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Men Outfit inspiration

MEN – outfit inspiration

Men Outfit inspiration

1 SHIRT C&A (clockhouse)

men - outfit inspiration


I found some nice pieces via polyvore and wanted to share them with you. some really nice cotton/linen shirts from MANGO MAN, really nice navy pants from RIVER ISLAND, casual NIKE sneakers and a very fancy green coat from LACOSTE. click on the titles to see more.

the great thing with these pieces is that you can wear them all together BUT also pair them with your (basic) wardrobe pieces. in my opinion every guy should have a navy pair of pants. such a great basic piece that can be worn with a white t-shirt for a rather casual look or with a dress shirt for a more elegant look. same goes with the white shirt, it can be worn with jeans for an everyday look or with some nice cotton pants for a more a more elegant look. the lacoste coat can be worn on top of a jeans/t-shirt look but also with a business outfit. and last but not least one can never have enough sneakers : ) so add some color to your outfits and wear green!




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my serenity yankee candle

there is a new YANKEE CANDLE collection out called MY SERENITY with four new scents:


a great variety of scents with something for everyone! my favorite one is the MOONLIGHT as it is the freshest of them all. I love candles that smell like fresh washed laundry. somehow it reminds me a bit of Midsummers Night, another favorite of mine from last years collection. my second favorite ones are PEONY and LEMONGRASS &GINGER. where PEONY is very very floral LEMONGRASS & GINGER is very herbal and gingery a mix of them would be interesting and I will give it a try to light both of them next to eachother. a small candle burns between 25 and 40 hours, thats actually not bad at all considered that its the smallest size. (medium size burns 56-90 hours / largest size burns 110-150 hours) I buy my YANKEE CANDLEs at Pfauen or Coop City as I can use my SUPERCARD points there but I also saw them at MANOR or online directly via their webshop >> I am curious to know which one is your favorite. X

my serenity yankee candle

candle tips:
trim the wick – it should always be around 3-5 mm long in order to prevent smoking.
let the wax pool, meaning each time you burn your candle allow the entire top layer to become a fragant pool of liquid wax, like this you get the boldest scent possible and will also help to prevent tunneling.



Body Scrub

I am sure some of you might wonder why this post is in the lifestyle category. so let’s consider having a nice and soft skin as a lifestyle. I do and I wish you would agree. : ) body scrubs, exfoliators or peelings are basically the same, there are just different names used. try to use one where there are no plastic balls involved because it is not good for the planet and also not good for your skin.

M.ASAM has amazing body scrubs and I have tested some and I gotta to say: I found a favorite among them. my favorite one is called BROWN SUGAR. unfortunately I could not find it anymore on their online shop, but they have a very similar one that you can check here >> another one I have tried by M.ASAM is called 2015 and is a very nice slightly powdery fragranced scrub. the last one I have tried by them is called DREAM OF ROSES and I was only able to find the body cream – check here >>  the cool thing about M.ASAM is that they sell scrubs and creams from the same fragrance and line. after the peeling I love using the same fragranced cream.

at M.ASAM you can customize the stick on label by adding text to the two bottom lines. also there are options to choose different background images. check the example here >> this makes it a very great CHRISTMAS present!

in the image above you can see a blue scrub (top) thats the one by CLINIQUE and I have used that one in summer a lot, it is a cool and fresh body scrub called SPARKLE SKIN BODY EXFOLIATOR this product is great for men and women as it has no fragrance. the other two are by M.ASAM. the middle one is DREAM OF ROSES and the bottom one is BROWN SUGAR. unforutnately I used up the 2015 body scrub already during summer but you can see the packaging in the photo below. for sure I will be talking about it in my next EMPTIES video on youtube.


how often and what for?
I use a body scrub every other day. in summer I like a cooling fresh one and in winter I like a nice warm scented one. in spring I use body scrubs before fake tanning but in general I think it is great to remove the old dead pieces of skin. after showering with a body scrub my skin feels amazingly soft and smooth. especially my ellbow, knees and heels like an extra scrub. body scrubs are great for men and women and I am sure that you will find something nice for you.


ESPRIT shopping haul

esprit shopping haul

esprit shopping haul:
#1 hat
#2 pants

I found these two amazing pieces at the esprit shop in basel and luckily these pieces are also available online via the espritshop.ch. orange is a great elegant statement color and at the moment you can see this kind of hat in all the shops. I wanted to have a pompom that is made out of fakefur and was very surprised to see that this one is in fact fake fur, yay! it does look real, and thats the thing nowadays, you can not tell real from fake. for me these two things symbolice fall/winter. orange reminds me of halloween and pumpkin soup. the fake fur pompom makes me think about skiing in the mountains. the pattern of the 7/8 length pants is again really big this fall/winter. you can see lots of plaid skirts, coats, dresses and pants.



ASOS cropped pants

these are the new ASOS cropped pants and I love how one can wear them more casual or more elegant, depending on the shoes and shirt or sweater. I already blogged about them in a previous post – read more here >> I checked SALEDUCK.CH for discount and indeed found a voucher there. so I can highly recommend to check their site before ordering something online as they have lots of different companies they work with.

ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants


pants ASOS
sweater COS
sneakers NIKE FREE
scarfs MADE BY ME




finally I can show you my new coat that can be worn as a dress too, as the temperatures dropped a bit and I was feeling a lot more in the mood to shoot these photos. : ) I got this beautiful trench coat from MINT & BERRY and it is now on SALE for 55 instead of 75 CHF.


