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no cotton pads and less plastic

LET’S SAVE THE PLANET, yes! I really started to live a more conscious life and want to share my tips with all of you. I hope you are also aware that our planet earth has a very hard time with us humans destroying it every day. Let’s be more aware and conscious. Whenever I say something in that regard I often get the question: But, what can I do? Well, there is a lot that everyone of us can do. In that blogpost I wanna raise awareness of producing less trash and using less plastic containers.
1 JEMAKO makeUp remover around 39 CHF
2 LUSH Jason and the Argan Oil around 12 CHF
3 LUSH Buffy Body Conditioner around 13 CHF
4 ESSENCE quick&easy sponge nail polish remover
5 SOAP BARS Provence
I am not using any cotton pads instead I 
use the JEMAKO makeUp remover that I can wash and reuse or use old schoo wash clothes. I also use the JEMAKO cleaning pads for the house. They are perfect for stainless steel or cleaning the windows. In fact they have something for every purpose. Have a look at their website: www.jemako-shop.com
I use the ESSENCE sponge nail polish remover to remove nailpolish. It works great. There are so many advantages. Firstly you dont need any cotton pads, secondly your trash is not going to stink because you are not producing any trash at all. An other advantage is that it works super fast.
Instead of plastic shower bottles I use solid soap bars. We have spent some days in Cassis, France over Easter andI bought so many awesome soaps. Read my blogpost here >> 
These soaps last very long and are awesome for travelling as they dont leak. I have found some great alternatives at ALNATURA. If you buy many at once you can store them in your closet or drawers to make your clothes smell nice.
I use solid shampoos and conditioner in order to reduce plastic. And I absolutely love the solid LUSH shampoos. My favorite one is JASON AND THE ARGAN OIL. I m still searching for a great solid conditioner. I didnt like the ones from LUSH and really gave them many tries. So in case you can recommend a great solid conditioner please let all of us know by sharing it in the comments below.
Make your own scrubs. I use coffee, sea salt and fresh vanilla. It makes a great scrub with many benefits for your skin. By recycling coffee and only using vanilla and sea salt/ regular salt makes it a very affordable scrub. I love to put my scrub in a mason jar and store it in my shower. I use it twice a week and my skin feels awesome! A separate blogpost on how to make your DIY scrubs will follow soon.
That was it. A very easy way to reduce trash and help our planet. At the moment you can read so much about zero waste and plastic free shops. I absolutely support this lifestyle and try to improve every day. I hope you found my tips helpful and am curious to hear from you. Have a lovely day. X


today I wanna share a very special and awesome project with all of you. its called HEX HOUSE – a dignified living solution brought to light by the AFS architects (architects for society). I used to work for Herzog & de Meuron in the past and thats where I know Amro from, (one of the architects from AFS), I asked him for some information in regards to their project, and thats what I am going to share with all of you now. to help fund them to reach their goal, please click here >> gofund.me/g7bdy



what do you have for breakfast?

what do you have for breakfast

what do I start my day with?
I love to eat cereals. there are so many different kinds, and I would always choose cereals over müsli : ) anyway, at the moment I am eating the Kellogg’s ALL BRAN regular cereals and I mix them with bananas, berries and honey. my dad has recently started to make honey, and hands down his honey is the best I have ever had, he lives in Grossaffoltern and he has lots of farmers, gardens and forest around his house and he takes great care of his bees.

bees are very important, and I know that there are lots of vegans who say that it is cruel to eat honey. I can agree with the general idea that humans should not eat so much meat and other animal products. I am a vegetarian ever since I was born, and I never liked the taste of meat. BUT when it comes to honey I was always a big honey lover. both of my parents side are making honey, so I never had to buy honey from the supermarket or local market, I got it either form my californian family or from my swiss family and now my dad is in the honey business too. we have to take care of our environment, we should be more aware of what we eat and how it was produced. especially the bees are about to die and we know that when the bees die we will be next.. I have planted special flowers on my balcony so I can help the city bees. there are great movies and campaigns about saving the bees, have a look here and here.

