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My dears, I am pregnant, just in case you did not know. 27 weeks in already. Time is flying.. Today I wanna share with you my 10 PREGNANCY MUST HAVES. Also I have checked the code check app for the ingredients of each product. https://codecheck.info The app is for free and is available via google play store and itunes. And just FYI this post is not sponsored. 🙂 Now lets start with my favorite 10 items.


WELEDA – almond sensitive lotion
Did you get a chance to smell this product? awww, it smells so good. I am a huge fan of the Weleda almond beauty line. No surprise that I love using their body lotions too. I got this from my friend Jessy for my birthday. Thank you dear. So nice of you! I use this lotion whenever I am not using any of my other oils. Preferably in the morning when I am a bit in a hurry, since this lotion is being absorbed way faster than my oils. (code check rating: all green = no concerns identified)


THERME EDUARD VOGT – mint cooling spray for feet and legs
It is a hot summer this year and being pregnant, aka being bigger and heavier does not help at all. I suffer from hot and swollen feet and legs and this product gives me an instant relief. Perfect for on the go. It can be also used over stockings, compression hosiery. (code check rating: 3/4 green 1 high concern, 1 significant concern, 5 low concern, 8 no concern identified)
BI-OIL – purCellin oil
This bugger is another present I got from a dear friend. She swears by this product and has used it thru out her pregnancy and does not have any scars or stretch marks. A good reason to give this oil a try. I use it whenever I am not using my other oils. Honestly, all of the oils feel great and leave my skin moisturized. In the end I believe its all about that you are using oils or lotions every day and night. And for sure its also slightly genetic how your skin is going to react to pregnancy. So far so good and my morning and night routine are paying off. (code check rating: 2 high concern, 2 significant concern, 6 low concern, 10 no concern identified)


SIMILASAN – inca inchi body oil
I started off with that oil, simply because it was one that I have already had. Similasan have great products and I am a big fan of their globulis. More infos >> here This oil has a quiet distinct sweet smell and leaves the skin nicely nourished and soft. (code check rating: all green = no concerns identified)
CLARINS – bust beauty extra lift gel
The boobs, oh dear, they have trippled in size and get bigger every day. Or at least that’s how I feel 🙂 In order to keep them in shape I am using this gel on a daily base. I love the firming feeling. Before that I was using the Sensai by Kanebo throat and bust lifting effect cream.  An awesome product, maybe even a tick better than the Clarins Gel, BUT that cream is just way too expensive. I am not willing to spend 130 CHF on a bust cream that lasts me for about 2-3 months. I got the Clarins Gel at Manor when they had an extra 20% discount and ended up paying around 55 CHF which is still not cheap but way less than the other cream. (no code check rating!)


BURTS BEES MAMA BEE – leg and foot cream
Another awesome product that I got as a present for my birthday from a dear friend. Thank you so much Miriam 🙂 I use this cream regularly on my feet before going to bed. An instantly cooling cream with a lovely peppermint scent. (code check rating: 1 high concern, 23 no concern identified)


WELEDA – pregnancy body oil
I love me some oils and can not believe how nice and thoughtful my friends are 🙂 I got this oil from my friend Salome. Thank you so much again! Weleda has so many great products. Like the almond lotion I am also a huge fan of the pregnancy oil. Its not the fastest absorbing oil but great for when you have a bit more time. I use this oil before going to bed, not only on my bump but all over my body. I gotta say that out of all my oils I like this one the best. (code check rating: 3 low concern, 4 no concern identified)
MÜLLER – jojoba oil
I heard so many women saying that jojoba oil is one of the best oils to use during pregnancy. Just like the one by Similasan I happened to have this oil already and really loved using it. I have actually used this whole buttle up and since I got so many nice oils and creams for my birthday I did not feel the need to repurchase it. Nevertheless this is an awesome oil. Very natural, containing only jojoba oil. Unfortunately there is no code check rating for this oil. But basically it is just pure jojoba oil, so I assume that there are no concerns to identify.


WELEDA – Venadoron gel for heavy and tired legs
This one is doing such a great job. I use it every night, all over my legs in a very light upwards motion. I really am trying to prevent varicose and therefore I am also wearing compression hosieries. I got a pair in black and a pair in beige, both of them stay ups. I can really feel a difference on the days where I am wearing them and therefore I almost wear them every day. Especially on these very hot days. So every night when I take them off I use this Venadoron gel all over my legs and keep my legs up the wall for at least 15 minutes. I can highly recommend doing that when you suffer from heavy and tired legs during pregnancy. (code check rating: 2 low concern, 10 no concern identified)


