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COS spring dresses

COS spring dresses
these are my lovely new COS spring dresses and they are perfect for the current weather situation in Basel, Switzerland. I got a navy one with a small collar and a beige one with V neck and they can be worn with skinny jeans or bare legs, with heels or sandals.
new dress COS
dress COS
sunglasses RAY BAN
shoes ZIGN
are you all ready for summer? I am so ready and at the moment making plans for our summer vacation somewhere in the south. I miss the beach and I know that after a week of beach and fun I can go back to work a lot more relaxed. I am def a beach person and I love swimming in the sea/ocean. if I had more time I would fancy I trip to California but for a week and a half thats just way too short for such a far trip. where do you go for your summer vacation? please let me know in the comments below – curious to see where you are all going.
as you can see in the photo above the dress is made out of two materials: silk and a very light kind of merino wool. I had so much fun wearing this beige dress on our short weekend trip to beautiful Cassis where C took all of these lovely photos.
beige and navy are two very elegant colors, especially in these two materials: silk and wool. when I spotted them inside COS Strasbourg I was so excited and knew that I am going to wear them a lot. the thing with beige dresses is that you need well fitted nude underwear and for my taste I always love to add a bit of color to the outfit, like my green vintage FENDI bag.
new dress COS

parenti’s cashmere

the spring/summer collection by Parenti’s is out and there are lots of nice cashmere, silk and cashmere/cotton mix pieces with a super awesome lookbook. above you can see some lovely photos of the models wearing an elegant and comfy mix of the collection.

my favorite piece is this one:

parentis cashmere

aaww – I can totally see myself wearing this maxi dress on a windy summer evening together with my favorite sandals and a washed out jeans jacket! aaah I can not wait for the warm days to arrive! in the photo the model is also wearing the pants but for me that would be a bit too much cashmere for summer!

there is a showroom at St.Alban-Vorstadt 68 A
where you can have a look at the collection and order your desired color and size. you might wonder how this work? so let me explain you the business model: Sabine Parenti launches a collection twice a year: spring/summer and fall/winter. for every collection she chooses about ten different colors and all the pieces are more or less available in these colors. so for example the ribbed cashmere dress that you see in beige above can be ordered in a bright orange a dull green or many other colors.

a super basic but maybe just for swiss spring and summer is the college V neck sweater that you can see here in off-white – but I would totally wear this all year around.

parentis cashmere

so I hope I was showing you something nice and have a look at the collection here: http://www.parentis-cashmere.com there are lots of other nice pieces and different colors!



with royal orchid oil by GUHL. my friend Laura is testing these two products the SHAMPOO and the CONDITIONER and she will tell me what she liked about it and what maybe not – we will see.

I made a little research about the price and I found out that these products they are the cheapest at MÜLLER (6.90 CHF) and most expensive at MANOR and COOP (9.50 CHF)

my questions for LAURA:

how many times a week did you wash your hair?
did you only wash your hair with these products?
what products were you using before?
would you purchase these products?

alright, lets give Laura some time to wash her hair and I will get back to you. stay tuned. X


I say RED!

choosing one main color and then mixing different shades is one of my favorite things to do. that very day I was in a red mood! I found these awesome silk polkadot pants at the TROIS POMMES luxury vintage in Basel and think they work perfect with the burgundy red suede platform pumps that I found at RIVE GAUCHE in Basel. my latest piece is the sweet grey bag with zippers – so happy that I found this one.


turtleneck PKZ men
bag C&A
bandana MISSY ELLIOT ADIDAS collection
sunglasses XRAY
lipstick M.A.C ladybug


my DIESEL haul

this is what I found at the DIESEL sample SALE in Zurich last week! an amazingly cosy scarf, a very nice teddy and a shiny silver clutch!

there were so many people present and there were so many clothes, shoes, handbags and more that it was really hard to focus and make wise decisions 🙂 but nevertheless I still found these gorgeous pieces! the scarf will keep me warm during the cold winter days here in Switzerland and the clutch is a perfect keypiece to jazzup a casual outfit and make it more chic and outstanding and the teddy, aww this delicate piece will always find a way into my daily wardrobe as the first layer always matters the most! 🙂


TIBI dress outfit

dress TIBI via zalando.ch (sold out ):
shoes AP via manor basel
hair and makeup loreal paris de


again I will tell you a bit about the zalandosummerhouse. we arrived thursday night and were arriving with this old beautiful omnibus. the next day started with yoga in the garden. there were different workshops to attend like the mint&berry streetstyle workshop, the make your own flower bouquet and the make your own summerhat workshop. unfortunately that very day the weather was not as good as it was the day before but we made the best out of it. Michèle from fashionfraction Blog took some funny photos where I am running in the rain. they will be soon on the blog.

the castle herzfelde and its surrounding is such a beautiful place. endless lawns of green, greenhouses, fields, trees that were shaped in cubes. I was thinking a lot about Alice in Wonderland. the park around the castle had several places that reminded me of the story. here you can read more about my time at the #zalandosummerhouse – enjoy! xx




this dress says it all – flowers, summer, silk – it has the perfect cut and it feels like if I wouldnt be wearing anything. I wore it to the Biennale opening of Khaled Malas’ excavating the sky exhibition in Venice, Italy two weeks ago.



dress MATTHEW WILLIAMSON via zalando.ch
pumps KAVIAR GAUCHE for zalando collection


my new favorite silk dress

SEE BY CHLOÉ made this gorgeous silk dress that matches perfectly with my bordeaux felt hat. I am ready for fall and therefore I am ready to wear hats – a MUST for me in fall! anyway, today it was a quiet nice day and I was pairing this gorgeous silk dress with a leatherjacket, felt hat, studded clutch and beige/golden shoes.


jacket C&A
hat H&M



GANNI blouse
TIBI dress

I love silk and I love patterns so when I had my hands on these buggers I couldnt let them go! the GANNI blouse has this boho chic pattern with the flowers – a perfect piece to match with jeans or black shorts. I took some really nice photos wearing this blouse at the #zalandosummerhouse and I will soon upload the photos to my blog. aaww.. the mint TIBI dress – a dream has come true! unfortunately this dress is already sold out. it looks really nice with my redish hair and it is super comfortable to wear – 100% silk – the best thing about this dress: it has pockets! the printed silk dress by SEE BY CHLOÉ is another dream come true – seriously! I love silk dresses and I love prints so this is the perfect combination – a printed silk dress! with this dress I really need to wear heels as the length of the dress is covering my knees and would make me look very short with flats 🙂 I wore it last night with beige platform sandals and a leatherjacket to a birthday party and I made a huge stain!! I really really hope, hmm they (drycleaner) will be able to remove it! I am such a scatterbrained person and thats why things like this happen to me! anyway, back to my favorite zalando pieces which make very nice keypieces to wear with other things.


GANNI blouse
TIBI dress

here you can see how I wear my favorite zalando pieces – they are great for this early fall weather and I am sure I will find many other ways to wear them. how would you wear them?


my #artbasel outfits

which one is your favorite? my favorite is the last outfit – matthew williamson silkdress kaviar gauche for zalando collection pumps lola&grace jewelry mawi clutch maccosmetics makeup by dominic!