I paired the coat with some really comfy heels that I bought several years ago and have so far never let me down. for sure I will try to wear this coat as a dress in fall or winter or incase I have a nice outdoor event. NOTE the color is described as nude but in fact it is more apricot or rose. I dont mind that because I think it makes it a lot more special compared to all the other nude or beige trench coats.




here you can see me wearing the coat as a trench coat with my bright aztec print dress and flat shoes, this makes the whole outfit a lot more casual but still chic. I am ready for fall but not a rainy grey fall nooo, a rather sunny one. do you have your fall winter collection together? soon I will show you my personal fall/ winter favorites. I am waiting for the parcels to arrive… stay tuned.


a trenchcoat is a good key piece for your wardrobe. it can be worn with dresses or pants, casual or chic there are many ways to wear it. this is a perfect in between season coat, especially here in Basel, Switzerland.





whilst strolling thru the web I found this awesome baby blue top by STREET ONE and I just had to share it with you. it is the perfect key piece for a great summer look and I found two very nice ways to wear it. the first one is a casual everyday look for a rather swiss summer day and the other one is a chic everyday look for a hot day. the best thing is that you can mix this top with so many things you already have in your wardrobe.  baby blue top

so as you can see for this casual look you need black pumps and blue skinny jeans – thats it. of course you can add accessories like jewelry or a nice handbag but the basic look can be achieved by combining these three items.

baby blue top

here I am showing a very easy and summery look and I know that a lot of you are not so keen on wearing white but in fact it is such a perfect color for a hot summer day! I love the combo of white beige and babyblue. also in this case the outfit can be accessorized with jewelry or a nice handbag.

in case you like the top it is on SALE (-40%) and also available in other colors:

this weekend I was in KARLSRUHE (read more here >>) and I was wearing the top with black 7/8 pants and black BIRKENSTOCK shoes, unfortunately I could not take a proper photo but I think you can see what you need to see in the one below : )

my outfit


# since this top has very thin straps I recommend to wear a strapless bra – it just looks a lot nicer when there are only the straps of the shirt.

# do you like the layering look? if so then choose a bigger size and layer it with other singlets or another similar top.

# in or out ? you can wear this top inside a high waist skirt meaning to tuck it in in the front or back. BUT it can also be worn outside, meaning over a skinny jeans.

there are many other ways to wear this top and of course I will keep you posted about that. just stay up to date with my blog.





today I started my day with a journey back in time – I went thru 2014 and was thinking about the mile stones of that very year. so many nice things happened and many sad things too. as you guys know me I am more likely to share nice things.

so let’s go back in time – to the #zalandosummerhouse and dream about my pretty green silk TIBI dress a heck of a dress! Once you wear it you know that you are ready – ready for the day or night.

when putting together a wardrobe it is very important to have versatile clothes – the same clothes for day and night to dress up and down. THIS for sure is one of those dresses. wear it during the day with flat sandals and with colorful heels for a night out! visit tibi.com and I am sure that you will find something nice! HAPPY SUNDAY time for some online shopping!


SOMETHING NEW in my wardrobe

yay – thank you so so much Carlita’s Collezione for sending me this lovely rosa leather jacket – it is perfect and totally made my day.

back in the days at the designbox (read more >> here) Carlita’s Collezione had her booth next to mine and thats how I found out about her gorgeous collections and awesome surf trips to Bali Indonesia. in case you wanna be super up to date follow her Instagram account!

thats what I have found about Carlita’s Collezione on her website:

“The love of surfing brought me again to Indonesia and then out of a dream came an idea and then the will to make this idea come true, became a reality. For a long time my biggest wish was to combine my creativity with sport activities and economics. Currently I live and work mostly in Indonesia. All leather goods as well as the bikinis are designed by me and carefully crafted in Bali. It is important to me that I am involved in most production steps, which means I actively participate in choosing the leather, the accessories and other materials on site. In addition, it is a matter of concern for me that my products are made under regular working conditions and in a pleasant work environment. These requirements meet both families with whom I work with. My products should relay the joy of life in Indonesia and conjure a smile in ones everyday life. For each item sold CHF 1.00 will go directly to SurfAid (www.surfaidinternational.org). SurfAid is a non-profit humanitarian organization that has set itself the goal of improving the health, well-being and self-confidence of people who one meets surfing in remote areas.”

I can highly recommend to check out her shop and I am sure you will fall in love with at least something and dont blame it on me when you end up spending all your money – hahahahahahahaha! xx


todays outfit

I found something nice – some super comfy black wool pants! as I sit a lot in front of the computer it is very important for me to wear comfortable things. so when I saw these pants I knew I had to have them. todays look is a mix bewtween elegant and casual. the heels could be easily replaced with a nice pair of flats.


pants C&A
sweater H&M
coat C&A
earrings PIECES



nothing brand new but rather new. the thomas sabo fragrances CHARM ROSE and CHARM ROSE INTENSE are available since mid of October for 39.90 CHF.

here is what I read about it: “the very first THOMAS SABO CHARM CLUB fragrance is the culmination of all CHARM CLUB collections – CHARM ROSE Eau de Parfum. a fragrance all about Luck, Fashion, Love & Passion. in addition to the pleasurably fresh top note and the sensual base note, the heart of this scent is a dazzling bouquet of rare roses. The 1950s style bottle with its silver cap and small pendant is a real gem, as well as the exquisite CHARM CLUB style packaging with satin lining. The charming extra: you can use the ribbon with the sweet rose pendant perfectly as a hair band.”

I can totally agree with them about the rather fresh top note and the very sensual base note with lots of roses in between. I am totally in love with tha packaging and can only welcome tiny parfum bottles for my bag on the go! a fragrance for the special everyday!