CLARINS – stretch mark minimizer
And last but not least I wanna introduce a cream to you. Hence the name it is against stretch marks. BUT it can also be used to prevent stretch marks. I already have some stretch marks from growing on the outside of my thighs and in fact the cream reduces the appearance of them. I have had this happen with a product by VICHY before. The thing is once you stop the stretch marks reappeared. 🙂 Nevertheless, this is a good way to moisture your bump and for sure something that absorbs a bit faster than an oil. Another really nice thing about Clarins is that they give out a really cute book about staying beautiful during pregnancy. There they share very helpful tips on how to massage the baby bump and some simple exercises to stay healthy. (code check rating: 6 significant concern, 7 low concern, 16 no concern identified)
These were my “10 Pregnany Must Haves” and I hope this post was helpful in case you are looking for creams or oils to use during pregnancy. It is crazy how fast time flew by and that I am already in my last trimester. The first three months I was dealing with serious skin issues on my back and face but luckily never had nausea. I am dealing with severe weight gain 🙂 but I hope that once our baby is born my weight will get back to normal. We will see. Until then I have to put up with my maternity clothes and a few summer dresses that still fit me. I have found some really nice pieces via zalando. Just in case you are looking for some stylish maternity clothes.


Another thing that really helps me is to go to YOGA regularly. In the beginning I went up to 4 times a week and now with the heat I go twice a week. Moving the body is a great way to prepare for labour. But let me tell you, I can really feel that I am carrying some extra weight with me. That was it for today, I am sending lots of kisses to all my pregnant readers out there and would love to hear about your favorite creams and oils. X


repair booster


repair booster
booster repair
is the perfect beauty booster for
weakened skin. it’s ultra-concentrated formula enriched with 
mimosa tenuiflora extract, a mayan medicinal 
plant known for thousands of years for its 
repairing properties:

reduces feelings
 of discomfort
 skin strength
the appearance 
of redness

the skin forms a physical protective barrier. 

external aggressions (UV, cold temperatures, 
hard water, etc.) weaken this barrier. the 
skin becomes finer, more permeable and fragile. 
feelings of discomfort, rough skin, redness… 
the skin is weakened.

when I heard the part about minimizing the appearance of redness I knew that I had to try this product and was eagerly waiting for the parcel to arrive. and it did arrive and ever since I am using it day and night and all I need to do is mix a few drops of repair booster with my regular face cream. my skin feels very soft and relaxed after applying cream and booster and I hope to see an improvement on the long run. now I have to wait, apply and see.

mimosa tenuiflora
repair boosterknown as the “skin tree” of the mayas, mimosa tenuiflora, or “tepezcohuite”, is a shrub found in central america, in mexico, in the state of chiapas, on a narrow strip of land located at an altitude of 800 – 
1000 m. according to indian tradition, the powder obtained from the bark has magical properties and helps to heal wounds. the mexican earthquake of 1985 and the shortage of medicines that followed, brought this special tree’s therapeutic benefits back into the spotlight and it is now officially recognized as part of the country’s national heritage. thanks to its healing properties, mimosa tenuiflora has demonstrated an exceptional capacity to restore damaged epidermis. in cosmetics, the bark extract is used for its antibacterial, soothing and regenerating actions
so there are three new BOOSTERS on the market, an orange energy booster, the blue repair booster that I am using and a green detox booster. lets see what the other two do:
energy booster
fatigued skin. its highly concentrated formula enriched with ginseng 
extract, a legendary chinese medicinal plant known 
for thousands of years for its stimulating properties:
•    tones and
re – energizes
your skin
minimizes signs
of fatigue
revives its
detox booster
congested skin. its ultra-concentrated formula enriched with green 
coffee extract, a plant from tropical africa high 
in caffeine and known for centuries for its 
detoxifying properties:
•    revives radiance
of a dull complexion
•    detoxifies
and plumps the skin


I have put all my favorite products in collages!



today I wanna share some nice fragrances that I am very tempted to buy. they are not the newest – so I am sure many of you already knwo these perfumes. as I cant afford to buy all of them I am trying to find out which one I like best and I still dont know – as they all smell amazing. maybe you can help!

#1 BULGARI Omnia Indian Garnet
#3 BALENCIAGA Florabotanica
#4 PRADA Infusion d’Iris
#5 CLARINS Eau des Jardins

the Omnia Indian Garnet is a rather spicy warm fragrance and I could see myself wearing this for a casual day. the Narciso is a powdery sweet scent for a special night out. the Florabotanica is floral and herbal at the same time and this makes it a great everyday fragrance. the Infusion d’Iris is a perfume for everyday a super simple but herbal scent that I absolutely love. and last but not least the Eau des Jardins a body splash that I could carry in my bag and fresh up during a long day. any suggestions? which one would you recommend?



thats the name of the Clarins Fall Makeup Collection 2014 and the main focus on this collection is the OMBRE MATTE eyeshadows trend. they launched 6 new colors, an ECLAT MINUTE base fixante for the eyes, the SOURCIL PRO KIT, the 3 DOT LINER in brown, a new OMBRE MINERALE quad palette, four new ROUGE ECLAT lipstick shades and the BLUSH PRODIGE 07 in tawny pink.


