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SKINSIDE – the new cosmetic drink!

I am a very open person, open to a lot of things and always eager to try new things. So when I saw these products at GLOBUS Basel, I couldnt resist: I wanted to try these new skinside cosmetic drinks!

skinsinde cosmetic drink with collagen and swiss milk serum is available for day and night. I got both and I am currently drinkling the skinside antiox morning drinks.

its really hard to tell if I can already see any results of the drinks. the sun is out and this helps my skin to fight against blocked pores and such. I started drinking the SKINSIDE antiox 1 week ago and I am very sure that it needs a bit more time. overall I am very happy with my skin at the moment, so I will continue to drink the antiox for at least 2 more weeks and will get back to you before I start testing the night balance drinks.

note: this drink contains lactose – but in a very small dose. I am lactose intolerant and I didnt have any issues with these drinks.

let me know if you have tried these aswell. did you like them? did you see any results?


chez M.A.C


It started at 17:00 h and me and Valentina had a look at the current MAC Collection.
A lot of people were there as you can see in the pictures above. But someone still found time to do my makeUp 🙂 redish golden olive eyes with black kajal and the beige modisty lipstick. thank you so much – I love it! xxx


My Favorites

tonight I had fun doing
Sara’ s makeUp. Sara never wears makeUp so it was really great to see the look on her face when she saw the result.

In general I prefere to do makeUp with daylight – its just the best light there is!
I love to mix my favourite products . For instance the ESSENCE products – they are perfect for a small budget. But to be honest 🙂 ¾ of my makeUp is M.A.C.
I just love the colors – a huge fan of lipsticks, foundation and eyeshadows. I recently also tried the skincare by M.A.C. I bought the huile cleanse off. I used it with water to remove my makeUp and pure to remove lipstick.
Its good but I’m not sure if I’m gonna repurchase it.

My 2 new products are in the picture above – more about that tomorrow 🙂