what do you start your day with? let me know in the comments below, I am curious to hear what you are having in the mornings. have a lovely day. X



hair tutorial 

this was planned for quiet a while and finally I had the chance and time to do it together with Helena from the Winter Coiffure Salon in Basel. thank you so much for everything. x

Marylin Monroe is very known for her blonde curly look and eventhough I am not blonde I think we can all try to look a bit like her – not kidding! so what I am trying to is to create a similar look but work with the features of ones face and make a nice fusion look. so in my case I watched so many youtube tutorials and documentaries about Marilyn Monroe and learned a lot about her life and career and oh dear, she didnt have a too happy life as she was addicted to drugs and had a hard time organizing her life and acting – often she didnt show up on the set or fell asleep during the takes due to her sleeping pill addiction. but of course there are also nice and funny things to share about her. to achive the perfect wiggle she cut a tiny piece of both of her heels – thats genious, isnt it? who would do that today except for Lady Gaga?

so let me start with the TUTORIAL and guide you thru some easy steps – ten to be exact. Firs of all you need Curling Irons in two different sizes (small and medium) and some good shampoo and treatment products, I used the REDKEN Blonde Idol collection and the VALERA curling irons. We also need booby pins, Hairspray and makeUp (redlipstick, fake eyelashes, foundation, eyeliner in black) and a Marilyn Monroe outfit.

step 1

wash your hair and use mousse for a better grip – pull it through the hair from scalp to the ends.

step 2

blow dry your hair. I read that it is better to do the curls on fresh washed hair for a very long lasting Marilyn Monroe look.

step 3

use heat protection spray and start to heat the curling irons. I used the VALERA curling irons and they worked really great. You can adjust the heat from 130 to 190 °C and they have a nice clip to really hold a tight curl. and thats exactly what we want for this look.

step 4

section your hair in tiny parts all around the head and start at the lower back of the head. start with the smaller curling iron and start to curl the hair towards the head. after you have curled two sections you grap a clip and clip the curl to the head – like this the curl can cool in a very soft way and this will help the curls to last a lot longer. so alternate the curling irons and switch between the smaller and medium one. always curl towards the head and never outwards. leave out the bang parts.

step 5

now we will curl the bang section and also here we curl towards the face and we use the bigger curling iron for doing that. also here we clip the curl to the head and let everything cool.

step 6

spray a light hairspray over the clipped curls and let it all set and cool.

step 7

remove all the clips and take a nice brush and start brushing the curls out – dont use too much force so lightly brush thru your curls and always make sure to brush the ends inwards.

step 8

Marilyn Monroe didnt have a split she styled her hair in a very nice and voluminous way – I tried to achieve this but it made me look like a mix between a puddle and afro – not kidding again. so I figured why not transforming this style a bit towards my looks and therefore I styled a split on the left and brushed the hair around it.

step 9

in case you have longer hair than Marilyn did than you need some bobby pins to tuck your curls in – like I had to do it too. this gives a fuller look and also the curls will last a lot longer as there is no weight pulling them down – hello gravity!

step 10

use another spritz of hairspray in order to seal the complete look. now it is time for the styling. I choose a nice elegant dress with a fakefur coat, some sparkly earrings that look like real diamonds and black heels. for the makeUp we need a pair of fake eyelashes, a black eyeliner and red lipstick – voila – thats it!

makeUp tricks
so Marilyn Monroe had a very dramatic winged eyeliner with a nice winged lower lash line too. she had a sheer silver eyeshadow all over her lid and used a rather dark color to cut the crease. this gives the impressions of more hidden but also more lustre eyes. I already have a beauty mark on my cheek so I just darkened this one – in case you dont have one just easily fake one.

so that is really it – I hope you liked it and I would be super happy to see your Marilyn Monroe looks – please share them with me! x




today I wanna share some nice fragrances that I am very tempted to buy. they are not the newest – so I am sure many of you already knwo these perfumes. as I cant afford to buy all of them I am trying to find out which one I like best and I still dont know – as they all smell amazing. maybe you can help!

