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kerasilk - color repower


kerasilk - color repower
GOLDWELL – KERASILK came out with some new products and two of them were sent to my house and now I wanna tell you a bit about them. I have already used the KERASILK control line and was very happy with the result, no frizzy hair! read more here >>
a cleansing conditioner for brilliant color protection
volume dry shampoo with brilliant color protection.
so far I have only tried the dry shampoo once and I indeed liked it. I can compare it to BATISTE and REDKEN dry shampoos that I have tried before. read more here >> I am still a huge fan of dry shampoos as they help me to not wash my hair too often. the great thing about this dry shampoo is that it does not turn white, which is awesome if you have dark hair like me. I am very curious to test the cleansing conditioner because I have never ever heard anything like that before. now lets see what they say it does:
  • it claims to clean and moisturize in one step
  • it protects the color and hair whilst cleaning
  • it contain lots of keratin, silk and tamanu oils
so as I understand this is a new version of a 2in1 shampoo and conditioner product that has been reduced to the conditoner. I like this way of thinking, first of all I have more space in the shower, second of all that means less trash and last but not least I save time.
now lets see what other new products came out:
as you can see, there are some new treatment products.the first two products can be applied to the ends of washed hair. and then there is also a dry shampoo from the color collection that prevents your hair color from fading. I am very excited to try the cleansing conditioner and am looking forward to using the dry shampoo tomorrow morning.
kerasilk - color repower
Tame Frizz by KMS California

Tame Frizz by KMS California

Tame Frizz by KMS California

KMS California came out with something new and it took me quiet a while to finally write about it, so for me they are new but actually they are already out for a while. frizzy hair? I guess a lot of ladies can answer this with a simple YES. so I am sure that you will be happy to hear more about these new buggers:

TAME FRIZZ by KMS California
thats the name of the line and I got to try the de frizz oil, the shampoo and the HAIR STAY maximum hold spray. my hair can be frizzy, especially when it rains a lot and the air is humid. also when I leave my hair air dry my roots can get really frizzy, so when I got the parcel I was very excited and had high expectations. now lets see what they say they do:
de-frizz oil / 100ml
it claims to control frizz and humidity for up to 3 days.
its a lightweight feel, non-greasy oil that instantly is being absorbed instantly. it is humidity resistance and provides heat protection. it is very easy to use, just work through towel-dried hair and style as usual. you can also use it on dry hair to further reduce frizz. this is another great hair oil. as you may know I have already tried lots of different oils (KERASTASE, REDKEN, THE BODY SHOP etc..) and it has become a regimen for me to always apply some drops of oil to my damp hair before blow drying it.

tame frizz shampoo / 300ml
it claims to prepare for frizz reduction and smoothes the hair surface. lather,
rinse. repeat if necessary. mmhhmm, it smells devine. so far I really see a difference when washing my hair with this shampoo. my hair roots are not frizzy and I dont have to add a ton of cream or oil to control the frizz. thumbs up for this bugger!

maximum hold spray / 245 g
it claims to give a firm hold and to be humidity resistant. it has an instant ultra-firm finishing and shine effect up to 24-hour. how to use, like every other hair spray, keep a distance of 25-30 cm from dry hair.

Tame Frizz by KMS California

thank you for sending me these buggers, I had fun trying them out and I am in love with the golden hair bands. X



my serenity yankee candle

there is a new YANKEE CANDLE collection out called MY SERENITY with four new scents:


a great variety of scents with something for everyone! my favorite one is the MOONLIGHT as it is the freshest of them all. I love candles that smell like fresh washed laundry. somehow it reminds me a bit of Midsummers Night, another favorite of mine from last years collection. my second favorite ones are PEONY and LEMONGRASS &GINGER. where PEONY is very very floral LEMONGRASS & GINGER is very herbal and gingery a mix of them would be interesting and I will give it a try to light both of them next to eachother. a small candle burns between 25 and 40 hours, thats actually not bad at all considered that its the smallest size. (medium size burns 56-90 hours / largest size burns 110-150 hours) I buy my YANKEE CANDLEs at Pfauen or Coop City as I can use my SUPERCARD points there but I also saw them at MANOR or online directly via their webshop >> I am curious to know which one is your favorite. X

my serenity yankee candle

candle tips:
trim the wick – it should always be around 3-5 mm long in order to prevent smoking.
let the wax pool, meaning each time you burn your candle allow the entire top layer to become a fragant pool of liquid wax, like this you get the boldest scent possible and will also help to prevent tunneling.


