at each other. It was there where i spotted the girls from the new brand issu_issu (www.issuissu.com). They showed me their beautiful hand bags that have a clear PET shell and an inner bag with an amazing print. I immediately grabbed it and told them I want one. This is way more than just a cool hand bag. This is an art piece. I can not wait to get one and put it up in my room.
To sum it all up. This edition once more showed that Swiss fashion can be daring and right at the pulse of time, yet it has the freedom to be itself.
So long, for I saw something nice.
Yours Mikki




The Pink Ribbon Charity walk was a big success. I had lots of fun with TEAM LUBEX ANTI-AGE with whom I ran already last year. Pink Ribbon Charity Walk is taking place for the ninth time with 5,000 runners from 22 Swiss cantons.
Overall CHF 88,000 were raised and donated to the Swiss Cancer League. The annual breast cancer solidarity event has once again demonstrated the solidarity of the Swiss population with those affected, because the Pink Ribbon Walk is not about their own victory, but about putting a big sign in the fight against breast cancer in the community.



LUBEX anti-age had a booth at the Stadion. There they were handing out samples and gave helpful information about their awesome products. At the booth one had the chance to get a free hand massage treatment with the Lubex anti-age hydration oil. I would have never thought to use this oil for the hands, but indeed it works super well.


The PINK RIBBON CHARITY WALK 2016 was lots of fun. I heard that it was fully booked three days in advance. Thats awesome! In case you wanna run for a good cause next year check pink-ribbon.ch for more information.


Do you know already their newest serum? I had the pleasure to test it in the beginning of the year. Here you can read more about it. http://www.isawsomethingnice.ch/2016/03/ready-for-something-new


Thank you TEAM LUBEX ANTI-AGE it was a blast! X



 Audemars Piguet at ART Basel 2016
Audemars Piguet presented a new series of moving image and photographic works by Dan Holdsworth at the Audemars Piguet booth, designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, in the Collectors Lounge at Art Basel (16 – 19 June 2016).
As already mentioned, the lounge is designed by Chilean born, New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz. The theme of the stand is based on ‘Water and Ice’. And when I asked him what was behind the idea of the design he answered:
“whats incredible, because of the snow and the ice Le Brassus for long time it has always been isolated. so for six to nearly eight months a year they were blocked out. so this notion that you are completely isolated was actually what gave them the time to develop their technology. they had nothing else to do. so this problem becomes actually something benefitial for them and for us. why not bringing back that driving force as a concept. Originally we wanted a qiant slab of ice inside this space. Audemars Piguet was interested, Art Basel was like: no way it is happening. so we started thinking how do we symbolize this idea in a more economically responsible way.”
The result of his idea is what you can see in the photos below. Sebastian created the design of the booth around the theme of ice, water and winter in the Vallée de Joux. I personally like the ice tank that you can see in the first photo the best. I can stare at it forever!
Another thing that I found out at the press conference was, that the design is inspired by one of Sebastian’s childhood memories. The memory of water dripping into a bucket and the distinct natural rhythm that this caused. Taking inspiration from the visual design codes of ice formations and the beautiful snowed winters in Le Brassus and the Vallée de Joux, the new collectors lounge features a more spacious and luminous design language that resonates with contemporary creative energy. The design reflects the clean purity of nature and the presence of time.


I really like the new Audemars Piguet booth and I could relate very much to the ideas behind the design by Sebastian Errazuriz. Above and below you can see the art deco inspired lamps that fit perfectly into the whole design of the lounge.



Artist, designer and activist Sebastian Errazuriz has received international acclaim for his original and provocative works on a variety of areas and disciplines. Tackling everything from political artworks to giant public art projects, experimental furniture to product design and women’s shoes to motorcycles, Sebastian’s work is always surprising and compelling, inviting the viewer to look again at realities that were often hidden in front of their own eyes.

in case you did not know about him you should def check his website and see his amazing design pieces. one of my favorite is the soup plate that does not need to be tilted to get the last couple of spoons of soup. another cool piece, that I like a lot, is the chop stick that has a fork on one end and can be either used as a fork or broken into chopsticks. besides these he designed really cools shoes but have a look for yourself >> http://www.meetsebastian.com


Inside the booth designed by Sebastian Errazuriz there were a very limited amount of watches in display and the beautiful art works by Dan Holdsworth. Unfortunately I did not have time to visit the gallery in ZH but I did see some of his work online and inside the collectors lounge.

