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outfits art basel 2016 week


this years Art Basel it was raining constantly and it was a real challenge to pick the right clothes for that week. I had plans to wear some really nice summer sandals that I could wear with almost all of my summery dresses. but due to the rain I had to make some drastic changes to my outfit plans. meaning every dress had to find a matching coat, umbrella and shoes that will not be destroyed by the rain.

I was so honored to wear Natascha’s beautiful designer belts: LITTLE FURNITURE ASSEMBLAGE. for three of my outfits I found a matching belt and these are also the looks that I am going to show you in that post.

outfits art basel 2016 week
look Art Basel 2016 week
dress TIBI
jacket C&A
outfits art basel 2016 week outfits art basel 2016 week
“have you ever combined a mint green dress with brown? I absolutely love this combo and the colors of the belt work perfectly with the rest of the outfit.”
and now I wanna show you another lovely combination of a bright color with a beige/white houndstooth coat and a very colorful belt by LITTLE FURNITURE ASSEMBLAGE. I was so happy to see that there was exactly the same blue appearing in the belt. together with the pink and red tones this belt is a true statement piece!
outfits art basel 2016 week
look Art Basel 2016 week
coat WEIHL
last but not least I want to show you different kind of belt. all of the belts are hand made out of leather and are designed to be wrapped either around the waist or hip. next to the belts she also makes very beautiful bangles. you can see me wearing one in the photos below the look. for that very look I chose to wear my new ESPRIT wedges that are now on SALE >>
outfits art basel 2016 week
look Art Basel 2016 week
heels ESPRIT
outfits art basel 2016 week outfits art basel 2016 week
“white and green is another favorite combination of mine and especialy with this lovely belt by LITTLE FURNITURE ASSEMBLAGE.”
in case you are interested to know more about the LITTLE FURNITURE ASSEMBLAGE belts and bangles and want to find out where you can buy them: n @ littlefurnitureassemblage. com
repair booster


repair booster
booster repair
is the perfect beauty booster for
weakened skin. it’s ultra-concentrated formula enriched with 
mimosa tenuiflora extract, a mayan medicinal 
plant known for thousands of years for its 
repairing properties:

reduces feelings
 of discomfort
 skin strength
the appearance 
of redness

the skin forms a physical protective barrier. 

external aggressions (UV, cold temperatures, 
hard water, etc.) weaken this barrier. the 
skin becomes finer, more permeable and fragile. 
feelings of discomfort, rough skin, redness… 
the skin is weakened.

when I heard the part about minimizing the appearance of redness I knew that I had to try this product and was eagerly waiting for the parcel to arrive. and it did arrive and ever since I am using it day and night and all I need to do is mix a few drops of repair booster with my regular face cream. my skin feels very soft and relaxed after applying cream and booster and I hope to see an improvement on the long run. now I have to wait, apply and see.

mimosa tenuiflora
repair boosterknown as the “skin tree” of the mayas, mimosa tenuiflora, or “tepezcohuite”, is a shrub found in central america, in mexico, in the state of chiapas, on a narrow strip of land located at an altitude of 800 – 
1000 m. according to indian tradition, the powder obtained from the bark has magical properties and helps to heal wounds. the mexican earthquake of 1985 and the shortage of medicines that followed, brought this special tree’s therapeutic benefits back into the spotlight and it is now officially recognized as part of the country’s national heritage. thanks to its healing properties, mimosa tenuiflora has demonstrated an exceptional capacity to restore damaged epidermis. in cosmetics, the bark extract is used for its antibacterial, soothing and regenerating actions
so there are three new BOOSTERS on the market, an orange energy booster, the blue repair booster that I am using and a green detox booster. lets see what the other two do:
energy booster
fatigued skin. its highly concentrated formula enriched with ginseng 
extract, a legendary chinese medicinal plant known 
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•    tones and
re – energizes
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revives its
detox booster
congested skin. its ultra-concentrated formula enriched with green 
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WARDROBE INVENTORY: leather jackets 2

as mentioned in the previous fashion blogpost, I wanna make an inventory of my wardrobe starting with my leather jackets. today I wanna show number 2 a brown leather jacket by EDWIN. leather jacket 2

Continue reading WARDROBE INVENTORY: leather jackets 2


M.A.C nificient Me

new makeUp

1 eyeshadow EVERYONE’S DARLING matte
2 paint pot IMAGINARY pro longwear
3 patentpolish lip pencil IT’S REALLY ME
4 lip pencil CURRANT
5 brush 215
6 matte lipstick FASHION REVIVAL