#1 BULGARI Omnia Indian Garnet
#3 BALENCIAGA Florabotanica
#4 PRADA Infusion d’Iris
#5 CLARINS Eau des Jardins

the Omnia Indian Garnet is a rather spicy warm fragrance and I could see myself wearing this for a casual day. the Narciso is a powdery sweet scent for a special night out. the Florabotanica is floral and herbal at the same time and this makes it a great everyday fragrance. the Infusion d’Iris is a perfume for everyday a super simple but herbal scent that I absolutely love. and last but not least the Eau des Jardins a body splash that I could carry in my bag and fresh up during a long day. any suggestions? which one would you recommend?



what do you use to protect your hair? I have so far tried many different products. they are not bad but unfortunately none of them makes me really happy. I often use the heat protection product on dry hair and this makes it not always easy to get the product evenly thru the hair. another problem I have is that these products weight down my hair and make them look flat. I either use the hairdrier or the straightening iron to make wavy or straight hair. I can not say that I dont like the products above its just that they could do more for me than they do. but let me tell you some positive things. because some of these products have an amazing fragrance and they do protect my hair against the heat. my favorite one is at the moment the newest product the MYTHIC OIL and I will have to use it a bit more in order to be able to really compare it to the other ones.

L’OREAL professionnel Mythic Oil NEW!

I am curious what you use. please let me know. and comemnt below.



LIFE update!

fall is here and I am getting my wardrobe for the season together. something that I really love, shopping and mixing and matching new things with older stuff. I had such a good time lately and was invited to soo many nice places and was able to do so many awesome things. thank you life for bringing nice things my way! I have had a rough start into the year. some of you may know already. I was in the hospital over christmas 2013 because I have lost my sense of taste. anyway, after weeks of high dosed cortison I was able to taste something again but also had to deal with a rather negative diagnose: MS – multiple sclerosis! first reaction shock – wtf! I have just arranged to start my own business with my blog and I have already cancelled my job at Herzog & de Meuron that time. was that the biggest mistake ever? well it turns out NO it was not a mistake to quit my job and start my own business because like this I can work according to me and my personal situation. I have hired a personal trainer in order to keep my muscles fit and healthy. I will soon introduce you to my trainer and the exercices we do. in the photos above you can see me running in the rain and I hope I will be able to do that for a very very long time! stay positive and wish me lots of positive things. a positive mind can fight many challenges and one of them is my personal fight against my own disease!


SOMETHING NICE has arrived yesterday!

can you see the beautiful MIU MIU box? well, guess what is inside? a wallet, sunglasses or a phonecase?




* 3 bricks to build a center for analphabetic women in Burkina Faso!

“The L’OCCITANE company works with women producing shea butter since the 1980s with an objective of co-development. In 2006, the L’OCCITANE Foundation has chosen to build on this partnership with the women of this country by focusing its activities on supporting women’s entrepreneurship, which today is the most appropriate way for their empowerment and economic emancipation.

Through its actions, the Foundation acts on three pillars: It promotes the acquisition of basic skills and knowledge by supporting literacy programs, it provides financial and technical support by microcredit programs and trainings of income-generating activities. Finally, it promotes entrepreneurial actions and allows scaling up with support for the creation and development of small businesses.
Since its creation in 2006, over 9700 women have received a support in developing and strengthening their business… read more here!

The pattern on the soap was designed by Sougouri Sawadogo (designer from Burkina Fao) and picks up the traditional way of coloring mud also called BOGOLAN, which means EDUCATION!

Freistrasse 93
4051 Basel




I m soo happy to hear and blog about this:

H&M and UNICEF start over their cooperation with the project ALL FOR CHILDREN in Bangladesch from 2012 until 2017.

H&M starts selling the collection today OCTOBER 18 2012
and 25% of the sales are being donated to the UNICEF project ALL FOR CHILDREN!

Thats such great news – please reblog and spread the news about this wonderfull project! xxx