The details of a new series of photographic works by Dan Holdsworth has been premiered on the Audemars Piguet booth in the collectors lounge at Art Basel’s show in Basel. 
These photographic pieces explore the unique geological formations found in Audemars Piguet’s home, the Vallée de Joux in the Jura Mountains. By referencing the epic timescales by which these rock formations were formed, the works will invite the viewer to reimagine their relationship with time.
Holdsworth’s new moving image work will be accompanied by photographic pieces exploring the unique geological formations found in Audemars Piguet’s home at le Vallée de Joux. In parallel with the new works presented by Audemars Piguet in Basel, Holdsworth’s solo show, A Future Archeology, will open at SCHEUBLEIN + BAK, Zurich on 1 June, running until 2 September 2016. The exhibition will premiere new works from his Continuous Topography and Spatial Objects series, exploring the landscape of the Mont Blanc glacier using the same pioneering technologies to map out the fine detail of the region.


thank you Audemars Piguet for inviting me and organizing my interview with Sebastian Errazuriz. It was a pleasure to feature your booth on my blog. Llike every year it was a blast to be at Art Basel and get the chance to see so many nice things. thank you all! X

a new fragrance – PARADISO

thank you ROBERTO CAVALLI I finally found a fragrance of yours that I really like. I dont know if that is just me but all the CAVALLI fragrances before were too sweet and fruity for me. BUT this one has the right amount of freshness that I seek in a perfume. I am not really great with describing scents so I think the best thing to do is go to the next shop like MANOR or GLOBUS and check it out for yourself. I am now enjoying the beautiful sun and I am almost feeling like I am inside the PARADISO.



something new by M.ASAM

something new by M.ASAM! I dont know why but somehow I didnt know anything about the brand M.ASAM and was super happy to learn more about it on the beautypress event in ZH. I love body creams and scrubs and when I discovered their range of products I knew what would make me happy! they have different fragrances with matching peeling, body cream and perfume. thats exactly the way I like it too, one fragrance for all the things! I love roses and so I was overwhelmed that I got one of the the dream of roses body cream in my press bag 🙂 and I also got the 2015 a rather sweet and almondy scented body exfoliant. unfortunately I didnt have the chance to test them yet as I am using up some other products first. when I test something I really wanna use the product for a while and like this I can also see what it does to my skin over a certain amount of time.

something new by M.ASAM

recently I have started to make youtube videos and one of my subjects is EMPTIES – I ramble about my empty products and tell you if I had repurchased it or not. and that is another reason why I have not tested the M.ASAM products yet I wanna empty all my body creams and body scrubs first and then I’ll start to use the DREAM OF ROSES body cream and 2015 body exfoliant!

these two videos were actually the first ones I have recorded and as you can see I did everything wrong that one could do wrong. wrong camera,
wrong angle and and and.. so I tried to change that in the other videos.
please take a moment and watch my videos and dont forget to hit the
subscribe button and tell all your friends about my channel <3