M.A.C nificient Me

new makeUp

1 eyeshadow EVERYONE’S DARLING matte
2 paint pot IMAGINARY pro longwear
3 patentpolish lip pencil IT’S REALLY ME
4 lip pencil CURRANT
5 brush 215
6 matte lipstick FASHION REVIVAL

M.A.C nificient Me thats the name of the new collection. and the tag line says: celebrate your style, heart and soul. thats something I can absolutely agree to and I think all these awesome products will help to celebrate your style. my two favorite things are for the eyes, I love the IMAGINARY blue paint pot and the matte eyeshadow called EVERYONE’S DARLING. two great color for a nice fall makeUp. check your M.A.C counter and see which one is your favorite product of the new collection. sharing is caring, right? X


something nice and new!

L’OCCITANE has launched a new collection AMANDE velvet and it smells like heaven or at least thats what I think heaven could smell like if such thing exists. so when I have received those two lovely products I didnt know with which one to start and I decided to try them both and when I was reading more about it that actually made sense as there is a balm and a serum.

AMANDE velvet balm 200ml
AMANDE velvet serum 100ml 

the velvet balm is a nice cream with almond tree native cells that help to intensely nourish the skin. it also makes the skin look refined, firmer and smoother. the velvet serum should be applied before the velvet balm and it makes the skin feel plumped, look more even and smooth. it also helps to reduce the appearance of sun-induced dark spots.

I was already a huge fan of the AMANDE milk – read more here << and the new AMANDE velvet balm is very similar but less rich and creamy. the AMANDE velvet balm has a floral and powdery scent of blooming almond trees! mmhhmm – so nice!



awwww I am so happy about all these lovely new makeup things that found their way to my home – some of the them are actually not newly launched, like the brush, the mascara and the lustre drops. so let me tell you what there is new in my make-Up collection:


there are lots of new collections like the TOLEDO and BAO BAO WAN and another one will also soon be on the blog and thats the CINDERELLA one.

I took a video and showed you the products on youtube and that was my first voice over video that I made for my channel. I still got so many things to learn but filming and editing is fun!

I use the LUSTRE DROPS as a highlighter on my cheekbones and browbones in summer I sometimes mix it into my foundation and achieve an allover glow. the 217 brush is one of my favorite brush and it was about time to exchange my super old one that I once bought in a X MAS gift set. when I saw the pigmentation of the lipglass I almost fainted OMG – such a gorgeous pink! as I already told you in my youtube video I love pink lipstick and my two favorite are LICKABLE and GOOD KISSER. I swatched them for you and also swatched the lip pencil and the lipglass next to it.

new makeup

the pink lip pencil might be a tad too light but I tried it and it is absolutely wearable another lip product that will work perfectly is the casual colour for lip and cheek in the color YOUNG AT HEART. aaww I am ready for spring and ready to wear bright lipstick again!

new makeup

parenti’s cashmere

the spring/summer collection by Parenti’s is out and there are lots of nice cashmere, silk and cashmere/cotton mix pieces with a super awesome lookbook. above you can see some lovely photos of the models wearing an elegant and comfy mix of the collection.

my favorite piece is this one:

parentis cashmere

aaww – I can totally see myself wearing this maxi dress on a windy summer evening together with my favorite sandals and a washed out jeans jacket! aaah I can not wait for the warm days to arrive! in the photo the model is also wearing the pants but for me that would be a bit too much cashmere for summer!

