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my serenity yankee candle

there is a new YANKEE CANDLE collection out called MY SERENITY with four new scents:


a great variety of scents with something for everyone! my favorite one is the MOONLIGHT as it is the freshest of them all. I love candles that smell like fresh washed laundry. somehow it reminds me a bit of Midsummers Night, another favorite of mine from last years collection. my second favorite ones are PEONY and LEMONGRASS &GINGER. where PEONY is very very floral LEMONGRASS & GINGER is very herbal and gingery a mix of them would be interesting and I will give it a try to light both of them next to eachother. a small candle burns between 25 and 40 hours, thats actually not bad at all considered that its the smallest size. (medium size burns 56-90 hours / largest size burns 110-150 hours) I buy my YANKEE CANDLEs at Pfauen or Coop City as I can use my SUPERCARD points there but I also saw them at MANOR or online directly via their webshop >> I am curious to know which one is your favorite. X

my serenity yankee candle

candle tips:
trim the wick – it should always be around 3-5 mm long in order to prevent smoking.
let the wax pool, meaning each time you burn your candle allow the entire top layer to become a fragant pool of liquid wax, like this you get the boldest scent possible and will also help to prevent tunneling.