about M.ASAM

1963: Ingrid and Erich Asam established the traditional cosmetics company Asam. Since then, distinguished dermatologists, scientists and chemists have been researching new ingredients, especially those made from grapes, with the aim of using them in innovative skin care products.
1983: Germany’s first system for the production of OPC, cold-pressed grape seed oil, grape cell water and resveratrol was established by the Asam family in Landau in the state of Palatinate. The grapes are grown in the family’s own vineyards, freshly harvested each year and processed in the company’s system for making anti-aging ingredients.
2000: After ten years of in-depth research on the way in which grapes prevent skin aging, Mirjam and Marcus Asam established their own M. Asam® cosmetics range. Their first skin care range, VINO GOLD®, is based on the knowledge of the anti-aging effects of grapes.
2003: For the first time, Mirjam and Marcus Asam presented their VINO GOLD® skin care range to a wider public. Together with their sales partner – the Munich-based teleshopping channel HSE24 – they embarked on a unique road to success.
2005: Mirjam and Marcus Asam launched their M. Asam® range of skin care products in the USA for the first time. The major US teleshopping channel HSN was thrilled to find that these skin care products “Made in Germany” proved to be so popular.
2006: VINOLIFT®, another luxury skin care range, was born. By VINOLIFT® liposomes act as a transport system for effective penetration of the key ingredients into the skin. The encapsulated technology results in a delayed release of the ingredients where they are needed.
2007: AQUA INTENSE® was developed, a fragrance free moisturizing range based on the patent pending M. Asam® hyaluronic acid complex. The special Moisture Recharge Complex – consisting of high-molecular and low-molecular hyaluronic acid, liposomally encapsulated hyaluronic acid and escin – has been proven to penetrate into the skin more deeply than conventional hyaluronic acid, supplying it more intensively with moisture and counteracting the decomposition of the skin’s own supply of hyaluronic acid. M. Asam® is now represented in many other countries such as the UK, France, Turkey, Canada and Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong).
2008: Munich – the development and research laboratory was extended. Every day, new formulations are created here, the extensive and important task of quality assurance is fulfilled and scientific proof of the effects of key ingredients is documented. Skin compatibility tests carried out by external dermatological institutes are controlled and evaluated here.
2009: Launch of the high-concentration vitamin series PURE VITAMINS, the ingredients of which are among the most researched anti-aging ingredients. The simultaneous use of the vitamins retinol (vitamin A), stabilized vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B3 and provitamin B5 follows the recommendations for dermacosmetics (“Dermacosmetics against skin aging”) published by the Dermapharmaceutical Association.
2010: The start of DORMA CELL – a high-quality skin care concept with IBR-Dormin® (obtained from dormant daffodil bulbs). This key ingredient puts cells into a resting state, thus slowing down cell division and delaying the aging process of the cells.
2011: The family-owned cosmetics production facility has been extended since M. Asam® was established. New development laboratories, production halls and a new, modern logistics center were constructed on a surface area of more than 10,000 m2 in Beilngries/Altmühltal, Bavaria. The new office complex, housing all employees in the Purchasing, Administration, Sales, Marketing and Executive Divisions, was completed in 2011. June 2011: A new M. Asam® milestone! Starting June 18th Mirjam and Marcus Asam launched the M. Asam® cosmetics brand on QVC, Germany’s leading teleshopping channel.

something new by M.ASAM

todays outfit

a couple of weeks ago I introduced you to a lovely brand from ZH called LOLA fred and was already showing you a casual way to wear a rather sporty jumpsuit. in case you have missed it have a look >> here

today I wanna show you some really cool YOGA pants that can be easily worn for a casual everyday outfit. Luxury Maxim pants by LOLA fred are available in two colors and three different sizes.

pants LOLA fred
top THE WAREHOUSE via zalando.ch
boots GUESS
coat C&A
clutch VINTAGE
earrings I AM



thomas visited the exhibition and the lecture of the architect DANIEL LIBESKIND. as he is an architect it was really nice to have his view on that topic. the lecture was called “my visions”. DANIEL LIBESKIND informed about the visions and ideas behind different projects and how he approaches the different fields involved. he also had a rather unconventional start into architecture as he first studied music and therefore has a different access to form and design. thomas really liked the way he talked about his ideas and visions and the fact that he also involved music in the jewish museum, one of DANIEL LIBESKIND most famous project. the exhibition showed nice objects in unconventional and complex ways meaning not always in the classy way: poster and model but were made with attention to detail and work.

«architecture is not based on concrete and steel and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder. and that wonder is really what has created the greatest cities, the greatest spaces that we have had.» DANIEL LIBESKIND

Werkschau architektur 0.14


my DIESEL haul

this is what I found at the DIESEL sample SALE in Zurich last week! an amazingly cosy scarf, a very nice teddy and a shiny silver clutch!

there were so many people present and there were so many clothes, shoes, handbags and more that it was really hard to focus and make wise decisions 🙂 but nevertheless I still found these gorgeous pieces! the scarf will keep me warm during the cold winter days here in Switzerland and the clutch is a perfect keypiece to jazzup a casual outfit and make it more chic and outstanding and the teddy, aww this delicate piece will always find a way into my daily wardrobe as the first layer always matters the most! 🙂



ROST & GOLD (zurich, switzerland)

this was the place where I immediately felt like home – such a cosy place with lots and lots of very nice things to see. I only captured a few things with my camera – there is way more to see. so for the people who will travel to zurich I think this place is a MUST!