I totally went for the OMBRE MATTE in the color TAUPE, the 3 DOT LINER in brown, the ECLAT MINUTE BASE FIXANTE YEUX and the CANDY ROSE ROUGE ECLAT lipstick.

beautiful colors, awesome consistency and very easy to apply. especially the 3 dot eyeliner makes it very easy to draw a nice subtle line above the lashes. the piece that I have used the most so far is the lipstick but thats no surprise to me as I go thru lipsticks super fast because I wear lipstick almost every day 🙂 thank you CLARINS at MANOR Basel for this chic makeup bag – totally love it and I am a bit tempted to wear it as a clutch.

in the picture above you can not only see the new products from the LADYLIKE collection but also the CLARINS BB cream and bronzer as I was wearing a full face CLARINS makeup look today.



mineralize concealer NW25
face and body foundation
sunpower bronzer
aphrodite’s shell extra dimension bronzer
sea me hear me extra dimension blush
brow gel

instant light eye perfecting base 00

caresse 01 fashionista pink lipstick
superliner perfect slim intense black
brow artist plumper medium/dark

Estée Lauder
modern muse

a simple bronzing look with almost nude lips and a thin black eyeliner line and a touch of blush on the apples of the cheeks. I wear the light perfecting base by Clarins as a base and eyeshadow. this look took me about 10 minutes and I am sure I could have done it faster – but who likes to stress when applying makeup – NOT me!



we all fight against gravity 🙂 some more and some less! and I am therefore very happy to have discovered the amazing product by CLARINS called Gel Buste Super Lift! I have been using it for the last couple of weeks and I really feel a difference. wow! I will definitely continue to use it. it is a very nice light gel that absorbs very quickly. I use it once a day – thats it 🙂

here you can watch the youtube video with the instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m22prnlgIBQ


BB Creams

what do I think about BB? Blemish and Balm.. well, in summer they come in handy as I am not a friend of too heavy coverage foundation. lets start from top to bottom!

#Estée Lauder BB Double Wear All-Day Glow SPF 30
#Marionnaud BB 6in1 Perfecting Care (no SPF)
#The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream (no SPF)
#Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25
#Estee Lauder BB Clear Difference SPF 35

so which is my favorite and why?

my very favorite BB Cream is the #Estée Lauder BB Double Wear All-Day Glow SPF 30 – as it has enough coverage and SPF and it doesnt have a matte finish. Its a rather new product, so I am sure some of you have not seen or tried it yet. well, do not hesitate, give it a try!

which is your favorite BB Cream?



well, well, I do buy a lot of hand creams but infact I hardly ever use them and then I complain that my hands are not soft enough – pfff!
thats about to not happen anymore as I really try to carry one of these hand creams above in every single bag that I take with me in order to use more hand cream!

these are my so far favourite hand creams

rose heart

jeunesse des mains

reverence aromatique

fleur d’or acacia

magic touch cherry blossom & rice milk

wild rose

which hand cream are you obsessed with?
Please let me know by leaving a comment below! xx



skin perfectioning cream

are you using a BB Cream? I am a huge fan of the face & body foundation by M.A.C. and every know and then I am in the mood for a little bit more coverage but not too much – these are the days where I grab my CLARINS BB Cream. I have been using it for quiet a while now and I really like the effect it has to my couperose parts of my cheeks.

please leave a comment about your favourite BB Cream – thanks! xx



Hmm, I must say I really love the Clarins BB Skin Perfekting Cream!
I have been using it for the last couple days and I really start to like it better everyday!

For me its really one easy step for natural-looking flawless coverage. The Clarins Skin Perfecting BB Cream is super easy to apply I achieved the best result with my fingers but maybe I just havent found the right brush for this cream. So anyway the texture is really smooth and leaves a very nice soft film on your skin. The BB Skin Perfecting Cream by Clarins is a real time-saver in the morning because it not only evens out your skintone it also protects your skin with the carefully selected plant-based ingredients with SPF 25.

so, what does BB stand for?

BB stands for “blemish and balm” and was first developed by German dermatlogists for women who had undergone cosmetic surgery and it was later further developed in Korea. It was recommended to soothe the skin and reduce the appereance of redness as a result of cosmetic surgery. It quickly became “THE” beauty secret behind flawless-looking skin in Asia. BB Cream is now found in a “western” version, part make-up and part skin care.

Have you tried a BB Cream before, please let me know which one and why you like it. please leave a comment or ASK or say something on my FB page – cant wait to hear what you have to say about BB Creams! xxx


BB or not BB?

thats the question!

I am using the CLARINS BB CREAM since yesterday and really like it so far. the smell of the cream is soooo good that I could almost eat it 😉 texture is really super soft and the coverage of the BB CREAM is okay.

I will do a special about BB CREAMS soon and will keep you updated about the CLARINS BB CREAM. But first I want to use it for some days. stay tuned! xx