M.A.C nificient Me thats the name of the new collection. and the tag line says: celebrate your style, heart and soul. thats something I can absolutely agree to and I think all these awesome products will help to celebrate your style. my two favorite things are for the eyes, I love the IMAGINARY blue paint pot and the matte eyeshadow called EVERYONE’S DARLING. two great color for a nice fall makeUp. check your M.A.C counter and see which one is your favorite product of the new collection. sharing is caring, right? X


ESPRIT shopping haul

esprit shopping haul

esprit shopping haul:
#1 hat
#2 pants

I found these two amazing pieces at the esprit shop in basel and luckily these pieces are also available online via the espritshop.ch. orange is a great elegant statement color and at the moment you can see this kind of hat in all the shops. I wanted to have a pompom that is made out of fakefur and was very surprised to see that this one is in fact fake fur, yay! it does look real, and thats the thing nowadays, you can not tell real from fake. for me these two things symbolice fall/winter. orange reminds me of halloween and pumpkin soup. the fake fur pompom makes me think about skiing in the mountains. the pattern of the 7/8 length pants is again really big this fall/winter. you can see lots of plaid skirts, coats, dresses and pants.



ASOS cropped pants

these are the new ASOS cropped pants and I love how one can wear them more casual or more elegant, depending on the shoes and shirt or sweater. I already blogged about them in a previous post – read more here >> I checked SALEDUCK.CH for discount and indeed found a voucher there. so I can highly recommend to check their site before ordering something online as they have lots of different companies they work with.

ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants ASOS cropped pants


pants ASOS
sweater COS
sneakers NIKE FREE
scarfs MADE BY ME


STURTEVANT – Gonzalez-Torres Untitled (Blue Placebo)




STURTEVANT was born in ohio (USA) and made the first years of her artists life working in new york where she began in 1965 to manually reproduce paintings and objects created by her contemporaries with results that can immediately be identified with an original – closely enough to intrigue the viewer and raise the fundamental question, what am I looking at? reflection, thinking, and analysis is the core of her work, from the paintings of the late 1960’s to the most recent videos and installations.  there is a famous Sturtevant maxim that runs, “negative definition is a very powerful philosophical position.” during the era of pop-art sturtevant made her version of warhol’s flowers, john’s flags, stella’s black and grey paintings and developed this discourse a decade later after moving to paris, with works based on marcel duchamp, joseph beuys and anselm kiefer. in the last two decades sturtevant has evolved a highly structured and rigorous exploration of current events making multi-screen video works, and installations exposing the simulacrum that is as much an attack on arts media/advertising dimension as the corrupt power structures that surround it.
In 2010 sturtevant had an important exhibition titled The Razzle Dazzle of Thinking at the musee moderne de la ville de paris. the artist was awarded The Golden Lion award for lifetime achievement at the venice biennale in 2011. the moderne museet, stockholm presented an exhibition curated by daniel birnbaum in march 2012 which moved afterwards to the kunsthaus zurich.
On may 7, 2014 Elaine Sturtevant passed away in paris where she worked and lived since the 1990s. her timeless work and unique contribution to contemporary art in connection to other intellectual discourses will forever be reflected in future avant-garde generations.
in 2014/2014, the MMK museum für moderne kunst in frankfurt am main (Germany), the albertina in venna (Austria) as well as the hamburger bahnhof in berlin (Germany) presented a comprehensive survey of her works on paper, titled Sturtevant, drawing double reversal.
in the USA, the museum of modern art new york and the museum of contemporary art LA honoured Sturtevant with a retrospective bringing together over 50 key artworks from all periods and in almost every medium in which she worked.


Gonzalez-Torres Untitled (Blue Placebo), 2004

mmhhmm, candies.. it was hard not to take one : ) and guess what I know someone who did, in fact many people did but still that doesnt mean that I have to take one too. anyways, I really like this piece and I absolutely love STURTEVANTs work.

at this very moment I am flying to Sicily for one week of vacation – and I thought that this is the perfect art piece to show today. blue like the sea or like the sunny summer sky. in case you wanna stay up to date with what I am doing then please check my SOCIAL MEDIA category. you will find all the twitter, instagram and facebook posts. stay tuned. X




Isaac Julien


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will present the first public showing of Isaac Julien’s new work Stones Against Diamonds during Art Basel in Basel, 2015. The work, commissioned as part of the Rolls-Royce Art Programme, will be shown at the Kirche Elisabethen, Basel, from 16-17 June 2015. Following the preview during the Venice Biennale last month, the video installation will be shown on a larger scale than previously seen, as a unique site specific installation filling the magnificent interior of the imposing church across ten screens.