there is a showroom at St.Alban-Vorstadt 68 A
where you can have a look at the collection and order your desired color and size. you might wonder how this work? so let me explain you the business model: Sabine Parenti launches a collection twice a year: spring/summer and fall/winter. for every collection she chooses about ten different colors and all the pieces are more or less available in these colors. so for example the ribbed cashmere dress that you see in beige above can be ordered in a bright orange a dull green or many other colors.

a super basic but maybe just for swiss spring and summer is the college V neck sweater that you can see here in off-white – but I would totally wear this all year around.

parentis cashmere

so I hope I was showing you something nice and have a look at the collection here: http://www.parentis-cashmere.com there are lots of other nice pieces and different colors!



I love love love the new ARLESIENNE L’OCCITANE collection – it smells absolutely delicious! available online and in all the shops! I think this would be the perfect X MAS present for people that love floral scents as it is made out of three flowers: ROSE – SWEET VIOLET – SAFFRON.

thank you very much for sending these lovely two products as soon as I have finished all my other showergels I will for sure use this one – so long!



holiday 2014 color collection

thank you so much for sending these goodies my way. I have only recently started to enjoy NARS and I have followed them online what they did backstage at the fashionweeks and kept you up to date with some of their looks for londonfashionweek. more about my recent posts about NARS here >>

so I got four pieces from the HOLIDAY 2014 COLOR COLLECTION and my favorite piece is the eyeshadow!

GABON (bronzed green) eyeshadow
CORSICA (shimmering pink raspberry) lipgloss
BARENTS SEA (sparkling deep blue) nailpolish


about the collection

“cutting-edge color – anything but straightlaced. for holiday 2014 Francois Nars projects a bold new design for the future femme. decoding the thrill of seduction, this captivating collection exposes a full range of colors and textures with dramatic dimension. the custom packaging adapts architectural designer Chris Kabatsi’s digitally-rendered Nebula print into a dynamic yet delicate depiction. the intricate web of black gloss grips the signature soft-touch packaging in a modern take on lace.”




the AW 2014 collection by THOMAS SABO has really met my expectations! from tiny understatement pieces to big chunky black rings – there is something for everyone! Georgia May Jagger is the face of the new collection and some of the photos inside the lookbook are just wonderful – she really rocks this collection!

I love simple things to wear them with less simple things, it should always be a perfect balance between not enough and too much! this is my rule for fashion and also when it comes to jewelry. I really love the simple THOMAS SABO silver bracelet because I can wear it with all my other blingbling bracelets and it will always look nice and never too much! the same with the black/silver earrings by THOMAS SABO I can wear them everyday with a casual look or I can wear them with a fancy dress and a statement necklace – simple things can be worn in many different ways!

Have a look at the newest collection << HERE >>



by maccosmetics

pink, violet, ivy to name just a couple of colors from the new limited edition by maccosmetics. the eyeshadows have a nice metallic shimmer and the lipsticks are either pink or berry/plum colored and make a nice contrast. I got the bre for beauty powder blush, lust extract lipstick and the lucky green veluxe pearl eye shadow and I love them all. stay tuned to see me wearing these gorgeous products.

the collection:

copperthorn glittery bronze
nightshade backened plum
black ivy blackened green plum
26.00 CHF

false lashes
false black black 29.00 CHF

powder blush
bred for beauty mid tone blue pink
worldly wealth shimmering peachy bronze
33.00 CHF

sheen supreme lipstick
moody bloom bronze plum
phosphorescent electric pink coral
pheromonal dark blue pink
lust extract electric violet
quite the thing! deep blue plum
28.00 CHF

sheen supreme lipglass tint
bubble gum soft warm pink
Gwi-Yo-Mi mid tone raspberry
blushing berry mid tone cool red
glorious intent warm plum
32.00 CHF

artistic license pinky gold
deep fixation metallic brown
blooming mad mid tone ultra violet
hidden motive deep aubergine
lucky green dark yellow green
green room mid tone teal
26.00 CHF