Rost & Gold is owned and run by 2 lovely men called Werner and Roland. I met them that very night in person and had some good laughs and talks. thank you Dushka for introducing us. xx



here I am wearing some of the famous fall/winter 2014/2015 colors like subtle beige and grey, warm oxbloodred and a soft beige brown!

it is the time of the year again where my wardrobe is becoming a mix of summer and fall clothes. especially here in Switzerland the fall clothes are sadly outnumbering the summer clothes! anyway it is now where I can wear midi skirts with sweaters and leatherjackets and I am a huge fan of naked legs and covered arms!


skirt TED BAKER via zalando.ch (soldout)
suede leather jacket ESPRIT
sunglasses XRAY EYEWEAR

thank you Dushka for taking these photos of me in ZH. xx



I finally found the time to tell you about some amazing new things. let me start from left to right. a couple of weeks ago I was invited to ZH to the Blaue Ente Restaurant to attend the L’Occitane Aromachologie presentation. thank you very much for having me there and for the amazing goodiebag. so whats new from their side. ?? As we know that they support many fairtrade projects and work animal cruelty free it doesnt surprise me that they have decided to switch from plastic to glass containers. indeed, glass is a lot easier to recycle – also the looks of the bottles have a very vintage touch and all this truly underlines the visions of Olivier Baussan, the founder of L’Occitane.

Brume D’Oreiller Relaxante
Huile de Massage Relaxante
Pochettes Parfumees Relaxantes

there are two new lines by L’Occitane, the relaxante and tonifiante rituals. either for the morning or night with a touch of lemon, rosemary, grapefruit, mint, oranges, lavender or almondoil. have a wonderful day and an even better night!

one of my all time favorites is the Brume D’Oreiller Relaxante Spray. OMG – it makes my bed smell like a SPA! thats what I want, a nice, calm, good smelling place to spend relaxing hours of sleep and thats what you get with this product. my bottle is already half thru because I use it almost every night. I spritz a couple of times all over my bed, pillow and sheets and enjoy the natural fragrance and zzZZZZzzz

also I wanted to share with you my magazines that I have found at the KIOSK at the German railway station in Basel. BLONDEWOHNREVUEFRÄULEIN – which are your favorite magazines?

and then last but not least I wanna tell you about yesterdays SISLEY Paris presentation at the DOLDER GRAND in Zurich. ooh lala, what an amazing location. I felt like a princess and was eager to check out the new products by SISLEY. thanks so much for all the goodies. I am a fan of the eau tropical and I adore the Masque Creme a la Rose Noire. Have you tried the SUNLEYA sunscreen by SISLEY? I didnt do that yet but I will bring this little bugger to Ticino, yes I am spending the weekend in the Italian part of Switzerland. Cant wait!! I will get back to you in detail about the new SISLEY products that will be available in September 2014. stay tuned. xx



my favorite TOM FORD products

As we dont have a Jelmoli in Basel and Manor nor Globus carry Tom Ford I always enjoy the moments in Zurich when I finally have time to pass by Jelmoli. And the last time I did that I walked out with an amazing product called shade and illuminate in 01 intensity one. oh dears, I love this piece. and ever since I have met Adam (MUA) during the fashionweek in paris I knew that I wanna own this product myself. Adam did an amazing job for the Nino Bollag show and made the models glow! so yes, I am very happy with it. Its not a cheap thing to buy and I dont really remember what I paid but have a look when you are in Jelmoli the next time. two other favorites are the springcollection CORAL BEACH nailpolish and the SWEET SPOT lipstick. both can be worn every day. I like the nailpolish on my toenails and the lipstick goes perfect with a bronzed summer look. Which are your favorite Tom Ford products?