Isaac Julien’s film draws inspiration from a letter written by Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi. Stones Against Diamonds examines themes within her letter, where she praises the beauty of natural elements over preferred precious stones. Filming the work in remote Vatnajökull region, in South East Iceland, using the breathtaking scenery of glistening ice caves as a set for the film, Julien portrays some of the most beautiful objects as the least precious in a conventional sense. The shoot took place over five days with the crew enduring sub-zero temperatures deep in the heart of spectacular glacial caves, formed in ice over thousands of years and accessible for only a few days a year due to the harsh climate. Signature elements of Bo Bardi’s work have been incorporated into Julien’s work, including a staircase, meticulously built by hand in the ice cave during the production of the film.

Stones Against Diamonds is commissioned as part of the Rolls-Royce art programme, which draws together the handcrafted elegance of the marque’s motor cars with contemporary artists around the world. It is a prelude to a larger piece that Julien is to complete in 2016, which will meditate on Bo Bardi’s creative production, and will be shot in Italy and Brazil.

about Isaac Julien
Isaac Julien is one of Britain’s most important and influential installation artists and filmmakers. Born in London in 1960, where he currently lives and works, Julien studied at St Martins’ School of Art. His work draws from and comments on a range of disciplines and practices (film, dance, photography, music, theatre, painting, and sculpture) and unites them in dramatic audiovisual film installations, photographic works, and documentary films.


todays outfit

this is my tiny hope that spring will arrive early this year 🙂 and therefore I have put together this pastel – floral outfit. I have showed you my zalando spring haul a couple of days ago and today I am finally wearing my new grey pumps by tamaris. they are extremly comfy – the first time that I wear tamaris shoes and I am quiet impressed! due to the platform the actual heel is not so tall and one can really feel that when walking and standing for longer periods.

todays outfit



skirt VINTAGE (handmade / fleamarket)
shirt GANNI
clutch MAWI
sunglasses MIU MIU



today is fasnachts tuesday also called kids fasnacht and to be very honest I am super excited that fasnacht is over tomorrow. I live in the city center and therefore I hear the piccolo day and night 🙁 if there were just drummers it would be a totally different story.

so let me get back to my question: cats or hats? the internet is full of funny cute cat pictures and I am sure that you could look at different pictures for months and you would not have been able to see them all 🙂 I am a hat person and I can not get enough hats. my most favorite hat is swiss-made by RISA and I could easily wear it every day.

Elvire Thouvenot-Nitzan made this lovely illustration for the blog and unfortunately I can not link you to her page as she has none but in case you are interested please contact me and I will forward your messages to her or write her a direct email to elvire (at) bluewin.ch for inquiries.


instead of a funny cat I wanna show you another hat outfit wearing my lovely beige C&A hat, besides that I am wearing my lovely skirt from le MOUTON a 5 PATTES – my beloved Vintage FENDI bag – my suede booties from NAVYBOOT – my Vintage BALLY jacket and my H&M gloves and shirt!


MAKE UP SESSION ONE with lovely Diana

last weekend I had the pleasure to use some of my new makeup products on Diana. we ended up using the new SISLEY phyto 4 ombres and we both really like the colors and luckily we also both like the result.

so what was I doing? I was using the lighter grey color all over the lid (but not all the way up to the brow) then I used the darker grey and i drew a V shape on the outer corner of the eye. because I have already done Dianas foundation and concealing I wanted to be prepared for any fall out from the eyeshadow and thats why I used lots of loose transparent powder under her eyes – in case of fall out you just brush the powder away with a fan brush and there will be no smudges or darker spots below the eyes. so we have the light grey almost all over the lid and the V in the outer corner in the darker grey – the next step is blending the V with a nice fluffy crease brush. I took the blue color and blended it all over the lid. as a last step I used the light grey color and smudged it very lightly along the water line. VOILA that is the complete eye look with the new SISLEY phyto 4 ombres in 2 mystery!


this is the complete look and in case you wanna find the exact same products you can click >> here and have a look at my POLYVORE page, all the products are listed. enjoy. X


something new

I am so happy with my new grey skirt and therefore I am wearing it non stop. it is an amazing key piece as I can wear almost everything with it. I paired it with my lovely navy neoprene top that I recently found – btw it is now on SALE 🙂 I knew I should have waited.. hahahahahha. I took these photos two days ago and at the moment I could not wear this outfit as it would be to freaking cold. we got snow in basel and the temperature dropped to below zero °C – welcome to the real swiss winter.


top H&M
skirt H&M



thank you all for being here! I hope you can spend a nice holiday and enjoy the last days of this year. I started an amazing christmas eve day in lucerne and had a nice quiet dinner at home with friends. today it’s all about chilling – that’s why I am also showing you this comfy wool look!


jeans C&A
shoes AP
scarf DIY (I knitted this for C)
sweater ZARA
beanie COS
earrings H&M



by isawsomethingnice.ch

blue pointed shark skin 150 CHF
via my ETSY shop upon request